My name is Emma and I found this site via youtube. I am non-religious and consider myself to be a humanist. I was not born into any particular religion, and I feel I cannot embrace any kind of deity without evidence for its existance. Perhaps I cannot prove there is not a god, but I certainly believe there is no evidence for belief in one! That for me is sufficient reason to declare myself non-religious (that of course coupled with all the cruelty and inconsistances within the abrahamic religions and presumably in others too.)

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Welcome, Emma!
Welcome to T|A! Hope you have a nice time here.
Do you have your own channel?
Welcome Emma.
thanks for the replies! its nice to actually get a welcome to a forum!
re Morgan Matthew, I have a channel which is kittysparkleeyes. However I only have a video on how I dye my hair :P
I am more a youtube viewer than an actual participator.
We are always taking new "why do you think atheist?" vids

oh cool, i shall have to make one then =)
thanks for all the welcomes everyone =)
Welcome to the site Emma! I hope you find TA as enjoyable and informative as I have.

if you dont believe in a god, you are an atheist. that's the only "requirement". lol

I will say that you are lucky that you live in England. If you lived in the states, I'm sure you'd experience a lot of prejudice for you're beliefs.

You are in the company of like minded people who are always up for a chat. I know you will like it here.
Well I don't believe in god, I am not sure why I would, when there is no evidence that one exists. I often wonder where one draws the line between athiesm and agnosticism, and whether or not one can be both. Overwhelming evidence suggests to me that the existance of god is highly unlikely, which is why I am not religious.
I was lucky to have been born into a non-pracisting family, and although my parents dabbled in pentecostal christianity when their marriage was on the rocks (funny how people resort to religion when bad things happen eh) by that point I was ten years old and had already established I had no reason for religion.

I think you are very right to say that I am lucky to be brought up in a country where people are largely agnostic or non-practising. To be a regular church goer in this country certainly seems to be a minority thing. I have seen several religious youtube videos from america which disturbed me greatly- mainly for the fear they are imbuing their children with. Actually I was disgusted seeing a video of a woman telling young children they were evil, dishonest sinners and needed to repend or go to hell. The whole religious teaching was almost hypnotic in approach and I can only imagine very disturbing and scary for the young kids who would have assumed the adult in question was in a position of authority and care towards them. Fundermentalist religion has no place in the modern world. -_-;
Yay!! A fellow English person, welcome.
American religious videos are scary, not only because of the message but because it's in a language we can understand. I wonder what horrors I could witness if I was fluent in Arabic...
I am not sure why I would
Childhood indoctrination, fear, need for a life after death, social acceptance ( in cases of strongly religious communities ), giving up on this life for the next ? Reasons like this are common in believers.

athiesm and agnosticism
Pick a point.

I am lucky to be brought up in a country where people are largely agnostic or non-practising.
Indeed. Look at Romania, America, Islamic States. You can't even think freely, without being labeled as 'of the devil'.

very disturbing and scary for the young kids

Fundermentalist religion has no place in the modern world. -_-;
I concur.

Welcome, Emma. Hope to see you brainstorming around here soon.



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