Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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I want to encourage him. This is very entertaining. I just started reading the comments on this discussion and I can't stop. This student is fascinating to me.

Hi Danny,

What exactly would you encourage him to do?  Marshall receives the revelation verbally from the Angelic Presence that watches over the well-being and development of this world.  The verbal revelation is recorded and then transcribed.  It isn't anything that he does because anyone encourages him and discouraging him will not stop the revelation.   


I was replying to David Brown when he said "please everybody, stop replying to student of knowledge - you know it only encourages them!!!!"

It was you who I was referring to encourage.

I apologize for referring to you as a him without knowing your gender.

Hi Danny,

I didn’t know whom you were referring to.  Don’t worry about referring me as a male or a female since you do not know my gender.  When I don’t know the gender of a person I speak of, I also tend to refer the person as a male, rather than a female.

Dear Student -

The First Rapture Prediction:

1844 - William Miller predicted that Christ would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844, then revised his prediction, claiming to have miscalculated Scripture, to October 22, 1844. The realization that the predictions were incorrect resulted in a Great Disappointment. Miller's theology gave rise to the Advent movement. The Baha'is believe that Christ did return as Miller predicted in 1844, with the advent of the Báb, and numerous Miller-like prophetic predictions from many religions are given in William Sears' book, Thief in The Night.

With ten more predictions in between - 

The Latest Prediction:


2011 - Harold Camping's revised prediction had May 21, 2011 as the date of the Rapture. 
After this prediction proved inaccurate, he claimed that a non-visible "spiritual judgment" had taken place, and that the physical Rapture would occur on October 21, 2011.


The thing about "The Rapture",  Atheists knew it was not going to happen. One bloke tried to make a deal with Harold Camping - I will give you $10,000, but if the rapture didn't happen, Camping was to give back $20,000. Camping declined. Funny that.

With your bloke summers, nobody can "prove" he is not hearing voices - no dates for something to happen - so he can and will keep stringing you and your troupe along, for as long as he likes. I am really concerned you are going to waste your life, following a dunderhead and con man, living in fear - Atheists have no fear of gods, hell, satan, or aliens.

And that is a brilliant, invigorating, happy place to be.


Cheers - Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, there have been many false messengers and prophets. You can probably discern false ones because they always seem into monetary gain or self-glorification or some dark ending (such as mass suicide) for their followers. None of such characteristics can be found with Marshall or the New Message from God. That doesn’t “prove” or disprove that Marshall is the Messenger.

However, as I mentioned many times in this forum, if you consider the vast amount of Message packed with Wisdom in the New Message from God, then it’s more difficult to conceive that it was all authored by one human being than to accept that it was received by one human being through the Angelic Presence. It is the Message and its Wisdom that you need to focus on and not the Messenger himself. I capitalize the word Messenger here because he is the only Messenger of this time and there is no other. The Messenger, though he came into this world with an immensely great mission to fulfill, he’s the conduit of the New Message from God, not the source of the New Message. Marshall is not God.

Hi Fred,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I think you had great hopes in the aliens and studied a great deal about them. While it is understandable that a 10-year old boy might have had a yearning for ETs to be benevolent and heavenly, unfortunately, these ETs present in this solar system currently are not here for the human benefit but with a sinister goal that will undermine the human civilization as we know it.

Here, I will write the same statement I wrote to Suzanne in this forum. The former air force officers all over the world have come forward with their disclosure statements about the UFOs they witnessed up close. They claimed that these vehicles were operated by intelligent beings from outer space. Do you mean to tell me that these respectable gentlemen are kidding around or the UFOs they or millions of other people worldwide witnessed were navigated by nobody?

The extraterrestrial beings are here. I understand that your hopes were crushed when you weren’t visited by the aliens but I assure you that you are lucky if they haven’t visited you. They are not benevolent. They are sinister. And they are undoubtedly here.

Hi Stud,


Statement: You must agree that the world is changing - 

The world has profoundly changed since humans have evolved - I could go back further, but for this discussion, no need.

There have been many times, throughout history, that peoples have thought it to be the end of civilization as they knew it. Persians, Greeks, Romans and more recently Germans.

Many annihilations and genocides have occured over the centuries.  There have been many, many great waves of change. If you had studied Ancient and Modern History, you would know this.

Growing economic hardship, political instability - French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution. 

Point to a time in human history, where there has not been political instability, no famine, no disease, and everything was right with the world.

Catastrophic weather: there have always been tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

The problem is now humans are in the way. No humans, no problem. Humans are stupid in building on coast lines, in flood areas, in tornado and hurricane allies. They build near volcanoes, Pompeii and the many volcanoes in the Philippines springs to mind. How about Krakatoa, first explosion in 416 AD.

Loss of arable land and water - over population is a major cause.

Disease - always been rampant - until inoculation of many of the diseases.

Humanity has not been as well as it is now.

Why does your god send cryptic messages into one person's head, and then expect everyone to believe this one blokes story. Why should, why does, anybody believe this bloke. It is just so sad, that anybody believes this.

Believe in Aliens etc, if you want to, I don't,  but my big problem is, you bring god into it.  Do you believe these aliens are working for the devil? 

If this is so serious, why not tell more than ONE person, the aliens are coming, and they are bad buggers. Is this Summers bloke, the only person in the world, worth telling? There is mass communication now, why doesn't god go on tv around the world and tell EVERYBODY?

Don't you think it strange that only one person supposedly knows about this?

 If it  is SO IMPORTANT FOR THE WORLD  to know, this god is once again, frigging  incompetant. He is just not good enough for me.

You seem to forget, I am an ATHEEIST - No god - therefore no fixing of anybodies problems, or fairies to solve my problems. 

That is the point of my story, the human brain is capable of the most extra-ordinary stories and myth as is pagan myths, as is the bible, as is Star Wars, as is Harry Potter as is Aboriginal Dreamings.

So, back to Marshall - he is a charlatan who loves the power and preying on peoples insecurities. You already were entrenched in Catholicism, so 80% indoctrinated. Many, many people believe in aliens, your bloke has hit on the idea to combine three things  - god + aliens + fear - he hit the jackpot.

He doubled his market in one fell swoop - clever marketing move. If it is not about money, it is about power, or maybe he is schizophrenic.


Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

Don’t forget the Bubonic Plague. There have, indeed, been many times throughout the human history, when people thought it was the end of human civilization. There have, indeed, been growing economic hardship and political instability, catastrophic weather, loss of arable land and water (which by the way is a major issue in Australia, as you must know), pandemic diseases, etc., in the past. It is a state of physical reality. But consider the world with all of the above issues plus declining energy and natural resources, escalating worldwide conflict, and the dire circumstances arising from “visitation” by the intelligent beings from outer space, all converging at this time. Suzanne, the future will not be like the past.

As I have told Fred in this blog, these resource-seeking aliens are neither angels nor devils. They are just three-dimensional beings that have depleted resources on their planet a long ago and now must travel the space in search of resources. I have written a quote relevant to our discussion, from the Allies of Humanity – Book II in my response to Fred in this forum. When you state that you don’t believe in aliens, I’m going to presume that you mean you don’t believe in their existence or their “visitation” in this solar system, rather than not believing in them as some angelic or demonic figures, for they are neither. I’m going to ask you the same exact question I asked Fred. Can you tell me what you thought of the Disclosure Conference 2011, presented by the former air force officers from around the world?

The ETs are indisputably here; they are carrying out some very disturbing activities in a very clandestine manner. They are taking advantage of the ignorance of the humanity about their Intervention and of the weak and divided humanity to further their agenda. Their final goal is to conquer this world covertly. You can see how effective their Pacification Program is when you look around the world including yourself and others who deny the existence of ETs, despite the Disclosure Conference and a mountain of evidence that proves their ongoing “visitation” and activities. If people do not wake up to the reality but remain asleep because of the ETs’ Pacification Program, these ETs can easily conquer this world without even firing a shot. You cannot undermine the skills these ETs possess of influencing and manipulating thoughts in the mental environment. You or others will continue to remain pacified or ignorant of the ET Intervention. Ignorance, denial, and/or inaction among the human population are precisely what the ET Intervention hopes to accomplish through their Pacification Program. Why?

As I have mentioned before in this forum, the region in which this solar system is located is quite an inhabited area in the galaxy. Commerce and trade have long been established; in order to maintain order, rules of engagement and code of conduct have been established as well. According to such regulation, no one is allowed to conquer any world by force because it disrupts the already established commerce and trade routes and agreements. So, in order to acquire resources from young, immature, ignorant races like the humanity without using force, they must conquer worlds covertly. Because there are others in the outer space watching this planet, the only way these ETs (called Collectives that are not respected by other worlds, the way pirates or black-market traders are not respected in human society) can conquer this world is, if they make it appear as though the humanity is welcoming them.

That is one of the reasons for the Pacification Program they work upon the humanity. As a result of the program, there are many human beings who remain ignorant of the Extraterrestrial Intervention regardless of the mountain of evidence. For these people who are still asleep, no amount of evidence will enable them to see the reality as is; they will reject the reality. And then there are apologists and representatives of these ETs, who have completely fallen under the persuasion of the ET Intervention. They will claim that the very ETs that abduct human beings against their will, perform some very disturbing experiments on them, and here to conquer the world covertly are friendly and benevolent beings and that humanity should welcome them. Such people, from my experience, will often become infuriated when they encounter opposing perspective.

It will not be the end of human history despite the Great Waves of Change events and the extraterrestrial beings’ schemes. But it will be the end of human civilization as we know it. Human freedom and self-determination may be lost forever to these extraterrestrial resource-seekers because the humanity refused to heed the warnings, refused to get educated about the reality as is, and refused to prepare itself for the future.

It is a very grave prospect, indeed.

You asked me whether I think it is strange that only one person supposedly knows about the Extraterrestrial Intervention, whether Marshall Vian Summers is the only Messenger, whether he’s the only person in the world, worth telling, and why god doesn’t go on tv around the world and tell everybody. These are all legitimate questions and I will try to answer them.

What would, indeed, happen if there were more than one Messenger? Whom would you listen and whose Messages from God would you consider to be “more correct?” There would be much confusion, conflict, and perhaps even competition among these messengers. So it has always been that when a Messenger was brought into the world, there has always been only one Messenger of that time; there has been one Messenger in a period of about a millennium.

        2390 BC < t < 1390 BC Moses (1000 years)
        1390 BC < t < 390 BC Buddha (1000 years)
         390 BC < t < 570 AD Jesus (960 years)
         570 AD < t < 1570 AD Muhammad (1000 years)
         570 AD < t < 2570 AD (?) Marshall (1000 years)

          (all the left inequalities should be less than or equal to rather than <)

So, for the question, whether he is the only person worth telling about the ET Intervention, I must answer that he is the only Messenger of this era and he has been and will be the only one receiving the New Message from God through the Angelic Presence during this era. This prevents the Message from becoming misinterpreted or corrupted through transmission to more than one messenger; this allows the Message to remain in its purity. Because the Allies of Humanity (physical beings from several races living in this galaxy and they are not the same as Angelic Presence) came to observe the ET Intervention at the request of the Angelic Presence, they, too, would speak only to the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, for the same reason that Angelic Presence speaks through only one individual.

Regarding the ET Intervention, there are many people who do know about the extraterrestrial presence “visiting” this world but they are often confused about the intention, goal, and the activities of the ETs. How can they not? How can human beings know about life in the universe if they haven’t even been able to travel farther than the earth’s moon?

So why doesn’t god go onto tv and broadcast it? I’m not sure whom you are referring to as god. Marshall isn’t god; he is the Messenger. God doesn’t micromanage individuals’ life or individual planet even. God communicates God’s Will through the Angelic Presence who communicates through the Messenger who communicates the New Message from God to the students of Knowledge, who communicate it to others who are not aware. The transmission of God’s Will and God’s Message is accomplished through relationships in this manner. If your question meant why Marshall doesn’t go on tv and broadcast the New Message from God, I think you’ve probably observed how people reacted when I came on board this forum. I’m not even the Messenger and this is an atheists’ web site, not a religious web site. Yet, the resistance against the New Message from God and hostility towards me were quite perceptible. So I cannot imagine the repercussion if Marshall attempted to broadcast this on tv…, that is, of course, if any tv program had invited him to speak on their programs in the first place. Yet, he has been invited to some radio talk show for an interview. Here is a link to one of the interviews:

As you can see, while the humanity is in desperate need to read the Allies of Humanity briefings in order to become aware of the ET Intervention and to receive the New Message from God to prepare for the future which will be unlike the past, there are many obstacles. But I feel that it is too important to give up. So I continue to speak out about them, despite resistance, rejections, and unkindness.

Suzanne, I was not entrenched in Catholicism. If I remember correctly, you were born into a Catholic family. And no, I didn’t forget that you are an atheist. But here is a quote from the Teaching “God, Knowledge, and Angelic Presence”: I thought it was very appropriate for you.

Whether you are religious or not, whether you believe in a religious teaching and adhere to that teaching or whether you claim to have no religious affiliation, your progress is entirely dependent upon your connection to Knowledge. There are individuals who lead major religious institutions who have no awareness of Knowledge and do not value it and perhaps even fear it, thinking it would lead them into chaos or that it would defy their religious beliefs or lead them into grave doubt and uncertainty. They will cling to their ideas and their beliefs and avoid the power of redemption that God has placed within them. Then there are people who will claim no religious affiliation, but who will experience and follow the power of Knowledge. They will have a chance to really redeem themselves through great service to others and to the world.
Whether you are religious or not is not the emphasis here. Religion can be very helpful if it is understood correctly, if it is seen as a pathway to Knowledge. But if it is held simply as a network of beliefs and social obligations, then it is moving in the wrong direction.

You may not think you have experienced God through Knowledge so you reject God altogether. But have you had a very profound insight which you were surprised that it came from you? While Knowledge is very, very vast, such moment is an indication that Knowledge was expressing through you.

Dear Student -


Truth has left  marshall's room.


My first profound insight came when I realised how Garden of Eden just doesn't work - so when I made a study of a bible, realised what a despot, what an evil book I was reading, that it was myth and legend heaped on the shoulders of Pagans and others.

That was my epiphany  - it is because of the bible that I can't believe in god.

My journey of learning about christianity is the reason I am now an Atheist.

This is the god that talks to marshall - why would I listen to a bloke that listens to a god, that I feel, think, believe - doesn't exist. No, I am never surprised that my answers came from me. It is called Logic.

But I am CONSTANTLY awe inspired by many people on this site, and in this world - their knowledge, their insight, their humanity, their humour.

Religion cannot be helpful to me. The religion you follow does not have enough good in it.

Understand how people hide behind religion is KNOWLEDGE, as your marshall. Whether I am religious or not - what the???? you are talking about a god - what is believing in god or not - not a religion - once again, not logical.

You just keep on believing marshall talks to god, and the aliens are here, and you will have wasted your life.

Marshall could not con me because I am an Atheist, you are catholic by indoctrination from a catholic family - that's where your premise falls over.

I kicked god and therefore fear out - you kept on believing.

Marhsall can only con people who already believe in god.

Religion is not a pathway to knowledge, it is a pathway for charlatans, con men, shonks and shamans and your marshall is all of these.

The aliens are gods creatures, we are god's creatures, if they take us over, it is all part of god's plan, as we were told by god, to take over the earth, and subdue every living thing on this earth.

Your god kept banging on about how he is omnipotent, he knows all, he is all powerful, yet he can't stop the aliens?????

Who made the world - god made the world

Who made the universe - god made the universe

Who made humans - god made humans

Who made aliens - god made aliens

Therefore, it must be gods plan for them to take over the earth. Aliens are thousands of years ahead of us, zipping around the galaxies, what clever little aliens they are. Why did god make them so much more advanced and scientific than us?

The only threat to humans are other humans - oh, and also maybe sharks, oh, and funnel webs, oh, and that maggot that burrows into the brain through an eyeball - these are also all of god's creatures.


Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

It isn’t God or god that speaks to Marshall because God does not speak, let alone speak any particular language. God translates God’s Will through Angelic Presence who then translates God’s Will to Marshall. Marshall is the conduit who receives God’s Message through Angelic Presence watching over this world.

I understand that many people feel religions have corrupted humanity and want nothing to do with any of them. That is understandable because, historically, some of those in the position of power have, indeed, used and misused religions to gain profits, or take control over their people or others. Being religious doesn’t necessarily indicate that that the person understands his/her religion. Now, I’m not sure what you mean by “Understand how people hide behind religion is Knowledge.”

Again, Marshall didn’t con me into believing anything. I have said in one of the posts in this forum, that I was already studying the Steps to Knowledge and the Great Community Way of Knowledge for a year before I even met Marshall. When I found out about ETs that are technologically more advanced and possess powerful skills in the mental environment are “visiting” this world, I thought that the humanity was completely helpless against them. I took a leap of faith in commencing the study of Steps to Knowledge. I found out later that the humanity is not completely helpless against these ETs despite their seeming advantages, for the humanity has a great power within each individual s/he is not yet aware of, and there is a way to drive the ETs out of our world. Also, I discovered that in the community of students of Knowledge, diversity of religious backgrounds as well as non-religious backgrounds can be found, among which are Buddhism, Catholic Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc..

To blame God for different rates of evolution is irrational. You would have to expect all creatures from the tiniest germs to the most advanced society in the universe to have the same technology. For otherwise, someone might think God is being unfair. So, clearly, same rate of technological or intellectual development cannot be expected. Such stance stem from anthropocentric and human-supremacy view. Humanity needs to realize that it is neither the center of the physical universe, let alone of all the universe(s) in all dimensions, nor the most intelligent, or technologically or scientifically advanced beings in the Universe. In fact, human beings are not all that intelligent despite all of their accomplishments and advancements. It is very humbling to come to such realization but very necessary for us to see the reality as is objectively.

Human beings have the tendency to rely too much on technology to solve all the issues and fear those who have more advanced technology than themselves. However, technology is actually very easy to obtain or copy in the universe and it certainly is not the greatest power in the universe at all. While the ETs “visiting” this world are evidently more advanced technologically and possess powerful skills in influencing and manipulating thoughts in the mental environment, they are unaware of the power of Knowledge within themselves or in others, as most human beings are currently. Again, Knowledge is the deeper knowing mind rather than the mind that each individual created since s/he was born through conditionings of authorities in her/his life such as family, religion, culture, society, school, government, etc. It must be clearly understood that Knowledge is not the same as knowledge which is a body of information or a system of beliefs or ideas. Knowledge is, in fact, the greatest power that we possess. We reclaim Knowledge so that we may see so that we may know so that we may take the right course of actions in alignment with God’s Will. And God’s Will is for the humanity to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds as a strong, united, independent, free race with its self-determination preserved.

So why doesn’t God stop aliens from carrying out its agendas? People may pray that God save them from all the calamities and the Extraterrestrial Intervention. But they must first understand that God is not anyone’s babysitter or errand boy. God does not serve by getting rid of all the tragedies, problems, and challenges in everyone’s life. God serves the humanity by empowering individuals through reclamation of Knowledge so that they may serve others. In fact, spiritually advanced societies serve other races in the universe in similar manner to encourage preserving freedom and self-determination through reclamation of Knowledge, for freedom is rare in the universe.

The Allies [of Humanity] serve humanity because they serve the reclamation and expression of Knowledge everywhere in the Greater Community. They represent the Wise in many worlds who support a greater purpose in life. Together they share a greater Knowledge and Wisdom that can be transferred across vast distances of space and across all the boundaries of race, culture, temperament and environment. Their Wisdom is pervasive. Their skill is great. Their presence is hidden. They recognize you [the humanity] because they realize that you are an emerging race, emerging into a very difficult and competitive environment in the Greater Community.
~ The Allies of Humanity – Book I

God is the Source of all creations in all universes in all dimensions. Can you imagine God of that scale? God is too great to be focusing on the issues of one world, let alone that of an individual. Yet, Knowledge within us bridges us to God. So we’re not left powerless and helpless. God rarely intervenes in the evolvement and affairs of any world in the universe. However, at critical juncture of evolution of a world, a Messenger was sent into the world to warn and prepare the race of that world. The humanity is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds; it is the greatest threshold that humanity has ever gone through and will ever undergo in its history. Yet, it is its destiny in its evolution. That is why God has sent the New Message to the humanity at this time so that it can become aware, educated, and prepare for the future.

God has already placed the greatest gift within individuals, Knowledge, which will love, protect, and guide them. Yet, people simply want to deny this power that is waiting to be discovered within themselves; they hope that God will make all the problems simply go away. That’s immature and irresponsible. Simply making all the problems go away will weaken and hinder the humanity from advancing, while encouraging humanity to unite and cooperate to resolve the issues and preserve its freedom and self-determination will empower and advance the humanity. God does what works.

Stud, Stud Stud,


This is an Atheist site where we talk music and family and art and the Evolution Defenders and the Thinking Ape. Three hundred different groups.


Once again-An Atheist site - I do not believe in god, an angelic presence, or who talks through who or what - no god, no bible, no talking snake, no angels, fallen or otherwise - I don't believe in aliens, or magic anything - I do believe in my lovely White Unicorn, maybe the flying teapot, but only if it comes with tea.


I don't blame god for ANY evolution - let alone different rates - that is called irony, a joke. All those religions can be taken in, because they are already fearful - dead easy to convince them of anything.


All these people are looking for something - in this case, something fearful - I have no fear - not of god, jesus or aliens - only the people who believe in this stuff.


I know technology is not going to save the worlds problems, and I have no fear of people with better technology than I. I do envy those who programme computers, but that is another story.


Wow, I didn't know god made other universes - can you point me to that part in the bible.


Ah, yes god is not anyone's babysitter or errand boy? Ha,Ha I gathered that from the bible, he is just into killing kids for making fun of someone - concubines were ok, slavery was the go, didn't see too much love in there. God was not into co-operating, just genocide, jealousy, and ordering the removal of foreskin of the enemy - that was a nice touch - very loving.


God’s Will is for the humanity to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds as a strong, united, independent, free race with its self-determination preserved.


Not going to happen ever - maybe in a million years, but not anytime soon, and certainly not through god or marshall.


I don't pray to god to save me from anything - but if you need to do this, I wish you luck.


Cheers - Suzanne



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