Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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You can download for free online on the web site


Yes, Fred.


You can download the first book nd you don't have to give them your e-mail address.  It is available for all human beings on the planet to read because the message is that urgent.


I have witnessed UFOs on at least four different occasions.  The extraterrestrial beings have been here on this planet gathering in a growing number for a few decades now, carrying out sinister activities for the ultimate goal of conquering the world covertly. 


lets just hypotheticaly say this guy is not a complete wackjob as i suspect and he preaches the truth. then my personal opinion is that if these aliens are here to protect earth's bio-diversity then i say more power to them. if they have to destroy a number of us and enslave us to do so then it is probably no more than we deserve for the whole sale rape of this planet

Maybe hypothetically if there are aliens who want to take over the world there are more. And maybe this Vian Summers guy is actually an alien trying to set up a cult by exploiting the feeble minded so that he can set them up against the competition.

On the other hand maybe hypothetically it's just another cult with a mad charismatic leader selling his crap to the gullible.

I vote for option 2.

I find it extremely sad that in this day and age we still have people who fall for this kind of confused gibberish. And who feel even passionate about it, while unable to translate that opaque mishmash of SF, New Age and Christianity into something that is not glaringly self-contradictory and/ or violently colliding with, you know, reality.

I guess that's why you must switch off your "surface brain" in order to be able to hear something remotely intelligible.

Hi Albert,

I understand where you’re coming from because, just about three years ago, I was going through a similar phase of mistrust and doubt about the Messenger and the Message. I also thought that the New Message from God might some sort of cult or mind-control program manipulated by aliens with the “messenger” as their campaigner. I continuously had doubts as I took a leap of faith to study the Steps to Knowledge, which one of the Society members suggested taking in order to become discerning of the influences and manipulations in the mental environment. But I persevered because I couldn’t really find any “controlling” aspect of the study.

I think when people encounter truths, they often feel confused by them so they resist and rebel against them because they fear their beliefs (whether religious or atheistical) that they have been upholding might crumble. People quite surprisingly tend to hold on to their beliefs more strongly than their relationships with other people. It’s okay to be confused and it’s healthy to express confusion. It’s understandable to go through a phase of skepticism. Confusion can lead to truth, if you stay with it.

What you said is essentially correct: people do need to still their surface minds in order to silence the useless and mindless “noises” their minds constantly make, so that they can “hear” the counsel of deeper intelligence within themselves. Yes, that’s correct.

If you got from my comment that I am wary of malicious aliens being involved in this, then I don't know how, but no.

I am never confused by "truths" (I don't want to claim I understand them all to the fullest extent) and I don't exactly understand how a seemingly intelligent guy as yourself can go along with this kind of obvious bullshit, based on messages that "resonate" with some of your preconceptions. Wishful thinking isn't thinking at all.

Perhaps if group pressure on you is still lenient enough for you to permit it, you might want to delve into the subject of epistemology.

The circumventing of your brain to acquire knowledge (up to a certain debatable extent) doesn't work even within the context of this imaginary "deeper-knowledge" versus "surface brain" scheme.

And it is not true, Vian Summers is a liar. That is without doubt, the question is if he knows it himself. His excuse could be that he is mentally ill. If so his Messiah complex at this stage of development is a-typical though.

Hi Albert,

Good for you that you are never confused by “truths.” I sincerely applaud you for that.

I sense many bloggers on this forum are angry. Many have said that the New Message is obvious nonsense. I’m learning from this web site that atheism is, in a way, a religion without God, or rather atheists themselves as god.

You stated that “circumventing of your brain to acquire knowledge doesn’t work.” First, it isn’t knowledge I speak of but Knowledge which is your deeper intelligence entirely different from what your brain is capable of doing.

I do find that bloggers here do make a strong statement about people they know little about. Marshall doesn’t claim himself to be Messiah. He is not here to save people but rather to fulfill his mission as a conduit to receive God’s New Message for the humanity, through Angelic Presence. He is very humble.

Excuse me, I haven't had the opportunity to practice with the proper use of capitals yet. While I didn't mean to say I'm never confused by truths, I can for example be confused about the ontology of quantum particles, to mention but a minor thing. But I am never Confused about Truths. That is for example Truths that are telepathically channeled by aliens to some socially isolated geezer in Colorado who after years of self imposed seclusion has come to the idea that the best way to save his thrown away life's purpose the world, is by preying on gullible and vulnerable people and become a cult-leader, I'm sorry a humble and measly Messenger of God. Humble my ass.

Your story about Knowledge as opposed to knowledge doesn't hold water regardless of it's source. However which way it comes about it needs your brain to manifest itself in the form of brain-activity, neurons firing, calcium waves flowing and unavoidably interacting with your associative memory and therefore guaranteed to be corrupted by it. (Your brain doesn't recall a memory, it rebuilds it and fills in missing details.) Fortunately so, because this is the way a human brain can work in the first place.

No he doesn't claim to be "the messiah", he claims to be God's Messenger, in fact it is one of the things he demands from his "Students" to acknowledge this as central to their belief system, right after the demand that they fill their heads with the voluminous amounts of bullshit he produced and believe all of it. And then when sufficiently indoctrinated go out and by pouring down sugar and honey get some more gullible people to join.

And they are not exactly in limited supply, which is the source of or contributes mightily to much of the world's troubles in the first place.  This sect is yet another - fortunately in the broader context tiny - burden to that effect.

Hi Rocky John,

Thank you for your response. The extraterrestrial beings that are “visiting” the earth without the permission of the humanity have been here carrying out some sinister activities for the past few decades in order to conquer the world covertly and gain free access to the resources of the planet. They present themselves as “saviors” or benevolent beings that are here to help the humanity with all the issues that it is facing. Part of the reasons that the ETs abduct human beings against their will is to persuade them that they are here to save them. Some abductees were returned brainwashed to welcome the very ETs that had abducted them; some were returned traumatized by their experiences and what they witnessed; some were returned with the memory of their experiences erased; some didn’t survive the ordeal and perished; and some were used for other sinister purposes.

Those who were returned brainwashed to welcome the extraterrestrial presence advocate the ETs as their “saviors” here to uplift the humanity spiritually or “friends” who came here to save the planet and the human beings. However, these ETs are themselves not spiritual; their natural curiosity, creativity, and individuality have been bred out of them so that they can be controlled and controlling; this way, they could carry out their work very efficiently. There is no individual freedom among them and they do not value it. Their focus is on acquiring resources and allegiances from naïve and young races such as humanity. They do not care about the humanity, its circumstances, or its religious inclination. But they will use it all for their benefit and to achieve their goal. What they care about is this abundant planet and its resources which they covet and want for themselves. They really believe that the humanity will destroy the planet and its resources unless they intervene. They want to conquer the world so that they can use the human beings as their workers. Should they succeed in their quest, humanity will lose its freedom and self-determination.

We do not want to punish ourselves for our errors. We do not want to give up our fundamental rights to be the stewards of this planet. We can mend our errors if we become more aware of our circumstances and environmental conditions. We can cooperate to become a strong, united, free race with our self-determination intact. We can be educated about life in the universe and prepare ourselves so that we can emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds as a more mature race, for, whether the humanity is prepared or not, it will be emerging. Whether we want it or not, whether we are prepared or not, the extraterrestrial races are already here waiting and instigating the humanity to become divided and weakened. So we need to cease our conflict and urge each other to prepare, rather than give up prematurely and let other races from outer space to run our life and our world. We, the humanity, as the native of this planet need to set the rules of engagement regarding contact. The ETs don’t get to do this, unless you give up your authority over to them. That would engender a very grave situation for the humanity. But the humanity can become strong.

We need to encourage each other, cooperate, and unite, Rocky John. The humanity needs to declare its sovereignty.

Once again, I cannot find the "reply" functionality at the end of your response.  So I respond here, Albert Bakker.



Hi Albert,

I do actually understand you. People often become fearful when the set of ideas or beliefs they uphold zealously seem to disintegrate because of certain phenomena or other mysteries that resonate as true within them. There would be no need for bloggers to fume over the New Message from God or the Messenger unless they feared there were truths in them. In your case, the UFO/ET phenomena would seem to undermine science (particularly, physics) that you esteem highly; you regard your (superficial) intellect very highly; and you are also an atheist who, I have learned from this web site, is a person believing that s/he is a god. Atheists may or may not admit or agree collectively but atheism is yet another religion in which the followers believe unquestioningly that they are gods. Such belief renders them to close their minds in order to protect their beliefs.

Just about three years ago, I, too, believed what I learned in school (science or otherwise) was as true as it could get. So, I do understand you, Albert. But we do need to understand that science is an evolving subject. We also need to discard the anthropocentric view of the universe and the view that our brains/minds are the most superior intellect in the universe. It is not only arrogant but detrimental to have such stance particularly given the circumstances that the humanity is facing.

Human beings have the tendency to accentuate and magnify any differences among them: racial or ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, beliefs, circumstances, ideas, etc. That tendency fuels unnecessary conflicts among them. Yet, the “visitors” view us as one race, a human race. That is, from the perspective of other races in the universe, we are just one human race: an immature, bellicose, irresponsible, and self-indulgent race. They couldn’t care less about human cultures, ideas, beliefs, religious inclinations, and such, but will use anything in order to create conflict among the humanity or to engender allegiance to them. We, as fellow human beings, need to cease conflicts so that the ETs cannot take advantage of the weak and divided humanity in achieving their objective.

If we don’t unite, then we seal our fate and lose our sovereignty over this solar system; that will obliterate our freedom and self-determination. That is, we, too, will become bred to be their workers unable to think for ourselves, for our creativity, natural curiosity, and all the qualities that the ETs deem useless and chaotic will be bred out of us via genetic engineering, mind-controlling, etc. That is a bleak future. We can start by not debasing other people for the sake of protecting our ideas, beliefs,…. Human beings don’t have to love each other to unite but to understand the circumstances soberly that conflicts and division within humanity will be utterly damaging to its future.


Hi Fred,

Thank you for your question. I would like to answer that by sharing with you how I came to discover the New Message from God.

I stumbled upon the book Allies of Humanity – Book I, while I was doing some research on the internet regarding climate change, economy collapse, environmental degradation, resource depletion, etc.; that was a little more than three years ago. Some of the web sites which featured these issues also included UFO/alien phenomena.

People on this blog seem very open-minded but I wasn’t. At the time, as far as I was concerned, UFO/alien phenomena were science fiction or figment of people’s imagination. I was not going to be one of those strange people believing in such phenomena. However, the phenomena did intrigue me because some of the testimonies by the abductees seemed not only sincere but indicated the psychological trauma they had to endure from the frightening experiences the abductees had to experience. I felt compassion for them. So I continued doing research but I became more and more confused because abductees’ experiences varied greatly and I didn’t know what to make of the whole UFO/alien phenomena. One question that kept bothering me was, “Why are they here?” Why are there so many of these UFO sightings and abductees’ incidences these days? There were many research papers with data but the researchers themselves seemed very confused and didn’t know what to conclude from their data. How could they know?

Then I stumbled upon the book Allies of Humanity – Book I on one of the web sites. I didn’t purchase the book; I just downloaded for free from the web site and read it. That was the only book that verified and clarified the phenomena. So I contacted the Society and asked many questions, one of which was that since the extraterrestrial beings have the skills to influence and manipulate people’s thoughts, how can I know my own thoughts from manipulations by the Extraterrestrial Intervention? The response was that I must become strong with Knowledge within me; if I become strong with Knowledge, then I cannot become manipulated by the ET Intervention and I become too much of a trouble to them and they will avoid me. So then, how can I become strong with Knowledge? I was told to take the Steps to Knowledge.

At this time, I knew that the humanity was way behind in technology and also much weaker in the mental environment than the ETs. So if taking the Steps to Knowledge was the only way, then I had to give it a try. I was very much suspicious of it like you and others on this forum. For all I knew, it might be some kind of mind controlling program. I didn’t even purchase the book Steps to Knowledge; I again simply downloaded a few pages, not even the whole book, just in case, this was some kind of scam. I started taking the Steps to Knowledge but I still had doubts about Marshall as the Messenger. In fact, I listened to one of the recordings and thought he was some foreigner with wisdom. As it turned out, for almost 30 years now, he has been living a secluded life receiving the Message from the Angelic Presence. Instead of proclaiming himself as the Messenger instantly, he has been living a quiet life receiving what now mounts to over 9000 pages of revelation.

There are those who have doubts as to whether these words are his words rather than God’s Words sent through the Angelic Presence. Marshall often tells us that he is a simple man and that he couldn’t possibly copy the accent of the Voice in a state of revelation, although he tried to. I can attest to that the source of the Message could not possibly be any human being.

I wasn’t affiliated with any religion though I was born into a devout Christian family. I never defined myself as an atheist but I had my own “unique” thoughts regarding religions, God, etc. After I started taking the Steps to Knowledge, I began reading the Teachings of the New Message from God. The Teachings resonated within me because they were so very similar to what I thought was my unique ideas about religions, God, etc. It wasn’t until one year after commencing my self-study of New Message from God, that I met Marshall and other students of Knowledge.

So, to answer your question, no, he didn’t teach me that convincingly that I trusted him on it. I also went through a period of skepticism regarding both the Messenger and the Message initially. So I completely understand what you’re going through.

The imagination you talk about, I believe, is regarding the UFO/alien phenomena. There are plenty of evidence and data if you are willing to spend the time and energy to do some research on the internet. I cannot make you believe anything but I did witness UFOs on at least four different occasions, so I know that they are here. Now, I know why they are here and I know I must prepare or the humanity could lose its freedom and self-determination.

I hope I answered your question sufficiently. If not, please let me know.

Hi Moria,

Thank you for this thread of discussion. 

What's important is what do you really think about the Teachings?  Do you really believe that all Teachings which now amount to over 9000 pages packed with Wisdom are all written by Marshall?   



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