Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Dear Student of Knowledge,


You may be a student - I am curious to know your age - but not of knowledge. Your lack of knowledge and understanding  of the bible, and of history is one of the major flaws in any of your arguments. 

Your lack of analysis of YOUR bible, is how and where these myth were tacked on, plagiarized and absorbed, as with the very first big event in the bible. Your lack of analysis of the garden of eden, and my realization that the time line for it, are codswollop. This was the bibles FIRST mistake. That's why I was banging on about misogyny. That's where it started. Without a demon, (blame everybody else) it's the snake's fault, and then it is Eve's fault. So why would anybody NOT analyze it, and understand what it was saying? I don't take anything face value any more.


That is when I first started to doubt this god who is supposed to be all loving etc. I was bought up catholic, and now think it is just one of the evils on this planet, and you, my sweet, kept on believing. That is the point - I stopped and analyzed - you did not. If you didn't believe in god, you would not have been taken in by the first charlatan that comes your way. So, you were already eighty per cent there. He then just had to convince you there were aliens. Fill you with fear - that's how they all work - if there were aliens, why not make them like ET. Lovely, empathetic, happy, funny, loving - wouldn't work with summers - no power in that - had to make them evil and your tribe must fear them.


Your summers is a misogynist - no risk - his admiration of women is superficial - we are not in caves anymore - and any woman worth being called a women - would laugh at his judgment - and you are justifying him - very sad. Just another thing you just don't get.

Face my weaknesses - what weaknesses - I am so wise, I laugh at myself.

You mention some religious countries are misogynistic - don't you get it - it started with the garden of eden!!!!!!!!!! and your god. 


Your quote: all the laws were fashioned by men - Noooooo, by your god.

You must extrapolate - what then - downhill from there. The only fights I have is - against religious people hiding behind fear and hell, and then their hypocrisy, and then all the other christians sitting on their hands, contemplating their navel, waiting for something to happen - out of fear, and NOT worrying about what is happening to humanity in the meantime.


Are you sure summers is not the son of  L. Ron. Hubbard - go look him up, and see where Scientology came from - part of your education.


USA, Russia and Japan - you forgot the big one Germany - the cause of that stinking mess. And your aliens forgot the other big one Muslims. Why didn't your aliens mention Muslims.

If it wasn't for America - and I have a lot of beefs with America, Australia would be under the rule of Japan - Europe, America and You would be under the rule of Germany. Japan came out very well considering what they had done - poor old Russian people, millions died, because of Germany, then were taken over by a dictator, nothing to do with aliens. The only thing that Leaders of countries are lured by is power - that simple.


Corruption and human suffering is - ad nauseam - bought about by people who have read the same book you read, the bible - RELIGION - I went to the site you mentioned - and YOU believe this - jimmied up photos - but if you believe you have seen UFO's, that's your perspective, and I respect that - but the photos are fake, the aliens are fake.


Your lovely summers has an imagination, and can retrofit anything - so can I. Anybody can, some do it better than others, they are called writers. I have made up many stories for children, it's really easy. Your summers has some really clever people working for him - as in Web design - but my problem is, no god, no heaven, that is what this summers is talking about, no hell, therefore no aliens.


Does your Mr Summers believe he is the chosen one, and will rule the world? 


Thanks for that Eugene - I hadn't thought of that. lol.


The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.

 - Andre Gide

Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

You’re right. I’m not a bible scholar or a historian. I don’t claim to be one. But I am a student of Knowledge, which means I’m studying to reclaim Knowledge. People understandably often confuse knowledge with Knowledge. The former may be embodied by a system of ideas or beliefs or a set of information. The latter is entirely different; it is our deeper intelligence, our knowing mind, our Spiritual Self.

Suzanne, perhaps you didn’t read my post in this forum about how I came to find the New Message from God. Marshall didn’t convince me anything with the alien bits. The New Message from God, which now amounts to over 9000 pages were all received by the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, in a state of revelation, from the Angelic Presence that watches over this planet, all except for the two books titled the Allies of Humanity – Book I and the Allies of Humanity – Book II, both of which were received by Marshall from our true allies from outer space. The allies of humanity have left the solar system after providing the warnings, education, and blessings. None of the words in the New Message from God are his personal words or teachings. People often either bash him as a fraud without reading even one of the Teachings or regard the New Message as Marshall’s wise teachings. These Teachings are too vast and too deep and often prophetic to have come from one human being. If Marshall were the source of these 9000 pages of Messages, then he would have to be the wisest person ever lived in the human history.

I’m a little confused by your statement that all the laws were fashioned by “[my] god” rather than by men. If you believe that god doesn’t exist, how can god make any laws? Isn’t that contradictory? God doesn’t micromanage, for God is the God of all sentient beings, in all universes, in all dimensions. God doesn’t micromanage individual’s life or a people’s predicament in this or any other planets. God set things in motion for all the separated beings to return to God through redemption.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Why don’t your aliens mention Muslims?” If you mean the Allies of Humanity mentioning Christianity and the Second Coming, the reason they mention Christianity is that, since Christianity is by far the largest religious group among human beings, the allies were giving an example of what these ETs from the Extraterrestrial Intervention could use of that religion to create allegiance to themselves. The allies are telling us that the Extraterrestrial Intervention could use people’s expectation and hope of Jesus’ Second Coming to bring forth a Jesus that were bred by them, who will garner followers by demonstrating what people expect Jesus to demonstrate, and then preach that his fervent followers to eliminate non-believers. This is what the Allies of Humanity are warning us against. The allies of humanity did mention that the ET Intervention does not care which religion they can use as long as it serves their purpose, i.e., they will use human religions to isolate or eliminate human beings they deem useless or too troublesome.

Suzanne, the resource-seeking extraterrestrial beings have been visiting throughout the human history and beyond. However, when the atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima in 1945, they became concerned because they thought the humanity would destroy the earth and the resources. They are not concerned about the humanity or its well-being, but they do care about the earth and the resources which they covet and would like to preserve and conserve for themselves. No advanced aliens would thoughtlessly destroy nature and resources in this haphazard manner. They thought they had to act quickly in order to prevent the humanity from destroying this planet and its resources with weapons of mass destruction. They started gathering in a growing number bringing their supplies to this solar system so that they can carry out their activities in the vicinity of this planet. While it’s true that human beings have the tendency of greed for wealth and power, these very things are what the ETs are using to acquire their goals, for they have been studying human psychology and already know the weaknesses of human beings. So, one of their covert activities is influencing people in the position of political power through inducements such as more wealth, more power, and dominion over the world.

Aliens are not devils, demons, or Satan. They don’t regard the humanity as their equal so they feel they are entitled to do whatever they do in attaining their goals. The ETs that are here are resource-explorers just as many groups of people have been in the past. European resource-seekers exploited the Native Americans in order to acquire the American land and its resources. Now, the entire humanity is the native of this planet and the resource-seeking extraterrestrial beings are here to take advantage of the weak and divided family to conquer the world covertly.

The former air force officers all over the world have come forward with their disclosure statements about the UFOs they witnessed up close. They claimed that these vehicles were operated by intelligent beings from outer space. Do you mean to tell me that these respectable gentlemen are kidding around or the UFOs they or millions of other people worldwide witnessed were navigated by nobody?

Dear Student - 


Very confusing - you're not a bible scholar, so where do you get your knowledge from - it's like me saying I am a Biologist, but I don't study Biology - does that really make sense to you - but this is the norm for christians- they live their life from a book that they don't read - truly amazing - you are missing some really interesting stories, about how territorial, stupid and violent humans are.


And you insist on something so trivial as a capital letter or not, and that is the word knowledge. No, people do not confuse the word knowledge, either you have it or you don't. Could you pass any exam at school without knowledge, capital k or not - if you don't know the answers, that is known as fail - lack of knowledge. The god you follow comes from a book of which you have NO knowledge. Truly amazing.


Atheists, generally, know that christians don't read the bible - so I really shouldn't be surprised.


I had a talk to god last night - and he told me all about marshall. Marshall used to be good god fearing man. Marshall started to tell stories to some friends about aliens, just for fun. Marshall had watched a lot of movies about ET's,  like - 


The X from Outer Space - 1967, The Visitor 1979, War of the Worlds - not the Tom Cruise version - Aaggghhhh, The Thing - 1982 - a favourite of mine - very creepy, And of course ET - 1982, Monsters versus Aliens - 2009, Wall-E - 2008 - my personal favourite.


And marshall just started making up some really good stories of his own.  And would you believe it, his friends that were told these stories, actually believed them, they actually thought they were true.


It's just my personal belief, but I think they must have been on the vino.


So, the stories that marshall made up were getting more and more extraordinary. And, once again, his friends believed them as real. Then these friends told other friends, and they told other friends. And before marshal knew it, quite a few people had heard these stories, and once again, they believed them.


Marshall really liked people, at last, taking notice of him. So, marshall hatched a cunning plan. "I will say" said marshall to himself, "god talks to me, and I will say god told me about said aliens, and that they are mean, despicable and have ulterior motives, are going to turn into body snatchers and pillage the earth" - when this in fact is not true.


Anybody who knows anything about aliens, know full well, that they are gentle, kind and really, reaallly smart . They zip around the universe, landing on all sorts of planets around the galaxies and meeting other really nice, really smart aliens. 


So, god was not pleased about how marshal had changed the facts about the aliens - marshall actually wanted to take the place of god, he could see the power he could have over people, how he could make them them anything that HE wanted them to think -

Ahhhh, what an aphrodisiac -  - and god just was not going to let that happen.


So, god told the aliens, "Stay away from the place humans call earth."

In the past aliens had come to earth, and humans shot them and cut them up - when all the aliens wanted to do was make friends and have a cup of tea.

Ah, yes these earth people are stupid and violent.


And to this day, aliens are told by god to stay away - and word got out about how marshall was a fraud and a charletan, and nobody believed his stories any more.


The End.

Cheers - Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,


There is no "response" functionality at the end of your post.  So I respond to you here. 


I'm not sure if you shouldn't have become a fiction writer with such imagination.


You know, there is actually a Teaching titled The Burden of the Messenger. From this Teaching and from observing the people and the world, I can understand just a little bit what the Messenger must endure in the world.


I know that you are an atheist. But you must agree that the world is changing and you must feel the gravity of the circumstances that the humanity is facing. Regardless of their religious background, worldwide, people are feeling this deep within themselves. The Great Waves of Change that is occurring in the world: growing economic hardship and political instability, declining energy and natural resources, climate change and catastrophic weather, loss of arable land and fresh water, pandemic disease, escalating worldwide conflict, and the difficulties that arise from humanity’s ignorance of, denial of, or inaction about the Extraterrestrial Intervention in the world. That is why the New Message from God is sent at this time.

This is why God has sent a New Message into the world, not to answer all your questions, not to solve all your problems, but to ignite a greater intelligence within you and to show you clearly where the world is going and what will be required. … And that is why there is a New Message from God in the world, because without this New Message, humanity would not see, it would not know and it would not act appropriately. It would not prepare for a future that will be unlike the past. It will not recognize the gravity of the situation. And it will not alter its course, its direction or its behavior.

– From What Will End War

It is interesting the claims he is making, but I'm not surprised since he knew and knows he would attract gullible people to follow him.He is not the first person  to make such claims and would obviously not the last.If he lives and believes in such fantasy, it would not be surprising if one day he would claim he has a revelation from heavenly master that he has been ordained to rule the world. People would stop at nothing to gain prominence. Interesting times indeed!


Hi Eugene,

Do you know him that well?

It is interesting the claims he is making, but I'm not surprised since he knew and knows he would attract gullible people to follow him.He is not the first person  to make such claims and would obviously not the last.If he lives and believes in such fantasy, it would not be surprising if one day he would claim he has a revelation from heavenly master that he has been ordained to rule the world. People would stop at nothing to gain prominence. Interesting times indeed!


Hi eugene,

What claim is Marshall making?  All Marshall's writings have been received in a state of revelation, from the Angelic Presence.  None of the words are his own.

Hi Fred,

I wish you well.


As Andre Gide, Nobel prize winning author stated - "The closer you get to religion, the further you get from reality".


(please everybody, stop replying to student of knowledge - you know it only encourages them!!!!) 

Hi David,

You don’t need to reply to this message since you don’t want to encourage “us.”

But I just wanted to say hi because I don’t meet too many people who know the author Andre Gide. The saying you quoted may just be true. It’s unfortunate that historically, people have used and misused religions to oppress and control people and to acquire wealth and power. The essence of religions has become lost in human struggle for acquisition…

Why do I get the feeling that the group in the forum is ostracizing me? :  )

Hi Fred,

Thank you for your response.

Fred, a person is definitely closed-minded if s/he cannot listen to other people’s perspectives because they clash with her/his belief. A person is open-minded if s/he is open to other people’s perspectives without any prejudice, bias, or judgment. Reading the posts in this forum, do you see self-proclaimed open-minded people who handle other people’s perspective in such manner? So you must know that atheists are not automatically open-minded people.

You can google “UFO sighting reports” and you can find a slew of data on the internet.


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