Hello, my name is Biniam and i am 16.

I found out that i was an atheist about 5 months ago. I have always been a logical and rational person but i never really came across the evidence against religion and god. The evidence i did hear was told to me by religious people, especially my parents. And the way they told me was like "Did you hear that scientist think we came from monkeys? ha ha that is very stupid and dumb". But through the internet, the evidence kind of found me. i was just watching random videos on youtube when i clicked on the documentary Enemies of Reason by Richard Dawkins. I hated it at the time and i was angry at some of the things he said. But it made me start asking question. That was the beginning of the finding out process.

Anyways, i am here because i want to discuss my real thoughts about religion and god. I still go to church and i still pray because of my very religious family. I do not think i can tell them that i am an atheist until i have the means to take care of myself. And it is very frustrating to hide my true feelings. So, this forum is kind of an outlet.


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Hi Biniam,

I can certainly empathise with the difficulty of continually hiding one's true feelings when with religious family members/friends.

I guess my only advice would be to keep educating yourself (which you seem to be doing very well so far), keep increasing your knowledge, and hopefully in a year or two you will be in a position to support yourself and live the independent, free-thinking life you deserve!

Until then, you are right, this forum will be a great outlet for you. Take care

Thanks for being welcoming.

Welcome Biniam. It can be quite hard when you first begin questioning and realise that disbelief is  the only rational reaction to the existence of gods. I have been talking to two teenagers and a twelve year old about this - they feel deep grief for the loss of their faith and the realisation that they are mortal. Its just like finding out you have a terminal illness if you have been led to believe you are immortal and then find out you are not.  If you have any feelings of anger or deep sadness, remind yourself that you are grieving and it will take a little time to adjust but it will pass.

Maybe you are not feeling this way tho, because you never thought that much about eternal life anyway? Maybe you find that your understanding of evolution makes you feel how lucky you are to be here and how wonderful nature is and you feel good? Anyway, do be good to yourself at the moment because a change in world view like this can be quite overwhelming one way or another.

You will find many atheist teenagers on here who share your experiences and situation. I think you are wise to keep it from your parents. They may well be very frightened for you if they believe in Hell and put loads of pressure on you just because they love you so much and their main aim as your parents is to keep you safe. They are wrong of course but they don't know that so may well panic.

Look forward to seeing you around!

At first, i was afraid. It was like if i get into an accident tomorrow, i will die and i won't be conscious anymore. It wasn't the fact that there is no god that was hard to comprehend, because i never really believed in god. I only thought i did. It was that there won't be anymore me. It might sound selfish, but it was true. But now, i do not care. Even more so, the idea of living forever is very boring when you think about it. 

Looking forward to seeing you around too.  

I can't tell if you're just a troll.......or someone very satirical......

I read your comments and found my answer: epic satirical troll.  

Welcome to rationality and TA, Biniam.  You are wise to keep your atheism to yourself when you have a family that believes in creationism.  I am sorry, but the religious (even our family members) are not very tolerant of us--though they have the audacity to accuse US of intolerance!  But, that's another subject. 

Keep reading and exploring and try to find like minded people to talk to, whether online or in person.

We are glad to have you here.

well kid you came to the right place.  I was about 14 when I figured it out but luckily did not have religious parents. whew.  i agree with the others its best to keep quiet.  it sucks, but then thats why we deal with situations as they are, and not how we wish they should be or could be.  here is a link to a video you can watch that i think is great.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK0CYZvaJLw  bit long, so watch it in bits but its good stuff.  good luck. 


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