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I'm not a fan of mega billboards in general as they tend to be an eyesore and reminder of our culture's crass commercialism. But sometimes there are exceptions worthy of notice. Anything that rocks the theists back on their heels is fine with me.

Word is that it may be taken down today.  After only 5 days of the 4 week contract.  I want to ask those wanting it removed just what it is they don't like.  I think it reveals their doubts.  We have a group here called ASK (Atheist Society of Knoxville) with around 550 members.  Great group of open and like minded people.  Around 20 to 30 get together once a week for eats and drinks (also other activites). 

Keep us posted as the advertising agency who owns the billboards feels the heat of Xtian repression. 

The agency was Lamar.  I am a little confused perhaps as to actually owns the billboard.  The business beside it may have played a part in its removal.  As of now I understand it my be relocated.  I understand the same thing happened in Alabama with a Lamar billboard.


It's very telling that a billboard that does not say anything derogatory or negative could be removed early. It's funny that Christians feel like they are the ones being persecuted.

Haven't you heard about atheism's War On Christianity. They're the vast majority and yet they have a martyr complex. I wonder where they got that? ;)

Christians show support for an Atheist billboard campaign.

This is amazing!!!!

It is going back up not far away.  Seems odd that Lamar wouldn't have told the owners of the billboard what was goin to be on it


I wish we could have one those posted on the way to Orlando, FL on I-75. It is amazing the amount of Christian billboards. From pro-life, to bible quotes, to anti evolution...

That would be nice.  Love to see it on I-75 also, especially since it runs right through Knoxville.

We have 2 groups her that were insturmental in getting the sign up.  The most involved was RET (Rationalists of East Tennessee).  The other is ASK (Atheists Society of Knoxville).  ASK has 550 members and usually around 20 to 30 meet up weekly at Barley's Tap Room for eats and drinks.  Great group of like minded people.  So, if you head North consider stopping in (Tuesdays around 5:30 to 6:00 ending around 8 depending).

Have a great day.


How many people have already tried to have this taken down?


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