Namaste! I'm Alex, an agnostic from India. :)

Born in a Hindu-Christian family, I've never felt any special connection with religion or god pretty much my entire life... instead I was more fascinated with science. Currently in high school teeming with strict North Indian Hindus, nobody shares the same views as me, leading me to join this site, which I think is a great platform for atheist & agnostics. 

My interests vary from arts and literature to cosmology and astrophysics. I don't believe in a personal god at all but I don't completely deny the existence of a higher power because I think it's too early to come to any definite conclusion. Oh well, looking forward to discover more on this site and express my opinions! :) xoxo

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Muchos Gracias!

I understand you completely, woman here are very religious and it annoys when I ask questions about the existence of god out of curiosity. Thank you so much, this is the first time that I feel I'm around intellectual people lol yay. 

I can see that. :D Lmfao, well why not! I'm learning as well! lol

Welcome to TA alex. I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

Out of interest sake, and if it is not too personal of a question, but how is it to be atheist amongst strict north hindu's? I just know that myself and many others here have found it can be quite a difficult experience amongst christians.

It's been quite hard honestly. I remember telling some of my friends about my views on religion and they think I've gone nuts. Due to living under such religious influence, with multiple occasions and festivals going round the corner, they are very similar to the typical god-fearing christians. My parents, especially are not in favor of my views at all, they owe my entire existence to god so that gives you an idea of how it is like.

RE: "they owe my entire existence to god" - you might need to remind them that a very unique sperm and egg may have had more than just a little to do with it.

Hi, Alex, welcome to TA - glad you feel comfortable here.

Lol. Exactly.

Thank you. xo

Welcome Alex. Glad you could join us here. I know a lot of people here are like myself, coming from a Christian background with little exposure to Hindu thinking. I'm sure you have an interesting story/experiences/thoughts on god and the lack of god.

When you talk about a personal god, I wonder, do Hindis believe in a personal god? Or personal gods? Or is that more of a Christian thing? Or is it more complicated than I think?

Well as you know, Hinduism consists of lots of gods - there is a god for wisdom, another one for power, etc. As I know, most Hindus believe in different gods, however a special liking for one god in specific can occur. What I find similar in Hindus and Christians regardless of their differences is that both communities are god-fearing. Before any auspicious event, they consider god. Hence, they believe in a personal godS.  

Somehow the wisdom god never grants enough of it to someone for the mere mortal to realize the wisdom god's own nonexistence.

Your description sounds very similar to the way pagan Rome and Greece are described to have worked.  There were a multitude of gods, there was even a hierarchy of sorts with demigods (half god half human) at the bottom and gods like Zeus at the top.  In between were more local gods (the god or goddess of a particular town, stream, hill etc.) and people simply worshiped the one that was appropriate where they were.  When they traveled or moved, they'd change to the local god.  There was no concept of the first god getting pissed off at no longer being worshiped.  That innovation had to wait for a certain tribe on the east shore of the Mediterranean to come up with.


Welcome. If you are a natural born debater with a thick skin you'll fine TA very enjoyable. If not, you'll disappear after a short while. We don't pull many punches here. Why not start a post on a topic you'd like to hear us react to and see what happens?

This is very true. Don't take anything here personally. People can become wrapped up in their argument...there are some very passionate people here!

Welcome to the Forum


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