Namaste! I'm Alex, an agnostic from India. :)

Born in a Hindu-Christian family, I've never felt any special connection with religion or god pretty much my entire life... instead I was more fascinated with science. Currently in high school teeming with strict North Indian Hindus, nobody shares the same views as me, leading me to join this site, which I think is a great platform for atheist & agnostics. 

My interests vary from arts and literature to cosmology and astrophysics. I don't believe in a personal god at all but I don't completely deny the existence of a higher power because I think it's too early to come to any definite conclusion. Oh well, looking forward to discover more on this site and express my opinions! :) xoxo

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Well thanks!  I didn't even have my hair all braided up like Bo did.  

In the words of that great philosopher, Popeye, "I am what I am."

In the spirit of Spinal Tap...I'm an 11.

Welcome to TA.

Thank you. xo

Welcome to TA Alex.   I come from a Christian background, Christian mysticism, eastern mysticism, yoga and even had an Indian Guru for several years before becoming an atheist.  The irony is that it was the maxims of being 'true and honest to myself and the search' taught by the yoga I practiced that ultimately led me to question it all and let it go when it came up lacking.

It really was the 'search for truth' that set me free of superstition.   I look forward to reading your posts.


Thank you. :)

Welcome Alex.

'Its a Small World After All' it seems.

While I am rather committed to an atheist position, I do find myself waxing and whaning at times. The perception of 'Beauty' and 'Pattern' seem to engage some question of diety at times, but it does seem less than convincing. Looking through the lenses of religion and science can often times offer very similar sense of wonder and the 'sacred'. The 'religion' lense seems very limiting, and many times offers a quite confined sense of deep time and the web of connections between life forms. The 'science' lense seems a more complete vision of time, relationships, and structure.

My explorations into logic seem to suggest that the pursuit of 'god' via logic offers very little insight, while the exploration of nature shows real fruit and deep insights. I do wonder what we will find near the 'end' of search/exploration? Religion seems stuck at the confined horizon of belief and supposition, while science seems to find 'more' as it explores the rabbit hole of nature and the cosmos.

I hope your wonder stays alive, as mine...




Love that explanation. Thank you :)


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