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I shall add all those profile fields soon though members can't change background and appearance on new site.

I wanted to make registration simple and fast therefore i have not added them yet.

Also no about page for the site as a whole? (Although I'm guessing that's because the site is still new and you're still working on getting it up and running.)

Those pages will be added soon. I am lazy about such things.

"I am lazy about such things."

Perhaps hiring one of our adept members ,who are well versed in software and website design, to complete the embellishments of your new site is worth considering.

Yeaaaaaa I am now on the new site.  Such a stupid error I made trying to sign up and log in.  Beating self with a wet noodle

Tried like a dozen times to sign up. I get to sign up page, enter my username, password twice, etc, do the two captcha things, then hit continue and get sent back to the sign up page to enter username and password twice etc., over and over. What am I doing wrong?

Another question: TA had a drop down menu option Desktop View so I could see the real site on my phone. Does AZ have that option? I hate the mobile site.
Try clearing your browser history and close all browsers. Go back, use google browser and retry...

Most Android browsers I'm aware of have an option to request the full-page format. I dunno about IOS.

I shall create your account manually. Do you want same username and email as TA?

If different, pm me details.

What device are you using to register? Are you getting any error like password does not match?

Got it. I created the account on a different computer, now can access with my iphone no problem.

I still don't know how to get desktop view on my phone.

As i don't own an apple device, i can't tell how to get desktop view.

As you use Atheist zone, you will notice that you don't need desktop view on phone. It is almost same on both desktop and phone.

TA is different. It uses different theme for mobile and desktop while atheistzone.com uses same theme. I am not sure about correctness of what i am saying as i am not a web designer.

The new verification Widget also does not work on Chrome. Just FYI

I will use another browser to create an account (and report on my success) but do we have tech specs on browser/platform compatibility for the new suite?


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