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I'm not going to read the many responses by others, so maybe I'm asking a question that's been answered, but it seems a fair question to answer a more technical person than me: can the discussions be migrated somehow.

I'm thinking no, so the new site will have a months-long growing pains period. 

I realize the site looks raw right now, but a more appropriate graphical theme is a pretty easy fix, I think.

Discussion migration is already answered twice i think.

I have also spent plenty of time in search of theme. Any wordpress theme will not work with buddypress. This theme is specially made for buddypress. I like it a lot. It can be edited according to taste and need.

I think people are having culture shock going from white text on black background to the reverse. They'll get used to it if it can't be changed.

I also prefer black background, although there may be some extra kinks to work out because of other (e.g. text) colors that may need to be customized for visibility on black.

But I don't find the white shocking. I reminds me it's a different site, and still new. (Besides, culture shock is occasionally good for the soul! It's like traveling...)

More than the color, I'd like to explore a different sort of advertising to contribute to the site's financing. AdSense apparently kowtows to fundamentalist Christians such that you can't even show mild nudity (though apparently you can TALK about anything without violating their ToS).

I voted against member $ support, but I didn't realize the price we'd pay in terms of religion-based supervision of our posts. 

What about the new platform? Do they also have ToS we'd find restrictive, I wonder?

Don't disparage the look of the new site. The look is easily changed on Wordpress. For example, this is a wordpress site I own:ourbedofnails.com, for example. That's using one of the free themes available to anyone on Wordpress.

LOL Too many "for examples" there. Too late to edit.

NoGodCon, just off the top of my head. May get more after sleeping on it.

umar, do you think you could make the avatars bigger in atheistzone.com?  They're too small to see at the moment.  The ones in TA are the right size.  Thanks!  

Yes, in activity avatars are too small. It is default settings. I shall try to find a way to exclude unnecessary activities like profile update and changed profile picture.

I kind of feel like someone living in a borough of New York who walks down to the local watering hole and sees a "For Sale" sign on the door. Bummer.

I have no problem with the new site aesthetics. My one (small) complaint would be I miss the personalization of the individual profiles; unless I'm completely missing it, I don't see anywhere you can put a little bio or any of the other profile personalizations that TA has.


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