i recently left islam but i didn't find yet the peace inside me especialy the scarf thing coz both my parents and my socitey pushes me to wear it , i wore the scraf now since i was 11 and im now 20 years old . i totaly don't believe that women should cover their head but at the same time im wearning it which makes me feels huge pain coz if i took it off people and my parents will not leave me alone . i feel that i have double personality . so im asking now for u suggestion what shoud i do now ?

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Kiki Kiki, in Morocco, do all women wear a head covering, or just the Muslim women? What would the rest of society say? Would it hurt you for getting a job? These questions seemed important for understanding the cultural differences.
no just in muslim families especialy conservatives ones,  for me and alot of girls our parents forces us to cover our heead and wear clothes  like a bag so men won't find us attracives. and its hard to get a job since i wear muslim hijab its almost imposible .
What will happen if ppl or parents will leave you alone.
my parents will suspect on me coz they will think that i've changed for worst and im astray for the good path which means that whenever i go out they will watch every move i do morover i think that they will not let me take that step coz i had tried that before but my mum stoped and she told me that i've no morals and she said some nusty stuff , the same things with my neighborhood and friends they will talk about me the whole time and saiying that evil controls me and im a bad person and everyone will avoid me .

Actually this is matter of personal choice of yours but all of these ppl want to impose restrictions on you which is not gud I think but I feel you r economically dependent on your parents that y they why they want to u slave the only thing which could free you is that become economically empowered so u could be able to make decision of your choice.

And try to convince them with argument that freedom is basic right of every human.

ok i understand  . i have some arab friends here i already consider u all  members of my family . 


Atheist ppl are one of the best humans on this planet as far as I know

T|A is incredible.

I agree with secret in that your best solution is to become financially independent of your parents. Once you are no longer dependent on them for shelter, etc you will not have to worry as much about their opinion.

If securing a job is hard while dressed as your parents insist, perhaps you could try leaving the house in one set of clothing, then changing to another set before going to a job interview. This would allow you to seek employment while avoiding potentially dangerous confrontations with your family.
i agree with that too . i know that to get out of this miserable situation is to become financially  independent but the problem is that i have to wait 4 yaers untill i get my college degree but during this period i have to hide all what is going on inside me and the only thing that worried me  now is to become schizophrenic. i hope u will undersatnd that coz i live in a muslim arab country so it diffcilt for u to feel that .

kiki kiki - I would advise you continue to post in such forums as these - Even if you aren't able to be yourself out in the real world - You can always find like minded people in these forums.  


Tell us of your stories - We would all love to hear them - You have to realize that your family Loves you very much - But you need to do what you need to do as an individual.  


I can't even imagine what it would be like being forced to wear a bag all your life - 


If I may ask - I've always been curious - To women sleep with those bags on as well?  Or are you religiously allowed to sleep with your clothes off - in Private?  Hope that isn't a strange question lol I just really wanted to know this.  

Women who are at home with their blood family do not need to wear hijab. It is only in front of men who are not blood related to you

Try to make other ppl around u to think logically this will probably help you a lot I m also livin in a same kind of situation.

Show your parents and friends the kind of movies or programs which emphasizes on freedom of expression.

If anybody knows that please help kiki and me.


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