Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Tsk, Tsk, Stud, there you go, getting angry again :D

Tell me how you jump from talking angels inside marshall's head to aliens turning into body snatchers?

Interestingly, she refers to the Earthly religious system as a "sick, sadistic fairy tale," yet she refers to the space entities as, "Elohim," the Hebrew word, from the Old Testament meaning, "the gods." Why would the space entities need to borrow their name from a sick, sadistic fairy tale?

Also, before producing a video for publication, it would behoove the creator of it to ascertain that all of the words are spelled correctly (several were not), as misspelled words detract from the credibility of the message.

Using phrases from known Sci-Fi works, such as Star Trek's, "where no one has gone before," and Douglas Adams' "life, the universe and everything," again detracts (IMO) from the creator's credibility.

Sorry to be so critical of the video, but though the editing was well done, the written message could use some improvement.

Elohim does not mean "gods" but "star people". It is an old way to say star people or extraterrestrial people. Well I do have issues with spelling when I process things in a haste...when using anxeity as a driving mechanism and i tend to spaz out with not being a "spelling nazi" an amusing term,  and i see them only after I uploaded the video while taking a drink and watching over... but its readable. Well I dont make money in giving information or providing information. Well those are common phrases people on this planet understand, and adds in humor and light hardheartedness I suppose, or not ?

"There once was a man with a tongue of wood,
Who essayed to sing,
And in truth, it was lamentable,
But there was one
Who understood what the man
WISHED to sing,
And with that, the singer was content."

I quite understood, despite the few words that were mispelled, what you were saying - I'm certainly not a spelling Nazi, I couldn't survive without my spelling dictionary - my only concern was that you might be taken less seriously.

Was that YOUR video? Your production? If so, as I stated earlier, the editing was impressive, as well as the scene selections - overall, an good job!

Yes , Thanks :-)

Awesome dissolves, seamless sound and visual editing, a very professional production! You do good work.

Hello, I have been following this one for quite some time, for almost over a year now. I have a personal opinion and conspiracy theory about this chap and group, religion whatever you call it. In my Google search for evidence to prove the conspiracy about them. First I would state the conspiracy theory about them, and then share what I have found and experienced with my interaction with them. Thats how i found this website and this discussion.

The conspiracy theory is that they have been implemented to as a propaganda mouth piece for implementing, the plans the religio-political elite to create a war that would end all wars as well to fulfill "biblical prophesy" , the last card agenda Carol Rosin talks of, which the war first starts off as a fake alien invasion of bio-genetically engineered beings from genuine extraterrestrial genetic material from genuine crashed ufos, and reverse engineered UFO technology, where this technology should be used to benefit humanity and general science and not be kept hidden or secret. So i am going around looking for evidence to proove or disproove the conspiracy theory, to find the ultimate truth.

I have personally confronted them with this conspiracy theory and have some evidence to support it, but still looking for more evidence to proove it. In their text they demonize extraterrestrials in a fascist manner that all of them that do visit this planet are a threat to humanity, that they would produce the ultimate hollywood alien invasion scenario. Yes extraterrestrials have visited this planet, but there has been no invasion, from what is observed is that the violence is the shoe on the other foot, that visiting craft coming here on pure science expeditions were in fact indeed shot down from the sky using a weapon created from onf of Tesla's confiscated patents, claimed by JP Morgan (one of the religio-political elite).

This group has been targeting and attacking people who have their own spiritual beliefs about things eg; starseed communities who are not part of any organized religion, as they focus their beliefs on themselves other than throwing it on other people. "You can worship a rock for all I care… just don’t throw it at me". Since they believe that starseeds/starseed community is a threat and get lies from extraterrestrials rather than seeing that some of them believe things , and get things wrong when using mysticism and understanding that is the truth to the errors of starseeds/channelers etc, and realizing that they are human and everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is on their own path of consciousness evolution in discovering the life, the universe and everything in their own way. 

I have found them to act like Islamic extremists, where they tell you one thing, but in fact do the opposite to push their religious belief. It has very similar to the religious groups that had started off in the middle eastern countries which were part of the CIA to generate a or start a war so that that they would claim natural resources.

So what I have personally encountered from them ? Threats and more threats , cyber-bullying, and even they believe it or not contacted G4S security to pop in for a visit to my home flat when their parrot quoting techniques form their so called books Allies Of Humanity and New Message from God just did not work with me.

Yes they are fraud and yes they have made money from their ordeal...

I had done a blog about them in more detail...

or this video...

Interesting, especially the last video.

Thank you

Sorry to be so critical earlier, Danielle, I just believe that if a work of art - and a written piece or a video certainly qualifies for that definition - is going to be presented to the public as a finished work and is expected to be taken seriously, it should have been as finely tuned as possible. On my own website, I have been known to go back into a post, just to add or delete a comma. I'm my own worst critic, but when I DO present a work, I can know that it will be judged on its content, rather than on it's errors - friendly, not critical, advice.

No problem, I tend to be messy when I have to repeat myself over and over again :p It gets tedious when a video has been processed or rendered, its text has an error.... and also to note when I have seen my little errors of text and spelling, I have deleted the project file... oops.. I would think you have done the same thing too before. But when doing a quick video to prove a point and in the height of anxiety at midnight , errors do become common, issue, I have taken your critic analysis of it as something to note in the future :-)


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