Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Hi Loop Johnny,

The Message is not his words but God's Message revealed to him through the Angelic Presence.  All of over 800 Teachings totalling over 9000 pages received over 25 years were received by the Messenger in a state of revelation.  The New Message from God is vast. 

It is not his words so there isn't anything to lie about or to dispute whether he is right or not.  So it is not a matter of whether he is right or not, but whether the Teachings that he received resonate as true within you or not.


I apologize.  The second sentence should read ... All of the Teachings were received by the Messenger in a state of revelation through over 800 encounters with the Angelic Presence, totalling over 9000 pages, for over 25 years. 

Just wait.  Soon there will be an announcement about the money that god needs or about the new rules that require all the women to sleep with him or some other thing like that.

Hi Mo,

You'll have to wait for a very long time because that's not going to happen.

Hi Daria,

Are we to presume that the New Message from God is palatable to you or the disgruntled masses?

Hi Craig,

No, there is no huge list of "sins" that the New Message from God inteds to make laws.  : )

In fact, the word "sin" is hardly used in the New Message.  While living in the physical reality, everyone is fallible and prone to making errors.  By reclaiming Knowledge (Holy Spirit) within yourself, your personal mind and body are less like to make errors, i.e., commit sins. 

"How should I live?"

We are to live in the world close to Knowledge,
the deeper spiritual mind within us.

We are to build the Four Pillars of our lives:
the Pillar of Relationships, the Pillar of Work and Providership, the
Pillar of Health and the Pillar of Spiritual Advancement.
We are to do this for ourselves and for others.

We are each here to make a contribution to the well-being and
preservation of humanity. This contribution exists both within and
beyond the boundaries of race, politics, culture and religion.

We are to learn to live with Knowledge:
to build a connection to Knowledge,
to establish the bridge between our thinking mind and Knowledge,
the greater mind that the Creator has provided to each person as a potential.

We are to promote human freedom and unity.

We are to speak out against war and conflict as destructive and
dangerous to the future unity and freedom of humanity.

We are to take care of the world—to take care of its biological
diversity and to preserve its life-giving resources so that humanity may
have a future.

We are to recognize that we are a part of a Greater Community of
intelligent life in the Universe and that humanity's destiny is to take
its place as a free and sovereign race within this Greater Community.

We are to recognize that all the great religious traditions were
initiated by God and there should be no competition or conflict between

We are to be driven not by selfishness or acquisition, not by personal
assertion or predominance, but instead we are to act from the desire to
contribute and to receive the blessings of the Creator, the blessings of
this world and the blessings of being able to be in the world at this time.

I agree.

A lot of this is very similar to the tenets of Unitarian Universalism - not only am I an atheist and humanist, but I'm also a UU. The only parts that we UUs would call BS on is the whole UFO thing and the god thing. But the stuff about being good to one another, realizing we are part of an interconnected web with nature, realize the inherent good in people, etc. are all part of UU.


And we have our loony folks too - but I dare say not this loony. I don't know of any UUs that think we're being watched by some alien race or overlord. That sounds more like Arthur C. Clarke than god. (Clarke wrote "2001: A Space Odyssey, and Childhood's End - and I love the latter book)

Hi Rocky Oliver,

Your statement is a reflection of how successful the Pacification Program is, which has been working on the humanity by the Extraterrestrial Intervention.

Hi Fred,


Yes, humans are, indeed, easily fooled by ideas. 

So whom should you trust to have the truth?  To answer that, I would have to refer you back to Knowledge, our deeper intelligence, our knowing mind.  What is true will resonate within yourself because it will speak to Knowledge within yourself.  What we need to understand is that truth will not necessarily be in alignment with the general concensus; this has been demonstrated in the past repeatedly.  Though God's Messages have been transmitted to Messengers (Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed, and Marshall) throughout human history, the Messages were not always met with welcome or regarded as true.     

So in order to see so that you can know, you would have to gain access to Knowledge within yourself by taking the journey of Steps to Knowledge.  

Please let me know if you have further questions or you'd like to learn more about it.   




I'm seriously underwhelmed. Yet another dime a dozen New Age/UFO cults with some sort of semi-charismatic book seller who talks to God or some housewife channeling with the "spiritual world" or "extragalactic confederations." I don't have the patience for this.

I think these people need proper medication instead of radio-stations, webcasts whatever.



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