i recently left islam but i didn't find yet the peace inside me especialy the scarf thing coz both my parents and my socitey pushes me to wear it , i wore the scraf now since i was 11 and im now 20 years old . i totaly don't believe that women should cover their head but at the same time im wearning it which makes me feels huge pain coz if i took it off people and my parents will not leave me alone . i feel that i have double personality . so im asking now for u suggestion what shoud i do now ?

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thank u a lot for u answers . i have a lot of awful things to say about islam but right now im busy with college exames. u know here in my country if the cups find out that u become atheist they injuction u with something in u blood then u become insane or u wil not be able to walk for the rest of u life , those awful things happens  some years ago to my uncle and his friend , i will expaline that in deatails later oky .

kiki, this is awful!!! 


I keep trying to think good things of Islam as a whole - because a few in the US say that it's a 'religion of peace' ..


I just have such a hard time believing this ... 


peaceful towards others as long as we don't fight them ... or ridicule ... or poke fun ... but not AT ALL peaceful towards their own family members and women of the religion!  

Come on.........

Islam is not peaceful at all....as far as.......I know how come a religion you call peaceful which do not believe in freedom of expression.

Take gud care of yourself and your loved ones dear, kiki

Work hard for your exams

Uncle story ?

These kind of things happen in this society in which I m living in.

yes i will finish my studies abroad . may i ask u where are u from is it baharin ?

no I m not from baharin it worse than this, I can not tell u, you know this could b problematic for me.

And kiki I m getting away from T|A for few days but there is a member named Jean Marie She could provide u help regarding questions etc.

It is hard to be an atheist in an Islamic society, I have to fake prayers sometimes (if i couldn't sneak out) just to be safe and not to let people know that I'm not praying. 

I don't know if you will feel the peace you want, although leaving Islam itself and admitting it to myself was so peaceful(to my self) to me because I'm not worrying about wrath, hell or satan anymore! And I don't have to do all the stupid stuff that Islam orders (I call them "heaven dances" btw :p). I know you are worried and afraid from the people and I think you have to do what is best for your own safety.

And believe me, being here in this site helped me a lot! Mostly when I found out that there are people like me, Atheists in my very religious country(something I thought was imposible). Maybe it sounds sad sometimes that there are people suffering like us, but still when we are freely expressing and speaking together here, it really helps. 

Welcome to Think Atheist :)

I have to face same kind of situations every now a then

Even my mother said me everyday that offer your prayer yesterday she sayin me read this so I can listen, it was about how to wash your face and hands before prayin but I said mom I will read this I m just goin for playin Bedminton.

How can I tell her that I m an atheist It is really impossible. I still remember once in a family I said during a discussion that Sharia Laws are inhuman every start critcizing me and my mother start weeping after listening my words. 

But I m quite hopeful that this whole scene will change quite soon.

yes our families and society will never accept that so i think to not waste our lives here the best solution is to leave somehere where we can live peacefully.

But how change could come in these kind of societies If v left?

V have to struggle no matter how long it is. You see problem of thinking illogically exists every where even in west so there is no hiding place so v have to face this bitter truth. 

Every curse has its End.....beleive me.

u are right but u know  that arab society still backward when it come to freedom of speech especially when someone comes and declare that he doesn't believe in God . just last year agroup a atheist wanted to eat in ramadan outsidedoors and a huge chaos happened , till now the cheif girl  of that group is still missing .

Focus on your exams and go for higher study abroad 

Higher education could give you solution that how you can inculcate better value to the radical societies of the world like yours. 


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