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But why, after so many years? (Only 4 or 5 years for me, I think.)

;'( what will happen to TA?

thinkatheist.com will be kept as an archive. Only homepage and sign up page will be redirected to new site. Everything else will be same and accessible.

Do we have a say? Or is this a done deal?

It seems to me like we could find a way to work around any potential difficulties to not have to dismantle a site that is 7 years in the making. Creating a whole new site WILL evoke other unforseen and unintended consequences and is definitely not a "fix-all"...If it's money being the driving force here Umar I think you need to take a look again and involve US in the process to resolve the issues....

OR...you could sell the site to one of us who can afford to buy it and who have a vested interest in seeing it thrive. Afterall, the guy who sold it to you Umar didn't give a shit about the site that much...And you only bought it for an investment...not because you had an interest in the people who have been here for years. When the site was sold to us, NONE of us were included or even INFORMED about the site being sold. So if it's becoming too much of a burden on you, just sell it to Reg the Fronkey, or Strega, or Gallup, or anyone who is an active member who WANTS to own it and keep it going. Problem solved. 

Name your price Umar

Ok, well here's my problem with this whole thing. Dan sold this site to Umar without ANY forewarning or consulting with the CURRENT members of Think Atheist who may have wanted to purchase it before offering it to someone who is not vested in the site but just looking for an investment. So I am a bit skeptical of Umar's intentions. I think that this was an investment for him, not driven by wanting to keep this community together. And I see his decision to move to another platform equally as driven by money and not the people behind it. Umar, I have nothing against you, but you rarely post on this site and have never gotten involved with the members here which tells me you're really here for one thing - money. If it's money you seek, and this site is causing you to lose money the way you are running it, then sell it to one of us. That simple. Then we can carry on our merry way and you will have gained a profit. Everybody wins. 

How's that for feedback?

Before Dan, there was Morgan Matthew and he too sell it without mentioning to anyone.

I googled for a "second chance fundraiser" logo, and found this:

Then I saw this cool video on that same page:

Not to detract from discussion here! Just a pre-emptive bout of levity.

It is late night here. I shall reply tomorrow. Thanks all for your interest.

If you want to be overwhelmed with choices on other atheist sites check out this link:


eeny meeny miny moe....

I would appreciate a private message for recommendations if you are currently active on another website that has a discussion based forum similar to TA.


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