Hi Everyone,


I am a new member and just wanted to say hello!  I received the intro email and noticed in the signature that our site is dedicated, in part, to: "...breaking the misconceptions about atheism."  I was just curious as to what these misconceptions may be?  


Looking forward to talking with you all :)



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This is why I make people, both theist and Atheist, a little uncomfortable with my assertion that I am 100% certain there is no god.  I do, however, highly restrict my definition of 'god'.  There may in fact be "super beings", unknown "forces", and all sorts of other fanciful things, but I just don't see that it is warranted to call such things 'god'.
Heather = Agnostic
*shakes fist*
Robert apologizes

Don't quite recall who I am paraphrasing here:

Religious faith is belief in a supernatural being not based in fact. Since God knows all facts he cannot have faith, nor can he believe in a higher power than himself. So therefore God must be an atheist. I am also an atheist, but it is just not what I am, it is also who I am. Therefore I am no different than God, which makes me God.

But, to be completely intellectually honest, I must say ~100 certain there is no God above humanity itself.


Welcome to TA Chris and Tyler.  I've found that people think that we are egotists. The billboard campaign that I've blogged about has not helped debunk this myth. Anyway, glad to have you both on here!!!!!

Hi guys, I apologize for letting this thread die.  I am finishing up my second year of graduate school so I actually have been very busy with my last round of tests and then with finals.  We are finishing up with finals this week so I should be able to respond a little more properly soon.  I have read the responses from you all and I am excited to talk more with you guys!
No apology needed Chris for advancing your education. The pursuit of knowledge is always a worthy endeavor in my book.


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