Hi Everyone,


I am a new member and just wanted to say hello!  I received the intro email and noticed in the signature that our site is dedicated, in part, to: "...breaking the misconceptions about atheism."  I was just curious as to what these misconceptions may be?  


Looking forward to talking with you all :)



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I'm new, too, but welcome anyway!

I've always understood the misconceptions about Atheism to include things such as:
- Completely lack of morals due to lack of faithful upbringing
- Satanism
- The "just a phase" argument

And so forth.
Just because you're proud of what your beliefs are doesn't mean you're wrong. I know several Christians at my school that are very bull-headed about this. I don't understand why we have to be wrong, why only we're in a phase or have lacking morals.  They're so righteous and caught up in themselves.
I'm not proud about my beliefs, I'm proud about the knowledge I have which underpins these beliefs. And since knowledge isn't static, neither are my beliefs. :)
The least-trusted group is the one that attempts to use science and evidence to support their claims. That is absolutely terrifying.

Welcome Tyler  - I blogged this earlier today.  Click on the link at the end. 


Most misconceptions are fuelled by religious leaders. Even today a cardinal was blaming the increase in securalism in Western Europe on "aggressive atheism".

Loved that! I'm totally using "Atheophobia" from now on.
Good thing Western Europe was never exposed to "aggressive Christianity". ;)
Another misconception is that xian's usually believe that one day, "We'll find god again"....
Maybe they think we're hiding horns under our hair, too...

I can debunk that one since I don't have hair :P

See, no horns...lol

The misconceptions being we're godless heathens than use atheism as an excuse for immorality. At least, that's the most common one I hear.


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