Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a new message from God. Over the past thirty years, Summers has recorded more than 800 spoken revelations while living in seclusion in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. He claims these revelations come from God and are being given to him by angelic emissaries.

When asked about his "New Message," Summers said, "It was revealed to me by an Angel of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace."

In the beginning, Summers found believers in his wife, his son and a small group of committed students. Yet now, a growing number of people are staking their faith in Summers' claims, and most live far from Colorado.

From South Korea to Uganda to Saudi Arabia, people are congregating virtually on Summers' website, and his organization regularly releases translations in seven languages.

With followers worldwide, Summers' organization has turned to live internet broadcasting to preach the word. One Sunday a month, Summers presents via webcast an "original revelation of the New Message from God" to his viewers.

And on February 6th, Summers will descend Moses-like from his proverbial mountain in the Rockies to offer his newest digital stone tablets from God. This month's release: a 47-minute revelation entitled "Deeper Recognition in Relationships."

Thoughts?  Besides "He is full of crap."


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Carl Sagan crude, uneducated guesses, too unscientific - you are now showing your lack of knowledge - your anger - calm down, can't you be told, albeit very gently, that you are being taken for a ride, being conned, being thought of as a luddite by your dear marshall - he knows aliens aren't true, he knows god is not true, he knows angels talking in his head are not true, it is just that you don't get it. People like marshall simply love his power of you, and people like you, and this lovely marshall is willing to sacrifice his son's life for the cause. Waste of time - sound familiar.  It is just the way some blokes testosterone works.

No need to ponder, dear Stud, I have already done that ad nauseum, by reading your evil bible. Your god is vengeful, and has committed heinous crimes against humanity, yet you still think of him as 'a loving god'. Beats me how you come up with that conclusion, and 83% of your fellow Americans also believe in a vengeful thug. Just because a majority of people believe something, does not make it right. The majority of Germans thought Hitler was a Messiah, not quite right, wouldn't you say.

Lucky for me, I don't believe in any of the following -

no god, no aliens, no et's, no spirits, no angels, etc. etc. etc.

By the by, governments keep 'the masses', around the world, out of many things, that is what Wikileaks is all about :D I wouldn't trust anybody in government, as I don't trust anybody who says they are a xian, and hear voices in their head :(

Thousands of meteorites have been found around the world, they are taken to a University and tested, lots of iPhones around, so with remnants of UFO's, just hasn't happened, none to find - funny that :D 

You can make excuses, and twists things whichever way you want - won't work.

BUT, if you want to believe in a criminal, who committed heinous crimes against humanity, and you want to believe in a con man, that's ok, if it keeps you on the straight and narrow. I feel sorry for marshal's son, being brainwashed, and marshal's gullible followers. Sad really.

There is an Australian artist called Ron Mueck, who is an incredible model maker. His work goes into Museums, as well as TV shows like CSI when they need dead bodies. Many people are in this line of work, and can produce very credible models of anything, including dead et's. I have personally seen Ron's models in Australia, and you do have to see them to believe they exist, and you have to touch them. They are truly awesome.

Nope, have to have bits of spaceship to test - but that will never happen, 'cause there aren't any :D

You just don't read people's posts, so....

As usual, no need to answer, as you have no answers :D.

Who said it had to be a crash that the material was from..?  You can take a scraping of something without destroying it. So the sample could be from anything, such as some instrument made of a material not found on Earth. 

Again, in relation to submitting that alien material.. all the more reason to go to someone like Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Hawking..they'd both be able to get it tested without government knowledge. Besides, who better to tell the world about alien existence then someone like them..? 

Hi Rob,

You’re talking about abductees who were abducted against their will and with their memories erased or otherwise manipulated before being returned, if they are returned.  These ETs, apparently, are capable of incapacitating their abductees physically, mentally, sensationally, and emotionally.  Abductees weren’t able to feel the normal sensations such as cold or hot temperatures, physical pain, or emotions such as embarrassment, reluctance, etc. according to the few abductees who were able to remember and willing to testify their experiences anonymously to some researchers.  Do you expect them to bring a scraping of UFOs?  Isn’t that a little unreasonable to ask for? 

It is a very naïve point of view to presume that any scientists with however good intention will not be intercepted by authorities before divulging any information they found to the public, if the public had been systematically kept from what (little) authorities know about UFO/Alien phenomena.     


Why exactly would these aliens do this..? Makes no sense. 

Why would physical samples be unreasonable to provide..? Here's what I see is going on here.. It's like two kids talking, one says to the other "I have a baseball signed by Tug Mcgraw." ... The other replies "Ok, let's see it".. Then the first kid says "You should just take my word for it, because its true." ..Provide evidence, otherwise you're just blowing smoke. Because until you do, I won't believe you have that baseball.. 

Your argument is really no different than a Chrisitan's when it comes to explaining things.. The same round-n-round replies without really giving an answer. All you're doing to subbing out the Devil/Satan for the government. 

Hi Rob,

It’s hardly like the example you gave.  The analogy couldn’t be further from the ET Intervention.  I don’t have any baseball, let alone signed by some fellow.  However, I have, indeed, sighted UFOs.  Those kids might want to brag about having baseballs signed by a famous baseball player, whether they actually possess it or not.  I, on the other hand, have no reason to waste many hours posting these responses in various web sites, if I did not recognize the importance of alerting the humanity about the dire fate it will face, if it remained ignorant about the ET Intervention and too pacified to take any actions to offset it.  Do you think I enjoy dealing with foolishness displayed by people in this or other forums?   I do so because everyone must be alerted about it, even atheists who will reject Allies briefings simply because Marshall, the Messenger of the New Message from God, is presenting them.          

If you’re truly seeking evidences of UFO/Alien phenomena, you can search the internet as I have done.  Try googling “data on UFO sightings.”  Read the book Taken by Karla Turner.  In one of the posts, I listed thirteen books on UFO/Alien phenomena recommended by Marshall.    

I have posted many times in this thread alone, the reasons that the ET Intervention has been carrying out its activities.  I can refer you to the book which you can download for free and read for yourself.  If you’d like to discuss further on the topic, you can go to

Good luck with that, Maulder --

I listed the baseball as an example of how I see our convo, not that you actually had a baseball. Also, I'm suggesting that you give something as evidence other than personal experience. You can't test personal experience. You'd need to supply something tangible. Something which can be tested.. 

Regarding why the ETs do not contact scientists or leaders of nations….. here, without knowing anything about the realities of life in the universe, you would attempt to interpret the phenomena from your perspectives which are not likely to be the same as that of these resource-seeking ETs.

Our planet is located in a region of this galaxy, which is apparently quite inhabited and many powerful worlds have established a vast network of trade and commerce which are strictly governed by rules of regulations and codes of conduct.  Under such rules, wars and outright conquest are prohibited.  If any nation wishes to gain an influence over any world such as ours, it must then do so by other means: persuasion and deception.  Many technologically advanced nations have outstripped their resources on their planet and now must travel far into the space in order to acquire resources necessary to support their technology and in some cases, essential resources to support their life.  The goal of those ETs “visiting” our world is to conquer the world covertly for our resources.  This is the reason that the ETs do not present themselves to the humanity.  If and when they do, it will have been too late for the humanity, for it will have lost its freedom, self-determination, and its sovereignty over this solar system, our right.  So, yes, the ET Collectives are here to “screw” the inhabitants of this world, the humanity.  The ET Intervention does contact certain individuals in the position of power directly or indirectly, unbeknownst to the humanity at large. 

That is not to say there are only adversaries in the universe.  Although there are very few, there do exist races in the universe, who were able to gain freedom and self-determination through difficult struggle in their own worlds, and among those are spiritually advanced races that represent the Wise in the universe.  They were also in similar circumstances as that of the humanity, an emerging race ignorant of the realities of life in the universe and being intervened by resource-seeking races with the intention to conquer the world.  However, the Allies of Humanity, too, had Allies from outer space, that came to their planets to observe the Intervention that was occurring in their worlds unbeknownst to the natives, themselves in order to alert and prepare them for future.  The Allies of Humanity were, after a great struggle, able to attain their freedom and self-determination within their worlds.  Thus, they feel, in a way, indebted to their Allies, and are now serving as Allies of other races such as the human race, to alert us about the dire circumstances in which we could lose our freedom and sovereignty over this solar system, to educate us about the realities of life in the universe, and to encourage us to prepare emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds as an independent, strong, free race with its self-determination preserved. 

Because the Allies of Humanity had come to warn the humanity about the ET Intervention, they are viewed as adversaries by the ET Collectives.  As in this world, free worlds and non-free worlds do not get along very well in the universe.  Thus, the Allies of Humanity had to observe the Intervention from a hidden place in the vicinity of our world and be very careful with whom they speak.  They came at the request of the Angelic Presence watching over the well-being and development of this world so they spoke to the one man through whom the Angelic Presence has delivered the New Message from God.  


The issue here is this.. Any intelligent being wishing to contact us on Earth would do their research, ie find out who the most influential power(s) are and contact them.  Period. 

If they're instead contacting naive, easily manipulated members of the populus live in BFE that says they have other things in mind.. 

Let's assume for second God is real...Why didn't God during the period of the OT contact the most advanced society at the time (China) and instead chose to contact common sheep herders in in the desert? Your answer isn't any different than what a Christian would give. ..Instead of saying "we don't know the ways of God.." you say "We don't know the ways of the universe"..

Just because it's wrapped differently doesn't mean its not the same fruitcake from last year.  

Hi Rob,

No, the real issue is that you guys are atheists.  That is the real issue here. 

Aliens have, actually, been “visiting” for many, many years without our approval.  They have had technology advanced enough to travel at superluminal speed long before the humanity ever existed.  The ET Collectives of the ET Intervention have, indeed, been contacting, either directly or indirectly in the mental environment, some of the most influential people, particularly in the arena of politics, religions, and commerce. 

Do not confuse ET Intervention with the Allies of Humanity.  They have entirely different goals.  ET Intervention’s goal is to establish itself here and covertly conquer the world to use the humanity for its benefits.  The Allies of Humanity merely came to observe the ET Intervention that the humanity does not have the vantage point to observe, warned the humanity regarding it, counseled us to prepare to offset it, and then left the solar system. 

If all Marshall received were Allies of Humanity briefings, then you might have been intrigued, concerned, and even attempted to get more educated about life in the universe, and to prepare for the future.  However, the Allies of Humanity practice the Greater Community Spirituality, represent the Wise in the universe, came at the request of the Angelic Presence (whom the Allies of Humanity call Unseen Ones) that is watching over the well-being and the development of the world, and counseled us to reclaim the greatest power in the universe that is within each one of us, the power of Knowledge, as is called in the Greater Community Spirituality, which they practice to reclaim as well.  The power of Knowledge is also the power the Angelic Presence has been counseling us to reclaim.  Marshall has been receiving a vast body (over 9160 pages to date received over 25 years, all in a state of revelations through over 800 encounters with the Angelic Presence) of the Message constituting 1000 messages, the New Message from God. 

That is why you guys take issue with Marshall and the Allies of Humanity briefings. 

What evidences do you have to label Marshall as naïve or easily manipulated?  Do you even know what it’s like to have encounters with the Angelic Presence?

Atheists blame God for all the tragedies that human beings inflicted upon each other throughout human history.  Yet, you deny the existence of God.  How can you blame God that, you believe, doesn’t exist?  Isn’t that contradictory?  What you fear is that your identity (atheists) is founded upon your assumptions and it will be crumpled if you accept the Allies’ briefings as true, Marshall as the Messenger of God’s Message, or the fact that Marshall has had encounters with the Angelic Presence, God’s Angels.  That is what you fear.  You fear because, deep down, you fear that God actually does exist.  You fear God’s punishment for all you’ve said in this forum and in your life about God.  However, you do not irate God.    

God’s love is what brought the News Message from God to all of humanity…including atheists. 

"God did not invent your ideas and beliefs. God did not create your preferences and your fears. God did not create the world that is a product of everyone’s preferences and fears. You cannot blame God for the social conditions of humanity. You cannot blame God for wars and cruelty, exploitation, slavery and poverty. That is all a human creation based upon greed and ignorance, based upon not enough people contributing enough to the world around them.”

“But God did create the presence of Knowledge within you, and only God’s New Revelation makes this very clear, without an overlay of history and human interpretation to cloud your understanding. The stream is clear. The Message is pure. You are receiving it from its Source, instead of an interpretation that was made centuries later for human consumption.”   

Tsk, Tsk, Stud, here you are again :D 

No god in me, tried hard at that for fifteen years, and just didn't work. And it wasn't god's love that I felt, I just had to read how vicious your god was, and thought how can anybody believe and make their life around this pig. Just a bunch of uneducated, vicious, misogynistic men, who over hundreds of years, made up really bad stories. Funny that :D

What you are doing is scare mongering, exactly the same as your god of your bible. It just doesn't work. People with fabulous imagination, as in Jules Verne, Melissa Mathison, Jacques Vallee who wrote Passport to Magonia: from Folklore to Flying Saucers - on Extraterrestrial Hypothesis,   and hundreds more, could tell you all about outer space, living on other planets, huge scary monsters and some nice ones too - body snatchers, all been told in novels - then a rogue like marshall thinks of another deal that can scare people - he, and his ilk of charletans, say to themselves, what ridiculous stories can we lay on these poeple, so I get adulation for angels talking to me - and we get to charge them to boot - it is all about scare mongering, money and ego.

Sad Really - but it has been done many times before - have you not heard of Scientology - Ron Hubbard could not believe his luck when he went from writing Sci-fi, then sprouted that it was in fact true - and these poor, gullible, needy people, believed it. I think that is what worries me the most is, any loony tune can come up with the most incredibly stupid story, and there will always be thousands of people who will actually believe it.

Your whole story falls down when you mention just two things - talking angels and god - you have to prove they exist before going on trying to prove ET's, and that, you just can't do.

As usual - no need to etc.etc. :D

RE: "the real issue is that you guys are atheists." - I'm sure there were clues to that effect before you made your first post, if that's a problem, why are you posting here?

Wouldn't you be more comfortable at

pax vobiscum,


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