Here's the link!

I'm happy that this program profiling religions and faith is focusing on non-theists. I hope you watch it and let us know what you think. Did it cover some good points in a short amount of time? Was it too simple?

One of the people profiled is Mike Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine. Anyone read it?

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I'm on Mike Shermer's eSkeptic mailing list, always some interesting articles in there.
Oh yes, I recommend people follow's RSS feed, too. My brain drools (or maybe just melts) from all the intellectual info.
Awesome post GG!
What's it called? Might be able to download it somewhere.
From what I can find about Compass, its a weekly show that "examines the world of belief and values," and really seems to be about various religious beliefs. With just this preliminary information, I'm impressed that this episode really seems to present atheism from an unbiased perspective (something it seems the news and many "investigative" shows in the U.S. fail at).

Also a pretty good quote from Mike Shermer (around the 15-minute-mark): "Hey look, we're not going to put up with that anymore. You can't say things like 'atheists are not moral,' that's wrong. You might as well say 'blacks are not moral,' or 'women are not as smart,' that kind of thing. Well you can't say those other things anymore, and you can't say that about atheists anymore."
Hey, thanks. That made my day. Some of my friends need to see that because they treat me like less of a person for being atheist.
thanks for the link!
I thought that was pretty awesome.
really enjoyed that, thanks GG
Awesome post, thanks so much for sharing. Loved the documentary. :D
Nice video. It gives many points of view on atheism, some I agree with and some I disagree with. I do kind of get the feeling of atheism being thought of as a religion, there was a person who described himself as a sceptic rather than an atheist or an agnostic.


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