Need some of your thoughts on this crazy dream

Let me start off by saying that I have not remembered a dream in over a year.


So the night before last I abruptly woke up at 4am heart pounding and breathing hard, I had just had the most insane dream I've ever had.


The Dream:

My husband, kids, and myself were at our home. There was a knock at the door. When I opened the door all of these people started pouring in. Guys and girls I've never seen before. Armed with alcohol and pot, they were there to party. My husband was loving it. He was hooting and hollering, having a blast. I had all my kids around me, I was yelling trying to tell him that I didn't want these people here, i didn't want my house destroyed. They started pouring vodka on the carpet and lit it on fire, which I very quickly put out. ---Jump in the Dream--- My kids and I were driving in our car on a road that I do not know, the power went out and when that happened my car also shut off. Pitch black I was trying to calm my kids then this red glow lit everything back up and there was a giant. Trees were being uprooted and thrown onto the road. I put the car in drive (I guess the red glow gave it back it's power (?IDK) and got out of there as fast as I could.---Jump in Dream--- Back at my house, everyone was destroying our stuff laughing, partying , and carrying on. Then all of a sudden there was a very loud "BOOM!". With my kids clung to me we ran outside. There was a HUGE statue of jesus in my back yard. The only thing is that he was sitting on a huge rock, one leg streched out the other was bent with his arm on it and the other arm was pointing at me, the expression on his face was like this (below) and he was stone.

So what do you guys think of this? What would you make of it? I don't konw why i woke up in a panic.. It's not like having this dream made my rethink my views. I wonder if this is why some people go back to christianity (or any other religion for that matter) like it's some kind of sign or something. IDK, I guess I'm just looking for some thoughts on this. Thanks ;)

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I don't really know much about the meaning of dreams, so this post is useless, but your dream is kind of funny. :) I hope someone more knowledgeable in this domain will come along so my post will be soon forgotten. Anyway, funny dream. :)


Oh, and you seem to remember a lot of details from your dream, especially after you haven't remembered a dream in over a year. Maybe it really is a sign. Muahaha... :) You're one of the chosen ones. Lucky you.

Oh, and you seem to remember a lot of details from your dream, especially after you haven't remembered a dream in over a year.


I thought this was very weird as well, but I just figured that since it seemed to truly effect my body ( heavy breathing and heart pounding)  that that was one of the reason why I remember the details. You see, when I worke up I thought about the entire dream at that very moment (which from what I have learned is the best time and way to remember one also.)

Her dream sounds more like a weird surreal movie with poor directing, when everything is supposed to have a greater meaning, but it has no meaning at all.


Perhaps the fact that you could not do anything about those strangers in your house scared you. That hopelessness (I hope I am using the righ word here - when you feel that whatever you do is just like you are not doing nothing, or something like that) feeling.

To dream, is nothing but our brains doing: 1, 2, 3 testing...

It's our brain 'digesting' the things we saw, learned, worried about during the day.

I agree with Adriana.  Dreams only mean whatever you decide they mean.  Personally, I'm fascinated by how bizarre some of mine are.
Mine would frighten most of the (general) people and probably all the people involved in them.

It is obvious that you have repressed sexual desires for your grandparents.  Just fast until the next full moon and sacrifice one family member and any dark colored cat that lives within 4 blocks and you'll be fine.


(I don't buy into dream interpretation in any way 8^)

You crack me up...

I don't buy into dreams, even if I do keep a dream journal for the purpose of figuring out what my subconcious is focusing on, also, they make great story plots sometimes.

I focus on the overall mood of my dreams--happiness, sadness, and for your case--powerlessness. You can't stop these people from invading your house, no one is allied with you for it, it's like a bad horror movie, almost, then in the car--again, that feeling of fear.

The statue--I have no clue, but again that could be your subconcious just putting a face with this overall anxiety.

I had a dream that I laid down on a bed with a friend--almost cuddling with him, when in real life I have never had any romantic feelings for him, whatsoever.

Of course, said dream also involved vampires.

When I remember an unusual dream, I try to remember what sort of things happened during the previous day that might have triggered the dream. Another approach is to try to figure out what the dream means to you. Are you repressing something? Do you fear something? Dreams can magnify things all out of proportion, but sometimes they're like a little Freudian slip, pointing to something that affects us.


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