Discovered this new creationist book. Check out the description: 

"We have to face it, science has failed. Scientific investigation does not and cannot explain how the universe and all that is in it came into existence. And yet the testimony of prophets, poets, and philosophers seem to be in agreement that everything was created by a God much like the one described in the Bible. The testimonies of science, mythology, and Jesus himself are combined in one book to present to us the truth about The World That Then Was. The debate is finally put to rest as all sources are considered to prove that the Biblical Creation Account is the one true story of our existence."

From The World that then Was by Bill Seng (2013).

Science failed, he says while typing his self-published book on his laptop and uploading it to Amazon all using science.

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Science failed, he says while typing his self-published book on his laptop and uploading it to Amazon all using science.

Quite so, although I've heard some Christians insist that laptops and cars and the internet and the like are technology (created by Real Christians, even), which is totally different from science, which is the domain of atheists and Satan.

I can't imagine keeping a straight face hearing that. There would be no shred of evidence for it. Now I'm so curious as to who would say it I have to google it. :)

My memory on it is vague, but I think it may have been in a YouTube comment.

Ah, it is allll so clear now. :)

YouTube comments: The intellectual black hole of the internet. Stupidity so dense, not even thought can escape.

 It sounds to me like some are confusing th  science with technology.

Science provides the means and methodology to discover the rules that make reality work. Technology is the art of applying the rules discovered by science to bend reality too our bidding.

Science says that humans are incapable of flight, but Technology has enabled us to build flying machines on which we can ride.

On the other hand Mr Seng shows considerable ignorance of science with his claim that "(science) cannot explain" based on an observation that it has not yest provided an explanation that satisfied his requirements for an explanation, apparently which includes the necessity of a supreme  being.

 His supporting claim that " the testimony of prophets, poets, and philosophers " support the biblical creation myth as an argument disproving science also shows complete ignorance of a plethora of world religions believing in a cyclic existence.

How terribly disappointing for all the alternative creationist stories.  At least 19 of these stories are hokum.  What a fool, I've been! *smacks forehead*

True, they all would have to be lumped into the same category as science according to the author.

Hmm. That list leaves out the Hindu creation story as well as Terry Pratchett's Discworld creation myth, which is somewhat derived from the Hindu story (turtle, elephants).

@ Dave G, I had a conversation with a creationist recently who was able to distinguish between human technological advances and Science. It went something like this:

“Well, the discovery of fire was one of our earliest technological advances. That happened long before Science had begun. Even the Bible was written before any Scientist did anything. We can see Technology with our own eyes. It does not need proof whereas Science does. Technology advances whereas Science keeps changing it mind.”

Technology is to fire as a scientist to his microscope. We do not "create" the natural world but we learn to hone some of it's resources.

We can see Technology with our own eyes. It does not need proof whereas Science does. 

I think somehow this is a profound statement, just not in the way he meant it. (But I'm just thinking here in terms of the anthropological definition of technology, not the modern definition.)


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