Hello all! I Stumbled into this website and I am absolutely fascinated by it. I look forward to meeting interesting people and contributing to the topics being discussed. A brief history of myself:

-Studied Apologetics for about a year. This in turn had the opposite effect I intended: the more I studied the more I questioned. In the end reason won.

-Joined the U.S Army at 17 and did a fair bit of traveling across Europe which made me experience first hand how different our neighbors in this world are and also made me realize how liberal people are ultimately happier. I also deployed to the Kosovo region and needless to say, war is hell.

-Left the Army 4 years into it. I could not bear the thought of being a slave to ideology any longer, including our political ones.

-I now work at MDA, yes...THAT agency as an IT professional and although my current ethics constantly put me in conflict with my work...it pays the bills.

I have been seeking to free myself from government work for a while now and unfortunately the area I live in doesnt offer much else. My hope is that someday I can create a website with a business plan behind it (much like this one!) that allows me to share knowledge with those who seek it.

Hope to hear from you and Happy New Year!


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Excellent introduction. Welcome to ThinkAtheist!


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