Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Hi ernie garcia,

Marshall does not speak with a deity.  He receives the New Message from God through the Angelic Presence that has been watching over the well-being and development of the humanity.

Dear Student of Knowledge,

Do you know you are now on an Atheist Community site - do you know what an Atheist is -

I am an Atheist, that means I do not, in any way, shape  or form, believe there is a God. I do not believe one word of the bible. Your god's teachings are firmly based in misogyny, murder, violence, jealousy, tribal territorial stupidity, that the story of Moses is just a story, and doesn't make any sense, that I do not believe there was a character named Jesus, and Muhammad was not only a pedophile, but his teachings are firmly based on misogyny, and Buddha teachings are also firmly based on misogyny.

Typically, you cherry picked my answer and went on talking about what else was in Allies of Humanity - I would REALLY like you to explain what this sentence means - 

The visitors will utilize the fundamental idea of allegiance to a single leader in order to generate allegiance to their cause. Within the context of this religion, the identification with Jesus the Christ will be greatly utilized.


I don't believe in Jesus - viola, no problem.

The man you are following is just ONE of hundreds if not thousands of liars, cheats, fear mongers, manipulators, who prey on  peoples insecurities, and the really sad thing about him, and therefore you, is that he knows he is a fraud.  And for me, that is okay - I am not fussed what you believe or not believe - but you come onto this site and expect what???? with christians who come onto this site, it re-inforces our Atheism - so thank you for that.

I do not live in fear of jesus coming back - or the aliens are coming to get me, or whatever. And that is a really nice place to be.


But there will come the time, when you realize this bloke is a charlatan and a fraud. Do send me an email and let me know, and we will welcome you.

Cheers to you Suzanne! Couldn't have put it better myself.

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for sharing your perspective with me. Although I do not share your anger for all religions, I do understand why you feel the way you feel.

You seem to believe firmly that all Messengers have been misogynists. I understand where some of the atheists’ claims stem from but I’m not sure where the claim that Messengers’ are all misogynists originates from. I cannot speak for every Messenger but Jesus’ Teachings did advance women’s position in the society and the New Message not only encourages women to advance spiritually but also teaches that this is the Age of Women. There is actually a Teaching called “The Age of Women” in the New Message.

I will try to answer your question on the quote:
The visitors will utilize the fundamental idea of allegiance to a single leader in order to generate allegiance to their cause. Within the context of this religion, the identification with Jesus the Christ will be greatly utilized.
The quote explains that the ETs “visiting” this world will use the human beings’ tendency to follow a single leader to generate people’s loyalty to one person (the one using Jesus’ name claiming to be he who will be bred and sent by the ET Intervention) in order to achieve their ultimate goal – to conquer this world covertly. Within the context of Christianity, the ETs will greatly use the associations people make with Jesus (such as his extraordinary abilities or his appearance, etc.)….. I hope that clarifies the quote. Even though you’re an atheist, I’m sure you can recognize Jesus if you saw one in person, from seeing his photo-like paintings and the abilities he was said to possess. You’re more than welcome to ask more questions and I will try my best to answer them.

Yes, Suzanne, I know very well which web site I’m on. It is also a public web site which welcomes anyone and everyone from any religious backgrounds. I was welcome to join by a member despite the fact that I told him I wasn’t an atheist. Until a few days ago when I joined the web site to add a few comments in this forum, I thought atheists were people who rejects the notion of God or the existence of God; I didn’t know they were people who believed themselves to be gods. Our personal minds are a very poor guide, Suzanne. There is a deeper intelligence within you waiting to be discovered. This deeper mind cannot be manipulated, corrupted, altered, or influenced; it isn’t fearful like our personal minds. It is the mind that will help you see through the manipulations and deceptions the ET Intervention is casting upon the humanity. It is what will protect and guide you.

I realize we share different perspectives on God but do we need to be enemies? Surely, it isn’t necessary to attack Marshall in the way bloggers have, is it? If you had a friend who was being bashed by some bloggers without any netiquettes on a web site, wouldn’t you attempt to clarify their misunderstandings of your friend, even if you were not welcome on the site? The forum mentioned Marshall and the New Message from God, people can find out about it upon googling.

Suzanne, I do thank you for the intention of welcoming me in the future if I were to denounce the New Message from God and Marshall. However, I am well of the fact that I’m not welcomed here and I will only stay around while the discussion on Marshall or the New Message from God continues in this web site.

Though we share different views on deity, I care about you and all the other bloggers in this forum and the web site, as fellow human beings facing the same circumstances in this world. I don’t attempt to “recruit” anyone here to start studying the New Message from God, as one of the bloggers put it. If it resonates as true within anyone, it is her/his path to take the journey to take up the study. If not, it isn’t. That’s that. However, even though it wasn’t my initial intention when I started posting in this forum, I do want to raise awareness regarding the ET Intervention and its ultimate goal. We, as one human race, are facing the same circumstances and the same destiny collectively. Either we unite to claim this solar system as ours and retain our freedom and self-determination, or we relinquish our power over to some extraterrestrial races and lose our freedom and self-determination.

Dear Student of Knowledge,

Can you tell me what religion you followed before you met the lovely Mr. Summers?

Can you tell me why you understand WHY I feel anger toward all religions?


I can and do speak for all messengers aka charlatans. No god, no jesus, no messengers. 

I certainly do believe all religions are misogynistic. Name one that isn't. name one that has a female as LEADER, head honcho, respected and revered. There USED to be goddesses mind you, powerful entities, until Jews, then christians came along, then Buddhism, then Mohammed.

 I am curious about how much you read, and what you read, Ever heard of the German Inquisition, the Spanish inquisition, what was done in the name of god. That's the thing, Atheists read not only the bible, but history.

You only follow and believe one book, full of treachery etc. etc. How do you ignore the hate, and viciousness, the killing of so many people simply because god threw a temper tantrum. How do you ignore the selling off of women, of slavery, how do you ignore all that. "Cause I can't.

They ALL subjugate women, women are temptresses, evil, keep them down and cover them up, and certainly never let them be equal.


On a really personal note, I could never get past the Garden of Eden - which to me, was the most insidious, power play, made up by men.

Blame the female, and FOREVER MORE women will suffer, be subjugated by men, and then, babies born with original sin? What the!!! How evil is that. That's my problem, it is all evil. how is this a loving god? Truly insidious. I really have no idea why any female wants to belong to ANY religion, when they are thought of as inferior.

It is ONLY the secular parts of society, and secular countries that have fought against religions, to give women equal rights.


There would not be ONE person on this or any other Atheist site, that believes they are god - this statement is absolutely hilarious. How on earth do you come to that conclusion!!!  


My personal mind is just fine, thank you, and cannot be manipulated, corrupted altered, by anybody. I am what I am, totally truthful, honest, empathy for my fellow humans - my deep, deeper, deepest mind is also just terrific. Why, Because there is not a molecule in my body that believes any and all religions, and their soothsayers, which all have vast amounts of evil in them.


 I just don't do evil. I am sure that there are good people in all religions, just not enough. Catholics should be fighting against the rampant pedophiles in their midst, and stop pillorying  women, muslims should be fighting for their women, buddhism should choose a female as the dali lama, but of course, none of that is going to happen. Men must have the power. I call it small penis syndrome. Real men do not subjugate women, only the inferior ones.


Why is there a need for The Age of Women - appalling in this day and age. It is all superficial. This "BE ALLOWED", by whom do we have to get permission for equality???? Is there a need for the Age of Men???? Of course not.  I don't just want priority  in spirituality and conscience, I don't want to be a 'support, a backbone' of some group, I want to be the brain, the head, along with other women - and not have to fight men and their testosterone every step of the way.


My, my, we seem to be, and I quote - we are prone to persuasion, and that my anger  and my issue, can be over extremely petty and insignificant matters. How frigging patronising can this bloke be - he still doesn't get it.  Why wasn't this bloke fighting for justice for women twenty-thirty years ago???? 


There are 25 million slaves in the world on this day, 3/4 are women and children as sex slaves, how about fighting for them.

Oh, I certainly don't think of you as an enemy. I think you would be okay to know, just don't mention religion to me.

I don't need protecting or guiding thank you for the offer - no jesus, no god, no aliens.


 You can talk to me about anything other than religion, and yes, it is very necessary to attack Marshall. I personally hate to see you taken for an idiot by this charlatan, and that is exactly what he is doing, and that makes me very sad, that a good person, a trusting person, like you, is taken for a ride. Very sad.


You are very welcome on this site, just don't talk religion. it just doesn't work - there are so many groups on this site that don't talk religion, there are so many other topics, fabulous interests in the world.  We talk religion when a fraud like Summers comes along. There are nearly 300 different groups on this site - you name it, it will probably be here, if not, start your own group for your interest, but it would be very interesting for you to read what happens to atheists in bible belts of the lovely US of A, and then tell me all about your loving god, and good xians.


Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

I chuckle as I read some of your perspectives, not to laugh at you, but because I also shared some of your perspectives before. I thank you for sharing your perspectives with me.

I was born into a devout Christian family. I was a churchgoer for a while. So I’m more familiar with Christianity than any other religions. And what you told me in this post is essentially why I thought you might be angry towards all religions.

Suzanne, you ask me to name one religion that was not misogynistic. I get the feeling you would follow the religion in which a goddess rather than god is worshipped and a respected and revered female leader is the center of the religion, if there existed one. By the way, God is not he or she; an analogy might be love is not he or she. I’m not a big fan of the subject history, but I do know that, in the earliest history of humanity as cave-dwellers, because women had to give births and rear their offspring, they naturally stayed home and men worked outside hunting. Men naturally evolved physically stronger. Then they eventually evolved to learn to farm and started forming villages and then towns, etc. Women still remained homemakers because childbearing and rearing were still women’s duties while farming and building were largely men’s duties. So women evolved to stay home and men evolved to work outside home even after human life became more complex with technological development and work outside home didn’t always involve physical strength. This engendered male dominance in almost all areas including political, economic, academic, and religious arenas. So it is not that any of the religions were misogynistic, but the human history evolved in such a way, that men were predominantly the workers outside.

But you know, Suzanne, I’m not interested in economic, political, academic, or even religious power. I don’t seek out high position in any of those arenas. I’m not interested in wealth or power. So I suppose I cannot really share your viewpoint even though I do understand it.

I don’t read a great deal any more. I have a few books from the New Message from God. Though the books themselves are easy-to-read, every time I read again, I find Wisdom I didn’t see before. Here, I think you confuse me for a Christian. I don’t identify myself as a Christian any more. It is true that Christians follow one book, the bible. I agree that the bible became tainted and corrupted, not because the essence of the religion has been altered but it has been altered by the people who wanted to use the religion to control others and acquire wealth and power. So I think we have to look at the whole picture as to how and why the contradictions in the bible originated, rather than condemn the results that transpired from corruptions.

Here, I do want you to be clear on one thing. Human beings have been projecting god their own personalities, characteristics, and qualities so that they can identify with their god. God does not get angry or throw temper tantrum, or punish anyone. People get angry, throw temper tantrum, and punish other people. I don’t ignore all the tragedies of human history. But God was not the source or author of such tragedies. Human beings have been. By saying that God is the one created all the tragedies or God was the reason that they happened is a very poor excuse.

I don’t think the essence of religions subjugated women but rather the religious leaders and people in the position of the authority feared women attaining the position of power particularly in religious arena, so they altered the religious doctrines (because if god says so, it must be) and used them against women from advancing in every way in some societies. But women have come a long way especially in America. They will continue to move forward.

I’m not quite sure about the Adam and Eve story and women having to give birth because of the “original sin.” After all, all animals small and large give births and I don’t think they were affected by the “original sin.” I had difficulty having to believe that all loving God could be so cruel and punishing. I had my own “unique” idea about religions and God. But after I found the New Message from God, I discovered that the reason it resonated as true within me is because I had very similar ideas about God and religions as revealed in the New Message.

I don’t know where you live, Suzanne. But America is a religious country and it is where feminism and feminist movement originated. So here, I’m not sure which secular country you refer to as the societies that have fought against religions and to give women equal rights.

 Regarding the statement about atheists believing themselves to be god, I was actually quoting you in one of your posts in the Quote of the Day page:


For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.
- Charles Bukowski - American/German Poet and Author


I presumed you believe what the statement you quoted says. But regardless of your quote, when a person does not serve God, s/he finds something else to serve because our personal minds cannot help but serve. That something else might be herself/himself or other things such as acquisition of ideas, wealth, or power, ….

Suzanne, I gather you have had to fight injustice stemming from inequality between men and women in the society historically and currently. Not to undermine women because men also have their own weaknesses, but when we look at human beings objectively, of the two species, women do tend to be more prone to persuasion (a characteristic of femininity, though more women are becoming less so, I perceive) and can be petty and get angry over insignificant matters (though more and more, I seem to observe men who get angry over petty and insignificant matter as well). Suzanne, can you try to observe the world without any fear or preferences. Try observing the world very objectively and see if that is not the case. It may have a lot to do with being oppressed by the society ruled by men historically but perhaps also it may have to do with female physiology and hormones as well. It is not meant to patronize women but rather, to expose their weaknesses for women to recognize them; then they can moderate them and develop and advance. It is meant to incite Wisdom in women, not to patronize women. Self-recognition is how women and men can develop themselves to strengthen their strengths and modify their weaknesses in order to advance and empower themselves. You know, in more advanced societies in the Greater Community of Worlds, females tend to be the leaders. So I presume, as the humanity evolves into a more mature race, more women will be in the position of influence as well.

Marshall is not here to fight injustice in the world. His mission is to receive the New Message. People do want and expect a lot of things from the Messenger. But if you only knew even a little bit of how much physical and mental strength is drained out of him after a state of revelation, you couldn’t possibly ask him to do so many different things. I don’t view life as a fight and competition between men and women but rather as cooperation among people to serve.

I know that there does exist a lot of injustice in the world, Suzanne. It is a state of separation from God. We cannot all fight for all the injustice in the world. Also, it is part of evolution. If people become spiritually more advanced, then such injustice couldn’t exist. But I won’t mention religions unless the topic comes up in the forum. I respect that you are one of the few people if not only person in this forum, who actually do some research before expressing their perspectives, instead of making angry rants for the sake of disagreeing. Thank you for that.

Though our perspectives on God are different, I thank you for all your suggestions. : )

I kind of do believe myself to be a god. My own god who controls my own actions. I can make myself do whatever I want. I can punish myself for being bad or reward myself for being good.

I AM THE LORD.... of Danny :p

Hi Danny the Lord,

God doesn't control anyone's actions.  God doesn't punish anyone for being "bad" or reward anyone for being "good."     

Dear Student of Knowledge


Instead of contemplating your navel and going to Colorado, instead of spending your time being afraid and waiting for aliens to come and get you, or whatever, how about doing something constructive, kicking up a stink about the Mormons, old men marrying young girls, and said girls having six babies by the age of twenty. Fight for them.


How about the young pubescent boys getting kicked out of said mormon enclave, with no education or likelihood of getting a job, helping to get them to school. How about finding the street kids, who have been kicked out of a xian home because they are gay or an atheist, or who have been raped and/or abused. Fight for them.


How about going to Africa, and showing the men how to use a condom, because the virginal girls marrying these sods are getting aids on their wedding night, how about doing something really constructive. Fight for them.


How about screaming about muslim pre-pubescant girls being genitally mutilated, even if they live in western societies. Fight for them.


How about condemning the catholic church for the coverups and protection of pedophiles.


None of these things will be helped by any religious organisation. 'Cause they sit around contemplating their navel, waiting for aliens, and protecting their turf.




Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

I’m not waiting for the aliens; unfortunately, they are already here.

I gather you’re quite an activist, a fighter. Good for you. I hope you will direct your energy and the strong sense of justice towards a cause that will benefit the humanity.


Dear Student -


No, I do not, would not, will not follow any gods, goddesses. All superstitious fakes.


No god, male female or it. 


I was also bought up in a christian family, complete with extra studies in catechism, and as I said, could not get past the garden of eden stuff - but I read on - and more and more I realized that this god is evil. I was continually shocked and appalled by this being - who was supposed to all loving etc. and that is what started me really wondering, all these other people are reading the same book - why don't they recognize, from the garden of eden on, a tyrant, and a stupid one at that. It just didn't make sense to me. So, once again, I don't know where you are getting the wise, the compassionate etc. from.


You are going back to cave-dwellers. That is a good thing. I would think we had evolved a tad since then. Just because women have babies, DOES NOT give men the right to make the rules. To subjugate women in any way shape or form. What makes you think, in cave dwelling days, the man was making decisions. He would decide where to hunt, but that is it. 


Women just didn't evolve to stay at home, they were kept there by society. In the 1940's, after the second world war, a female that had a job, had to quit - why, because she married. She was not allowed, by law, to work after marriage. Not her choice. 


Women, all around the world, could not vote if they were married, because they were not allowed to work, they were just walking incubators, and were not, by law, allowed to own property in their own name, once they married - Not her choice.


 Everything she owned went to the husband - Not her choice. Women went on hunger strikes, threw themselves under the hooves of a horse, chained themselves to railings - turfed out of their own home by husbands - all because they stood up for themselves. And women are still fighting, to this day, for equal rights. Any country, that does not allow total equality for women, goes backwards.


The first country that, by law, women could vote, was lil' old New Zealand, not America. 


There are too many secular countries to name here - extend your education - as a student - and have a look at the list  some of these countries have a monarch, which is usually religious, but mostly, they have little or no say in the politics of the country. ie. Great Britain.


I live in Australia - here, we have an  Atheist, Female, unmarried, living with her boyfriend Prime Minister. How brilliant is that. When do you think this will occur in US of A.


Western secular countries have a greater standard of living, education is of a much higher standard and free, than 'religious' countries, secular countries have more scientists, less poverty and people living on the street, free hospital and medical, as does Australia, New Zealand, Sweden Finland, Holland, Denmark etc. It's called more civilized.


Atheist do not think selves as gods - if only. 


Charles Bukowski was saying what he would do if he was god, doing all the things a god of your bible should be doing, drink beer, well jesus changed water into wine, to extrapolate, was probably a drinker, something I personally don't do - and to  kill war - your god loved war, and declared war and torture on millions of people. This is really an enigma to me.


But I really did absolutely love the bit "We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us. Just brilliant. 


Your next statement - when a person does not serve God, s/he finds something else to serve, because our personal minds cannot help but serve.


No, the only thing I fight against are the hypocrites who hide behind the cloth and cross - Australia is a secular country - I can and do say the pope is evil and causing death, I can say all his hierarchy and corrupt bankers are evil power mongers, I say that people who talk to god, are really sad, but if that is the only thing that keeps them on the straight and narrow - you just keep on doing it.

Frigging white unicorn, while you and your boss make blanket statements such as women are more prone to persuasion, and that women can be petty and get angry over insignificant matters - if you lump all women in this category, you are going to have a very hard time finding a partner. This is the most patronizing, misogynistic claptrap, and you and your summers deserve each other.


Now that I know what you, your clan and summers are doing, contemplating your navels, living in fear of aliens, talking to god, and therefore are self centred, selfish, self absorbed, self obsessed, why would I want to live like that. Your summers has wasted his whole life - he has lived in fear his whole life, and he is taking a gullible group with him. If that's how you want to live, go for it.


Because, chickadee, there ain't no aliens, there ain't no god..


I don't make angry rants just for the sake off...but you really should look into reading more history - I believe the xian church plagiarized existing pagan gods and goddesses. Do your research, as most atheists have done. But above anything else, the god of the bible is just not good enough for me, the stories too violent, the men are stupid and territorial, they are writing in an era of superstition, they knew nothing of science, why on earth anybody follows it, and think the stories are good, is beyond me.


So, my offer still stands, when the aliens don't come, when you realise it has been one big con, send me an  email. I will welcome you with open arms.


Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

I was about to pack up and leave this web site because someone started an indisputable “movement” to ostracize me. : )

Thank you for responding to me. I marvel momentarily at how the internet can bring people from all over the world to share their thoughts on a blog like this.

I completely understand where you come from in your stance regarding the Garden of Eden and the bible, etc. I wasn’t as angry about it as you were or are, but I, too, had a lot of questions. It bothered me a great deal that I had to believe in every word of the bible without questioning. I sincerely believed that God wouldn’t be so inconsistent as portrayed in the bible and that God wouldn’t forbid people to question about God, religions, the bible, etc. The god portrayed in the bible seemed too oppressive, fickle, and unapproachable.

I gave up on the religion I was born into but I never did on God and I remained spiritual. I thought that there must be some errors in the bible or in the way people believed in God. Also, I didn’t completely reject the bible because I did find values in some of its Teachings: turn the other cheek, do unto others as you’d want them to do unto you, love thy enemies, etc. There are many Teachings in the bible, which are meant to incite Wisdom and compassion in people.

People want their religions or beliefs to be the most correct or most worthy to God, that, in the name of their religions, they have even killed and died for it. It’s tragic.

Suzanne, first, God isn’t mine to claim. If you’re speaking of god in the bible (who loved war, declared war, torture millions of people, etc. as you put it), then I must remind you again how people in the position of power used God as an excuse and manipulated and modified the bible in their self-serving quests. God doesn’t do this. God is the author of all creations; God is God of all intelligent beings in the physical universe as well as all other universes and all dimensions. God isn’t what you think of as described in the bible. God doesn’t micromanage individuals here or anywhere. God doesn’t micromanage weather phenomena or war or any events occurring on this planet or any planet.

What I mentioned regarding cave-dwellers and men in the position of power historically, was not mean to justify subjugation of women by the men but to give ourselves a broader understanding as to how, evolutionally, women’s places became positioned at home and men’s places outside home. I think it’s more important to put emphasis on development and advancement of women and take actions accordingly, rather than on antagonism against men as a whole and act upon it with hostility. I understand your stance on historical inequality between men and women, particularly in the positions of power. But you’re now enjoying the benefit of the results of the women’s equality movement. If you still find inequality and injustice in the society. Then you need to get your act together, Suzanne, face your weaknesses to correct them, build upon your strengths, develop and advance in your abilities, and become wiser in the process so that you can give yourself in serving the humanity. Then you will be able to serve not in a tyrannical manner but in an altruistic manner. I perceive that you have that quality in you if you are willing to reroute your energy in the right direction to use it more effectively and positively.

All of the laws that didn’t benefit women were fashioned by men who then held the legislative power exclusively. It was a time before women began their equal right movement which was a transitional period to current state. It is true that in many Islamic countries, women are still extremely oppressed, and in some cases, very violently. So some religious countries are, indeed, using religions to oppress women. I have contemplated on the difference between the western countries you mentioned with a higher standard of living and education and the USA, for example. Do these countries you mention have absolutely no religion or no national religion? There are other eastern religious countries with a higher standard of living and education than USA as well. So, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with religions.

The reason that USA or other declining countries are so corrupted now has much to do with the ETs, believe it or not. The Extraterrestrial Intervention that started gathering in a growing number after the atomic bomb exploded in 1945 perceived that the USA, Russia, and Japan, in particular, were the most powerful countries in the world. So, in their attempt to disintegrate human society, they started luring the leaders of these countries with inducements such as wealth, power, and dominion over the world. Those who have fallen under ETs’ persuasion would even sell out their people in order to acquire what was promised to them. Unfortunately, the dominion over the world will not be theirs to claim, but the ETs’. These people in the position of power are just being used to make the transition from human-ruled world to a completely different world which will be ruled by extraterrestrial races behind the scene. Those corrupted human leaders are puppets manipulated by the ETs from behind the scene; they may not even know that they are being manipulated by the extraterrestrial forces. So, here again, though corruption and human sufferings as a result are all tragic, it is the result of the manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Intervention, which people will not be able to discern without preparing in the Way of Knowledge.

Suzanne, I have witnessed UFOs on four different occasions as have millions of other people all over the world as demonstrated by the data that was collected by the witnesses who have reported their sightings. I didn’t report them so these numbers don’t even include people like me. To deny God because you cannot experience God is one thing because not too many people do experience God so either they believe or they deny. But to deny the presence of extraterrestrial beings here is to deny many, many people’s experiences of witnessing UFOs and being abducted by the extraterrestrial beings.

Extraterrestrial beings are already here and they have been carrying out sinister activities covertly. To deny this is to live in rejection out of fear. The warning by the Allies of Humanity is not meant to incite fear but to incite awareness and wisdom so that it may seek sorely needed education about life in the universe, so that the humanity can prepare for its future which will be unlike the past. I do not say studying history is useless but right now, the humanity is running out of time to prepare to be discussing about injustice and grievances from the past. It must grow out of its juvenile state, have a sober understanding of the present situations, prepare for the future, and unite.

The humanity’s fate is sealed if it doesn’t pull itself together. This is regardless of your or anyone’s stance on religions or deities. You cannot clump millions of people’s experiences worldwide together as some collective delusion so you can go back to your fight with men. I say this out of love for humanity and because I think people like you can make a difference if you direct your energy in the right direction. I say this to awaken you to the reality and set aside your conflict for a higher cause.

The ETs are undoubtedly here.

To argue over whether or not they are present here is utterly a waste of time. They are not here to help or save the humanity as they portrayed themselves to be. Only humanity can strengthen itself and save itself. To that end, the humanity must cease conflict. It must grow out of its selfish, self-centered, self-indulging behaviors so that it can prepare. Suzanne, you’re now aware of the ETs’ presence but you want to reject the notion altogether. If you reject the notion, you won’t take any actions. If you don’t take any actions, then you will not have the future in which you can fight men or religious people because, once the ETs take control of the world, the humanity will lose freedom and self-determination. The ETs do not value freedom and they are strictly controlling and controlled.

This is not the time to be bickering over power that women didn’t have in the past or all the tragedies that are going on in the world. All of these will have to take the backburner for now, for what can the humanity achieve if it loses its freedom and self-determination? If you lose your self-determination, you couldn’t even think about fighting against injustice because anything ETs deem chaotic and useless will be bred out of the humanity.

I think we have digressed from the main topic of this forum and I’ve been expending too much time and energy on discussion that I didn’t originally intend to have when I started posting in this forum. If there are any questions or comments relevant to the New Message from God, then I will respond. Otherwise, I am going to have to respectfully decline commenting on any other irrelevant topics.

I wish you well, Suzanne.


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