It's a little late on this Tuesday 03/14/17 and I am having a little problem posting to TA. I spent the afternoon shoveling nearly two feet of snow and at my age that's too much. Didn't even get my car cleared.

I'm a bit too tired to really want to make a full introduction right now but I expect tomorrow my head will be clear enough. Till then Cheers.

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Welcome to the site Robert.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to TA!!

Thanks to you all.

Hi and welcome, Robert. Yesterday morning (Tuesday 14th) we had two cars in our driveway. Today we appear to have lost them, and instead two fat igloos reside here. I have eyed the shovel, but that's about as far as I've got. Congratulations on your diligence!!

Of course I paid for it, back, arms and legs. I almost didn't get to the house I was so weak. Didn't realize it until I started walking and almost fell down. Didn't finish actually, left the car about 3/4 buried. 83 and going on 17 just doesn't have it. 

We got something around 18" of the white powdery stuff but it sure can pack down tightly. Worked on it some more this morning so at least got the car out and cleared off.


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