i recently left islam but i didn't find yet the peace inside me especialy the scarf thing coz both my parents and my socitey pushes me to wear it , i wore the scraf now since i was 11 and im now 20 years old . i totaly don't believe that women should cover their head but at the same time im wearning it which makes me feels huge pain coz if i took it off people and my parents will not leave me alone . i feel that i have double personality . so im asking now for u suggestion what shoud i do now ?

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Yes this is the hardest, I would never tell my family that I'm an atheist, my mother is kind of religious and religion is the most important thing to her, so I will break her heart(maybe literally) if she knows that I don't believe!
I agree with what others had to say.  I would respect your parents and their wishes while at home and once you move out on your own, then you can make the decision not to wear it.  If nothing else, it will keep the peace and will prevent an unwanted falling out.  It won't be as long as you think before you're on your own, and you have enough to worry about with your college classes and exams.   

Although moving out seems a good solution, you really have to consider a lot of factors.  If you do move out, will you still stay in touch with your family? Do you have relatives who might come after you? Because I know moving out in maroccan culture is only alowed if you marry.  My parents didn't speak to me for 2 years and I haven't seen my grandparents for over 5 years now.  My parents never pushed me to where a hijab, so I was lucky, but if I'm over there my dad still asks me if I pray every day.

here is what u can do to face the parental and peer pressure..make it a gradual change not a sudden one..make them expect what u r going to do..no one likes surprices

hope u do well after all

im sorry for the late replay . i ve to prepare for college exams that's why i can't replay immediately or blog... about u question if my parents would be oky if i left the country to finish my studies abroad yes but after a long battle convincing them that im the same person even if i moved out to alaska i would still the same person . and if taht happens ofcourse they are going to visite me but then they will accpect me as im not as what they wish or leave me alone and i mean here especially my dad . u parrents knows about u position tworads religion ? if yes how did u reveald the truh ?
thanks marvel for u suggestion . yes as u have mentioned befor change should come step by step but with my family i don't think . my mum i can handle her but my dad no way he is going to let that happen so for my safet and keep peace at home i prefer to let that for my self till i move out then maybe i can reveal that but now i want to live in peace with them till i get my degree .

I can understand your problem so well. but, I don't think I have further solutions than the ones have been told earlier.

Here is all what I can suggest!.. Until you graduate you just have to, at least, try taking your veil off while you're out in safe places with your closest friends. You can also always speak out here in T|A if you're worried of schizophrenia.

You, at the same time, have to do exactly what you're asked for to earn more trust!

I have been faking lots of prayers and fasting for nearly two years now, and therefore it goes just PERFECTLY FINE with me.

I guess if you started to focus on that for your upcoming four years, you will be able to gain their trust to let you study abroad.

good luck and stay strong =)


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