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Thanks for reporting. What device are you using? and what problem are you facing? Can you share a screenshot of error?

New site works in all browsers and devices. Some third party plugins may cause problem.

Well, the sign up did the same thing other users report; complete the signup, do the verification, hit continue, and get an error that says "Verification not complete. Please go back." Go back and all fields are blank except my e-mail address. This repeats indefinitely. That was using Chrome/Mac OS. I was able to use Safari to complete sign up, finally. Now I have a new problem.

I got the verification e-mail, clicked the link, and got the notice that my account was verified, but now Wordpress won't let me log in; it tells me I'm using an invalid username. I know there is not a typo, as I use password software the captures new log-ins, and even using those stored values repeats the error. I have also tried using my e-mail address as a username with no success. So I"m signed up, but can't log on. (same e-mail address as here, similar username).

Your username is MithRaven

Thanks for the details. Please update me if you are still unable to log in.

Edit: I have just tested. Usernames are not case sensitive.

Aha! No, they are not case sensitive, but spaces matter. When entered at signup  (and displayed on the site) it's "Mith Raven" WITH a space. However, the login does not accept it with spaces. A quick line about this in the sign-up should alleviate the difficulty.

Thanks for informing me.

I am not around that often anymore - but will not be at the 'new site' at all.  I've never been one to buy into re-branding, sorry.

I don't know about all this flip-flopping between sites. Pick one and stick with it. I'd advise dropping "think atheist" though. I highly doubt you'll get the twitter account back, so rebrand as AtheistZone or whatever and start up a new twitter account for that. Disassociate yourself with "think atheist" if the person running the twitter account is posting things you don't want to be associated with.

Is Twitter that important to us? I believe Umar had set up a first page here for people going there from Twitter explaining that TA isn't associated with the Twitter account. 

The new site was so fraught with issues and disliked that the last time I went there, there had be NO ACTIVITY for 15 hours! I pointed this out to one of the mods and in short order we got TA back.

The move was bungled. It was a disaster. It was dying. AZ was somewhat active for a while due to maybe a half dozen or so active members, including myself, but then it just died down to almost nothing.

"Is Twitter that important to us?"

"We've suffered from loss of our Think Atheist twitter handle, and we are still working on ways to get it back."

Yes, it sounds like it is.

No naming of any real people who may or may not be connected with the handle, please, as it could damage us and/or our chances.


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