Hello... I found out that I am no longer allergic to cats! *yay!* And in the next couple months I will be bringing home my first kitten from a shelter. I have never had a cat in my house... and although I have done some reading... I'd like some tips from people that have had kittens/ cats.

For example:

How do I "kitten proof" the house?

What brand of cat food is the best for an 8-12 week kitten?

What should I do to minimize the misery of my college-kid brother with allergies when he comes home?

Where's the best place to put a litterbox? Is a closet ok?

I go to community college for 6 hours twice a week... what should I do for kitty to make sure he/she isn't bored/ lonely/ tears up the house/ gets into dangerous situations while I'm gone?

What's the best way to make sure that my kitten and my two adult small dogs get along?

Any other advice for a first time cat owner?

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First of all, congrats!  A lot is going to depend on the history and personality of the cat that you decide to bring home.  Since you already have dogs, I'd recommend trying to a find a young cat without a history of abuse.  Kittens are really playful, so you'll want to make sure any loose wires or cables are secured and that you have plenty of toys to direct them to instead - maybe not ones that look like cables ;).  Setting aside time to play and interact with your kitten will be really important too, and if you want your cat to be sociable invite friends over on a regular basis and have them play with your kitten and hand out a few treats.  A scratch box or post is really important too (unless you don't care about your furniture).  Litter box training is pretty easy and a closet is exactly where we keep ours (cats like privacy) - just make sure you show your cat where it is and that you clean it on a regular basis.  You can vacuum/sweep often when your brother comes and sometimes an air filter or just air conditioning seems to help.  Also maybe keep them out of his room and groom them well before he comes over.  You can also wash your cat before he comes - this is supposed to reduce dander that causes allergic reactions.  Hope that helps!  Enjoy your new addition!


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