Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Hi I-want-to-believe,

Out of curiosity, can I ask what you want to believe exactly?

The New Message from God isn’t Marshall Vian Summers’ teachings, but the Teachings of the Angelic Presence.  Neither Marshall nor the Angelic Presence is God.  They do not claim to be, either.  God is God of all creatures of all universes in all dimensions.  God is of that magnitude.  Marshall is the conduit through whose voice the Angelic Presence translates God’s will.     


You haven't answered my questions, but rather asked questions of me.

Fine, I'll answer yours and anticipate the courtesy of answering mine in return.

"I Want To Believe" was a saying on a poster hanging over Fox Mulder's desk from the show The X-Files.  If you know the show, you know Fox Mulder was an FBI agent who investigated the paranormal and ET abductions / UFO sightings.

I don't believe MV Summers is channeling any Godly or Angelic message, but I have no more ground to prove my non-belief than you have in your belief that it is Angelic.  You have faith that what he says is an Angelic Message, and on an atheist forum you might expect some push back on anything founded on faith alone, especially if it is faith in the words of another human being.  History is full of charlatans that "preached" in a similar style.

"I want to believe" we are not alone in this universe, but I haven't seen any confounding evidence.  Though the odds are in favor of us not being the only life in such an unfathomably big universe.

An omniscient, omnipotent God that lets innocent, good people suffer wars, sickness, torture, etc., and malevolent ETs abduct and experiment on helpless earthlings; that I don't want to believe.

So will you answer my initial questions?... 

Hi I-want-to-believe,

Thank you for your response. 

My commitment is not to any group, but rather to God, my purpose in this world, and to reclaiming Knowledge.  I’m not concerned with the opinions of any member of my family regarding my commitment.  Whether anyone chooses to take the path that I’m taking is entirely up to them.  I cannot drag along with me those who cannot choose the path to God.  I am with my Spiritual Family who assists me from beyond this physical reality. 

I understand that the bloggers in this discussion wanted to find out more about me and ask questions that would induce divulging more about me and my life.  However, the focus should be on the New Message from God, not on me.      

In reclaiming Knowledge, students will find a tremendous shift in their perspectives of the world, of others, and of themselves.  This shift may involve their relationships with others, perhaps even loved ones or friends; it may involve employments or careers; it may involve their geographical locations or social status; it may involve their beliefs or ideas...   People cannot hope to keep all their possessions that deter them from taking the journey to God, whether they are materials, ideas, relationships, status, ...  They must unburden themselves of what they cannot travel with, leave behind those who cannot travel with them, and unlearn what constitutes the layers their personal minds created from familial, social, cultural, religious conditionings, etc.  Only then, can people attain a simpler life that would enable them to devote themselves on reclaiming Knowledge and to fulfilling their purposes in this world.  In my case, relationships that were not meant for me had already weakened or diminished from my life, well before I came upon the New Message from God, and Marshall.   

God’s first purpose is to unburden you.  That sounds like a nice idea.  But think about what it really means.  What it really means is that the whole acquisition motive must become reversed.  If you are going somewhere in life, you cannot take everything with you.  You can only take what you need, and this unburdens you.  This gives you time, energy, mental freedom and the ability to establish new ideas and new alliances.  This redefines and redirects your entire relationship with objects in the physical world.  This new relationship is not based on fantasy and past association now.  It is based on usefulness and real value.  This creates a healthy relationship with the physical world, with people and with ideas.  

From Possession in the Wisdom from the Greater Community – Volume Two     

History may have been full of charlatans.  However, if you have already read all the teachings online, could you still label him that?  I think we can have a meaningful discussion when the bloggers do not label him thoughtlessly without having studied the Message of thousand messages that he has brought into the world through the Angelic Presence.  Many of these teachings are free for the entire world to receive.  If you have not, the discussion merely demonstrates immaturity and ignorance.

Regarding blaming God….. It’s irresponsible of people to blame God for the consequences wrought by their actions.  Don’t you think so?  God does not micromanage any individual’s life or any individual world’s affairs.  Would you expect God to mitigate everyone’s fights, arguments, and wars, or just certain ones?  Would you want God to reroute those having dysfunctional relationships with God back to the path to God?  Would you ask God to redirect the Extraterrestrial Intervention to the path of redemption, so that those ETs wouldn’t attempt to conquer this world and its “helpless” natives, the humanity?  God does not punish anyone and God is not tyrannical.  However, God did not desert us and leave us helpless, either.  God has placed within everyone a deeper knowing mind which is called Knowledge in the Greater Community Spirituality. 

Step 10  What is Knowledge?

Let us say that Knowledge is not the things that are usually associated with it.  It is not ideas.  It is not a body of information.  It is not a system of belief.  It is not a process of self-evaluation.  It is the great mystery of your life.  Its outward manifestations are profound intuition, great insight, inexplicable knowing, wise perception in the present and in the future and wise understanding of the past.   Despite these great achievements of mind, Knowledge is greater than this.  It is your True Self, a Self that is not apart from life.   - From Steps to Knowledge

The power of Knowledge is the greatest power in the universe.  Yet, ET Intervention is not aware of it.  So these ET beings are not with Knowledge, for they wouldn’t be in this world with the intention to conquer the world, if they were with Knowledge, the ethical and moral foundation within us.  Knowledge cannot be manipulated, corrupted, influenced, or destroyed.  It is the only part of us that is pure and permanent.  It has existed before we came into this world and it will continue to exist after we die.  It is the deeper intelligence within us, which is different from our surface mind which we created since we were born. 

So how will the power of Knowledge within us help us?   

Ultimately, all human issues arise from the choices individuals make deviating from Knowledge.  Then, when the Angelic Presence or our allies from outer space (who have left our solar system, after warning us and advising us to prepare) provide us with the desperately needed words of counseling, many peoples reject, ridicule, or disregard them. 

…Yet what will really enable you to hear our words and to know their authenticity will be your ability to respond with the deeper knowing within yourself.  Throughout our discourses, we have referred to the reality of Knowledge, the Spiritual Intelligence that lives within you.  We have spoken of its central importance in your preparation for the Greater Community.  We have spoken of it as the true power that enables you to see beyond all the deceptions and manipulations of the Intervention.  We have spoken of it as the inherent power that the Collectives do not use and do not recognize – Knowledge.

…Humanity has a great challenge before it and is facing a great risk in its emergence into the Greater Community.  Therefore, it is necessary to find the strength that will enable you to unite your peoples and to take your place in the Greater Community as a free and self-determined race.  This power must come from within people and must be reinforced by the greater forces for good that exist both within your world and in the Greater Community.

…[Knowledge] represents the essence of your struggle for freedom. 

… we communicate in great haste with a sense of urgency.  Yet we must wonder, who can really hear us and take to heart what we are saying?  And who will act upon these words with their own inner conviction? We are not here to lead you or to be leaders for humanity.  Humanity must have its own leaders.  Yet who will assume this mantle of responsibility?  Who will have the inner conviction?  Who is strong enough with Knowledge to see, to know and to feel the reality of what we are presenting to the point where they can take action and begin to speak out against the Intervention?  

…Our greatest desire is that we may stimulate [inner conviction] in enough people that a movement will arise to offset the Intervention and to demonstrate humanity’s displeasure with its uninvited guests.  This would be a beneficial beginning.  But it is only the beginning, for there must be an awareness of the reality of the Greater Community.  And there must be a sober and profound understanding of what humanity must do in order to secure its freedom and its well-being in this larger and far more complex arena of intelligent life.

…Every month and every year now is precious.  Every month and every year that humanity remains unprepared for the Greater Community, the situation becomes more difficult and more grave. 

…Essentially, our message and The Way of Knowledge are about freedom – the freedom to live freely in your own world without bondage to another race and without intrusion or intervention from another race, and the freedom to find Knowledge and to fulfill yourself in your great journey here in physical life.  It is all about freedom.      

                                                - From Allies of Humanity – Book II

As I have mentioned in other posts, our solar system is located in the region comprising of about 5000 solar systems in the galaxy that is highly inhabited.  Trades have been well-established, and rules and regulations overseeing the commerce are instituted to ensure uninterrupted transactions.  (Yes, in that sense, the Great Community of Worlds is not so different from this world, but on a much larger scale and more complex and very much more competitive.) These regulations prohibit any one world or group from conquering another world by force.  If any group or world wishes to take over another world, it must resolve to do so by means other than invasion using force.  In the Greater Community of Worlds, those with greater skills in influencing and manipulating thoughts in the mental environment will attempt to conquer the weaker, if they can.   

Then, in order to thwart the ET Intervention, the humanity must become aware of the mental environment, and learn to become stronger in the mental environment.  The ETs are stronger in the mental environment because they have strong social cohesion.  They are controlling and controlled in a hierarchical society, for the purpose of maintaining order in their domain of colonized worlds spread out across vast space.  They are genetically altered and bred to function very efficiently in what they do, and follow orders.

All natural curiosity has been bred out of them and very little remains. There is, in fact, very little of what you would call “Spirit” or what we would call “Varne” or “The Way of Insight.”  They are controlled and controlling and follow patterns of thinking and behavior that are firmly established and strictly reinforced. They might seem to empathize with your ideas, but it is only to gain your allegiance.

 ………You are dealing with a collective of beings who have been bred to be compliant, whose whole life and experience have been encompassed and engendered by a collective mentality. They do not think for themselves.

                                                             - From Allies of Humanity

As such, they do not value freedom which is considered chaotic.  Freedom is not known to them.  They do not wish for freedom in their world, and they do not wish for it in human society.  Should they succeed in conquering this world, they will eradicate freedom in human society for their advantage.  This can be already observed in the world.  

Clearly, becoming genetically altered and bred to lose freedom, follow orders, and work efficiently like livestock is not the way!  Clearly, the humanity must preserve its freedom!  Then, we must prepare to reclaim Knowledge, become stronger with Knowledge, and get educated about the mental environment and how to prevent manipulation of thoughts in it.    

Whether people choose to recognize the presence of the Extraterrestrial Intervention within this world and its sinister purpose, or remain ignorant, foolish, and self-preoccupied is up to them.  The ET Intervention will continue until it has enslaved the humanity and conquer the world, clandestinely.  It would be too late for the humanity who has ridiculed those that have warned them of losing freedom and self-determination to the force from outer space, ignored the warning and the chance to be educated about the reality of life in the universe, and missed the opportunity to prepare when people might have been able to.  Once the Intervention is complete, it will be highly unlikely that the humanity can regain its freedom, for human beings never prepared to become strong in the mental environment, to discern and resist the manipulation of and influence on their thoughts.  Those unprepared will surrender themselves to any force that seems technologically more advanced and seemingly possesses capabilities beyond human.  Their minds will be taken, manipulated, and influenced to conform to the agendas of the extraterrestrial force.  

This is what the Allies of Humanity came to warn us about.  They came from their home worlds in a distant part of the galaxy to our world at the request of the Angelic Presence.  They were requested to come and observe the activities of the ET Intervention, and warn us of the challenge we are facing.  Their warning serves the humanity with the testimonies from their own experiences, with the wisdom they gained through the similar experiences with Interventions they had to thwart on their own home worlds. 

The Allies of humanity (a group of spiritually advanced physical beings in the galaxy) as well as the Angelic Presence (called the Unseen Ones by the Allies of humanity) are confirmations of one another, and of God, the Creator of all beings in all universes in all dimensions.   As I have mentioned in another post, humanity’s attempt to comprehend God of that magnitude may be analogous to a colony of ants in the middle of desert attempting to comprehend beings in a different dimension.

It’s disconcerting that believers and non-believers alike must argue with each other to prove or disprove what can only be experienced.  God can only be experienced, and therefore, known, not believed.  The Angelic Presence can be experienced, and therefore, known, not believed.  Beliefs are weak and can easily be influenced by other manipulating forces or contradictory experiences.  So, I actually do understand where atheists come from in their non-beliefs in God.  Most likely, they have had experiences that are contradictory to the belief systems that they used to adhere to, or were conditioned to follow.     

Wow, Stud, you have been busy.

You said you have 'seen' aliens four times. How does that extrapolate or give credence to Marshall hearing voices and making prophesies  on a grand scale, that we are all doomed if we don't take heed.

Same old, same old.

If you  don't believe in god, you are doomed

If you don't believe what Marshall is saying, you are doomed.

No god, no aliens, no angels, no voices in head.

Your statement: Most likely, they have had experiences that are contradictory to the belief systems that they used to adhere to, or were conditioned to follow.

No, just analysed the same bible you read.  Hateful, vengeful and evil. Simple really.

You ignore the things I can't in your bible.

If you ignore the atrocities of your god, what else are you ignoring?

Once again, don't expect you to answer, 'cause you can't answer anything :D

Cheers - Suzanne


  1.  I have witnessed UFOs, rather than ETs, on four different occasions, at least.  These were the vehicles of the Extraterrestrial Intervention – those aliens from outer space here to conquer the world covertly.     
  2. I stated that the presence of the Allies of Humanity and the Angelic Presence confirm each other’s existence, for the Allies of Humanity came at the request of the Angelic Presence watching over the well-being and development of this world, to observe the activities of the ET Intervention in the vicinity of this planet.  They also confirm that Marshall is the one Messenger of this era:  the Allies of Humanity stated that they were speaking only to the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers; the Angelic Presence stated that Marshall Vian Summers is the only Messenger of this era.  Transmission of God’s Message to one individual would maintain the purity and integrity of all the messages of the Message, and engender efficiency in spreading the words without any contentions and competitions among other messengers, had there been more than one.
  3. Regarding the humanity being doomed….it depends on what you mean by “doomed.”  The humanity is not facing the end of its civilization.  Rather, it is facing the risk of losing its freedom and self-determination to the forces from outer space, if it doesn’t heed the warnings of the Allies of Humanity, or the New Message from God.  This is not same old concept, for no religions, spiritual teachers, or Messengers from God in the past have ever spoken of the reality of life in the universe, humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community of Worlds, the ET Intervention, and the Great Waves of Change.  Why?  They were not relevant in the past, but now they are.  That is the reason that the New Message from God in the world is in the world now, and a Messenger was sent into the world to receive it.
  4. Regarding the “atrocities” illustrated in the bible….once again, the unfortunate events and sufferings that were generated as described in the bible as well as throughout the human history were wrought upon human beings by other human beings who used God’s name to bring about “justice.”   It is irresponsible of anyone to blame God for the causes founded upon errors, or tragic consequences of the actions wrought upon human beings by other human beings.  Past is useful only to the extent that people can learn from the errors of their ancestors and of their own, and the consequences of all errors.  Otherwise, past is past; there is no point in dwelling on it. 


To those who cannot see, no amount of evidence or signs of the world will be enough. 

It is irresponsible of anyone to blame god for the causes founded upon errors, or tragic consequences of the actions wrought upon human beings by other human beings.

So, you justify murder??? You justify slavery? You justify concubines, a nice name given to women who are sex slaves, to old men, who are bought and sold? You justify misogyny as in the garden of eden? All perpetrated by your god. This was all supposed to happen when god was supposed to be watching over his creation - a fundamentally flawed creation - I absolutely guarantee that anybody on this site - could not perpetrate the atrocities that your god oversaw. That would not, if omnipotent, if one knew it all, allow the atrocities to continue through the ages.

When god told Noah to build his Ark (this is a whole lot of rubbish, by the way, this story was plagiarized from Gilgamesh but nevertheless, it is in your bible) your god was prepared to murder millions of people, men, women, children, babies, to save eight people. The three wives of Noahs sons, they had families, their mothers, fathers brothers and sisters, grandmothers, would also have been murdered. That is ok with your god.

Your god is incompetant and a murderer, and you want people to follow what he says. Your god is immoral, unethical, and I thank my lovely white unicorn, untrue.

No god - no angels - no et's, just a charlatan named marshall, who has indoctrinated and brainwashed his son, to carry on the business. Sad really :(

You mentioned in another post about cults. The number of people in a group does not make a 'cult'. It is brainwashing and obedience to a 'supernatural' that makes it a cult. Catholic church is a 'cult', just a large and wealthy one, Scientology is a 'cult', also very wealthy and very similar to marshal's cult, have your read how scientology started, truly scary that people believe this evil stuff, but then you do to - go figure -  excusive Brethren is also a cult, all are mysogonistic and ruthless in protecting thier particular 'Brand'. 

Monks had heir own parties, and make their own grog - very useful. If even most xians were honest and truthful and moral and ethical, there wouldn't be a problem. You sit at the feet of marshall, instead of actually doing good works for humanity.

Great Waves of Change - They were not relevant in the past but are now - oh, really.

In Modern History, how about the WW1, 35 million died or WW2, over 60 million, no good people or xians in those enormous figures, how about annihilation Stalin perpetrated on his own people, another 17 million men women and children, one out of every three people - not enough for divine intervention. 

Wars and genocide during the 20th century - 160 million, still not enough for divine intervention - once again, incompetent buffoon that you follow. And you put  faith in this supernatural, who speaks through angels then through marshal - total codswallop, and your beloved marshall knows it.

No confusion about et's and an angelic presence -

No god - no et's - no angelics of any sort.

A waste of your time and energy. Broaden your horizons, dear Stud, you have been brainwashed, and I just feel very sorry for you :(

No need etc. etc

Cheers - Suzanne

Step 41   I am not afraid of the power of God.

This affirmation is so important for your happiness, for you must learn again to trust the power of love and the power of God.  For this, you must relinquish your former ideas, assumptions and evaluations of past painful experiences.  It is painful to be separated from that which you love beyond all things, and the only way to maintain this separation is to malign that which you love, to give it an evil intent and then to engender guilt within yourself.  To feel and accept the power of God, evil and guilt must leave you.  You must venture forth to explore that which is most natural.  It is like breaking new ground and coming home all at once.

In stillness, then, practice twice today feeling the power of God. Do not seek for answers from God.  You need not speak at all but only be present, for as you learn to be in relationship with that which is the source of all your relationships, the information that you need can come easily to you to guide you, comfort you and correct you when necessary. But first you must feel the Power of God, and in this you will find your own strength.

~from Steps to Knowledge     

It seems that there is still confusion in distinguishing ET Intervention, the Allies of Humanity, the Angelic Presence, and God.

  • ET INTERVENTION – The alien visitors’ presence, purpose, and activities in the world.  The “visitors” are several other alien races from the Greater Community “visiting” our world without our permission who are actively interfering in human affairs.  The visitors are involved in a long process of integrating themselves into the fabric and soul of human life for the purpose of gaining control of the world’s resources and people.
  • THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY – A small group of physical beings from the Greater Community who were hidden in the vicinity of our world in our Solar System.  Their mission was to observe, report, and advise us on the activities of the alien visitors and Intervention in the world today.  They represent the Wise in many worlds.
  • THE ANGELIC PRESENCE – The Angels of the Creator who oversee the spiritual development of sentient beings throughout the Greater Community.  The Allies of Humanity refer to them as the Unseen Ones.   In the Teaching on Greater Community Spirituality, they are also referred to as the “Teachers of the Greater Community” or “Teachers of God.”
  • GOD – The Creator of all universes in all dimensions. 


The reason for my questions of your personal life is to discern if MV Summers can be considered a cult guru.

Cult leaders typically aim to do several things by my observations: 1. Separate the followers from their family. 2. Separate the followers from their possessions. 3. Co-opt the followers minds such that they are utterly devoted to the leader/guru (easily done when the follower has no family or possessions left).

It appears from your last post that you have succumbed to all three.

Separation from family is what most disturbs me here.  Let me ask you, after " They must unburden themselves of what they cannot travel with, leave behind those who cannot travel with them" (given their possessions to the leader and revoked their siblings, children, parents), will MV Summers care for them in times of sickness and old age?  If you were to receive a cancer diagnosis, would MV Summers care for you when you can't get out of bed from chemotherapy sickness?  If you had altzeimers and couldn't feed or bathe yourself, would MV Summers take you into his home and keep you safe?  Your family would.  MV Summers is interested in your adolation (in life) and your money (in life and death).

This man is dangerous.  He may not be physically threatening, but he has already taken control of your life.  It is ironic that his preachings teach the followers to not allow ETs to possess their minds and thoughts, but the whole time you have allowed him to do just that.  

Now on to some questions I have regarding the logic of what his books preach:

You say / he says / the Angelic Presence says, 

"These regulations prohibit any one world or group from conquering another world by force.  If any group or world wishes to take over another world, it must resolve to do so by means other than invasion using force.  In the Greater Community of Worlds, those with greater skills in influencing and manipulating thoughts in the mental environment will attempt to conquer the weaker, if they can."

So all these ET societies have agreed to not co-opt another race by "force" only?  The galactic law permits mental manipulation?  Why not legislate no invasion, whether by force or mind control?  

You say / he says / the Angelic Presence says,

"This is what the Allies of Humanity came to warn us about.  They came from their home worlds in a distant part of the galaxy to our world at the request of the Angelic Presence.  They were requested to come and observe the activities of the ET Intervention, and warn us of the challenge we are facing."

So why have the benevolent ETs left the scene now just when the bad guys are so close to achieving their goal?  Isn't this the time when they should be here policing the activities of the meanies most?

You say / he says / the Angelic Presence says,

"You are dealing with a collective of beings who have been bred to be compliant, whose whole life and experience have been encompassed and engendered by a collective mentality. They do not think for themselves."

It doesn't appear that YOU are thinking for yourself.

No one who has been influenced/brainwashed by a cult leader thinks of themselves as influenced/brainwashed.  But you have relinquished family, career, and belongings to be a devout follower.  It looks, smells, feels, sounds, tastes like a megalomaniacal money and power grubbing cult guru from every point of view but yours.

I ask you again, after giving up everything you were born with and worked for  to MV Summers and his Way of Knowledge, will he be there for you when you need help?  MV Summers does not love you.

God will not intervene and help you in times of need.  There is no God to love you.

Your family is still there and cares about you.  They always will.  Your family loves you.  

Hi I-want-to-believe,

I thank you for your concern. A few bloggers in this forum seem genuinely concerned about me and my relationships. I have noticed in this threaded discussion is that the bloggers make presumptions, believe their presumptions, and assert their presumptions as true, all based on false assumptions.

I will divide my responses into several posts for readability.

Regarding cults…..don’t forget about a huge house with all the doors locked from outside (to prevent from followers escaping), located in an isolated area, in which all the cult followers live together and chant all day. How about that requirement of relinquishing all of their money to the cult leaders before joining the cult? If what you describe are the criteria, in your opinion, of a cult, then I suppose Catholic priests and nuns, Buddhist monks, Renaissance Christian monks, etc. are all followers of cults? They seem to lead just such life as you describe, don’t they?

I’m not sure where you got the idea that I’ve “succumbed to all three” of the criteria you define for a cult. Neither Marshall nor the New Message from God would “separate the followers from their possession.” In fact, one of the Four Pillars that the New Message from God encourages the students of Knowledge to found their life upon is Work and Providership Pillar. The New Message from God encourages students to have a strong foundation in the area of providership, so that monetary issues do not hinder them from focusing on reclaiming Knowledge or fulfilling their purpose in the world. Surely, if I have to worry about paying bills, I wouldn’t be able to focus on meditations. I did not and don’t intend to relinquish all my possessions to any organization, for otherwise, I would have to depend on others to provide me. It would weaken me in the area of Work and Providership Pillar.

Marshall has his family who is very much devoted to him. Though I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for him, my purpose is not serving him in that manner. So, once again I state, I’m devoted to reclaiming Knowledge and fulfilling my purpose in this world. In order to do so, in a way, I have chosen a life of a cloister without the cloister walls. Once again, I cannot drag along those who do not wish to lead such life, for I have to respect their will. When one begins the journey to reclaim Knowledge by taking the Steps to Knowledge, s/he will find that certain activities or individuals no longer interest him/her because those deviate from the path s/he wants to follow. For example, one may find rowdy parties no longer interest him/her. Some activities, places, or relationships simply do not support one’s purpose and must be left behind, not unlike the way monks would.

At the outset, it isn’t Marshall’s preaching that I follow but the revelations he received from the Angelic Presence, which resonated deep within me because they speak to Knowledge within me. Because Marshall had to prepare and reclaim Knowledge within himself, he was the first student of Knowledge before he became the Messenger of the New Message from God. So, I regard him not only as the Messenger of our era, but also as my spiritual teacher whom I rely upon to learn from.

Hi I-want-to-believe,

Regarding mind control…..

Have you watched any commercials? They are legal. Yet, they take hold of your mind and influence you to want to desire for things and acquire things you don’t truly need. Then who are you inadvertently helping? Ultimately, it is really up to you whether you want to be enticed by the products or not, persuaded to purchase or not, and controlled by those companies selling products or not. It is you who desire them and succumb to their persuasions, so perhaps you may not think your mind is being influenced.

Have you observed the world around recently? Do you see people becoming so easily seduced by easy money that they would do anything to acquire it, no matter how much their actions deviate from the path to Knowledge, the path to God? Do you perceive how easily they succumb to it? You or they may think it is simply human folly. Yet, there is a force that is manipulating people into behaving unethically and in dissonance with each other, unbeknownst to them. The idea of the ET Intervention is to divide and conquer. Having studied human physiology, psychology, and tendencies (positive or otherwise), the ET Intervention is using it all to divide and weaken the humanity to achieve its ultimate goal to conquer the world clandestinely.

If you can see the design of the corporate world to manipulate people’s minds for its benefit, and if you understand that the Greater Community of Worlds is not that different except that it is a much more complex, competitive, and challenging environment on a much larger scale, then you can perhaps see.

How can anyone tell others to stop thinking so that s/he won’t influence your thoughts? How can anyone legislate no influencing of minds then? Unlike physical forms which are confined within a certain amount of space, thought forms are not. The humanity can unite and declare its sovereignty over this solar system, so that the ET Intervention cannot come near the planet physically. Indeed, that is exactly what the humanity needs to do first. However, the only way to protect oneself in the mental environment is to become stronger in the mental environment so that s/he can discern manipulation of thoughts by self-serving entities. One can strengthen himself/herself by reclaiming Knowledge, the only part of us that cannot be manipulated. To that end, people take the Steps to Knowledge – a curriculum available for FREE online for the entire world to receive.

Steps to Knowledge and Preparing for the Greater Community

How can people prepare for contact with life in the Universe?

How can we know what to do?

Hi I-want-to-believe,

People often ask why The Allies of Humanity left the planet instead of helping the humanity in fighting off the ET Intervention. I will share a quote from the Allies of Humanity:

We [the allies of humanity] are only here to observe and to advise. The great decisions facing humanity are in your hands. No one else can make these decisions for you. Even your great friends far beyond your world would not intervene, for if they did so, it would cause warfare, and your world would become a battleground between opposing forces. And should your friends be victorious, you would become wholly reliant upon them, unable to fend for yourself or to maintain your own security in the universe. We know of no benevolent race that would seek to bear this burden. And in truth, it would not serve you either. For you would become a client state to another power and would have to be governed from afar. This is not beneficial for you in any way, and it is for this reason that this is not occurring. Yet the visitors will cast themselves as saviors and rescuers of humanity. They will utilize your naiveté. They will capitalize on your expectations, and they will seek to wholly benefit from your trust.

Therefore, it is our sincere desire that our words can serve as an antidote to their presence and to their manipulation and abuse. For your rights are being violated. Your
territory is being infiltrated. Your governments are being persuaded. And your religious ideologies and impulses are being redirected.

There must be a voice of truth regarding this. And we can only trust that you can receive this voice of truth. We can only hope that the persuasion has not gone too far.

Thus, the Allies of Humanity is serving us in the only way they can:

  1. By observing the ET Intervention and warning us against it.
  2. By sharing the Wisdom they gained from their experiences of encountering similar Intervention, some of whom came close to losing their freedom and self-determination, and others who had lost them and then have regained them only after a costly and prolonged revolution which took many of their lives. 
  3. By counseling us to prepare for the future which will be unlike the past – the preparation of which includes being educated about the reality of life in the Greater Community of Worlds, about the Greater Community Spirituality, and taking the Steps to Knowledge to reclaim Knowledge to learn to see, to know, and to take the actions in alignment with God’s will and in harmony with other people.

It is time for the humanity to become more mature, end its ceaseless wars, gain the courage enough to see the reality it is facing as is, and respond to the reality that is calling out in each individual to take actions to put out the “fire” its “home” has caught, for nobody can do this for the humanity but itself. The planet is like a home with dysfunctional relationships in which family members fight irresponsibly and incessantly. If an imminent and potentially destructive circumstance befalls on the family, it can either fight while the “fire” destroys the house and the family, or it can unite the family, out of necessity, for the survival from the catastrophic challenge together. What the humanity needs to accomplish is uniting itself to speak as one voice to thwart the ET Intervention, instead of holding out its hand for freebies from other extraterrestrial races, benevolent or otherwise.

It’s also important to note that, “It is generally held in the Greater Community that should a race spoil its natural environment, then others are free to intervene and to displace them.” - From Environments in the Wisdom from the Greater Community – Volume II. That statement indicates how much emphasis the Greater Community of Worlds place on conserving, protecting, and preserving the natural environment of their worlds as well as other worlds. That also indicates one of the two reasons that the ET Intervention begin gathering in a growing number each year in this world; the other reason being the advent of nuclear weapons. The ET Intervention wanted to prevent the humanity from destroying this world filled with resources which they covet. The Allies of Humanity does not want to see the world overtaken by the self-serving ET Intervention and lose freedom and self-determination, because the Wise in the universe work to assist in other races in preserving their freedom and self-determination, for freedom is precious and rare in the universe. So, another thing the humanity needs to ensure is its self-sufficiency by protecting, conserving, and preserving its natural environment and its resources, instead of expecting or allowing other extraterrestrial races to do its job in its stead.

Currently, the humanity is broadcasting all of its strengths and weakness out into the space for any discreet observers to watch who will potentially use their observations for their benefits. No advanced societies aware of the reality of life in the universe would broadcast in this manner via radio waves, etc., for they know of the influences that their adversaries can cast upon them in the mental environment, and the risks that are involved. They use extreme discretion in their communications. The Allies of Humanity use extreme discretion so as not to overwhelm the humanity in their counseling and also, in order to protect their worlds. The ET Intervention uses extreme discretion in order to carry out their activities covertly to achieve their goals. Humanity needs to learn to be extremely cautious and discreet in their communications in order to preserve its self-determination and freedom.

Humanity must achieve self-sufficiency, unity, and discretion in order to preserve its self-determination, freedom, and independence, so that it can emerge into the Greater Community Worlds as a strong, united, free, independent race with its self-determination preserved.


Life in the Universe - 3 Requirements for Humanity's Success

A brief message from Marshall Vian Summers on the reality of life in the universe and humanity's requirements for participating in the Greater Community of intelligent life.

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