Howdy folks just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Eric I'm from north New Jersey (the better part of Jersey).  I was raised and baptized in the Mormon Church and left at the age of 14.  I categorized myself as an Atheist for quite sometime.  Then in and around 2008 I started to try to find meaning in it all again and started reading the bible and started to consider myself a christian.  Just recently (about 6 months ago) I began to really question the faith and its values.

As of right now I consider myself to be agnostic.  Realizing that all the faith based morals that come out of religion could be found not by fear and coercion rather in self restraint, respect for others, and the love for our species. A real "free will".

Now that, that part is out of the way...I LOVE music.  I try to see as much musical as possible in my minuscule budget.  I enjoy playing guitar, beating on a djembe, and playing around the MC-505, Mini-chaos pad, Kaosilator, and the Korg electribe.  I enjoy reading, although I should be reading more, about politics, history, and the occasional Sy-Fi.  Currently I'm reading A People History to the United States.  I was reading Life, Inc. but I've misplaced it somewhere and I can't seem to find it...:/

I enjoy gardening and lawn work in general.  Damn bunny ate 4 of my Romain lettuces the other day. *Shaking fist*

Uuummmm, well, that's all I can really think of at the moment.  Nice to meet you all!


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Nice to meet you!
Welcome to the community.
I'm also a gardener!
me too! my avatar is actually a picture from my garden. I find gardening to be a great substitute for religion. :)
It's the first year that I've had a plot for a garden. I've got a small 8' x 10' plot in the backyard. Finding it to be a bit more complicated and challenging then I thought it would be, but as Bob Ross says "There are no mistakes only happy little accidents."
Where abouts?
Hi Eric, nice to have you here! When you said you try to "see" as much music as possible, did you mean concerts? I've been to quite a few myself (from Orchestral to Grunge, I love all types of music), and I was hoping we could share some stories sometime. Anyway, welcome to the community, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a message.

When I say "see" I mean going to concerts, festivals and shows. I'll check out any band and any style of music. I've been to a few brass quintet rehearsals, but nothing big in the classical realm. My favorite composer at the moment is Vivaldi, I can't get enough of those strings. Just recently I discovered a genre of music called Post-Rock that I'm really getting into.

U should check out Pelican.
Welcome T|A! I hope you enjoy the community. :)
Hey, Eric. Welcome to Think Atheist! I'm from north Jersey, too. Raised in Sussex county, work in Morris county, and going to college in Warren county, haha.
I'm glad to hear that you're putting a lot of thought into everything. Nobody- Atheists included- should go without questioning and re-examining their beliefs every now and then.
As for gardening, I couldn't even keep my poor cactus alive :(

Anyway, welcome once again. I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting people and discussions here on the site.
I work in Morristown and live in Bergan County. Poor cactus *tisk* *tisk* J/K
Hey Eric, welcome. I also am an ex-Mormon and when I was a child went by myself to church and all that. So I used to try to believe too. I've been an atheist for almost ten years now, and I wish this site had existed when I was younger--it's incredible. Have fun catching up on all the forums!


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