So I have been debating with this lady for a few days now on FB, needless to say she disregards anything I say as false information, and this includes things like pointing out the fact that the bible has hundreds of contradictions, the numerous gods long before the new testament that have striking similarities to Jesus's story, the fact that the Romans have no documentation of any such thing as a character like Jesus, and that the new testament wasn't even written until decades after Jesus's alleged death.

This is her last post, and I just don't even know what to do with it:

No other ancient historical writings are anywhere near as close to the event (most, like Ceasar's, are more than 900 years removed) or as numerous as the New Testament manuscripts (over 5000). Please check this concise chart - Outside of the New Testament you also had the historical references to Jesus by Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus around 112AD, Jewish general turned Roman historian Flavious Josephus born 37AD and several others.

Any help here? I don't even know what to say to this, and I am hoping someone here does.

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Something you need to know about Josephus is that at  least one of his Jesus references is commonly accepted as complete fraud, even by apologists.  Point her here: and reference Chapter 3.  You can see the Christ mention is obviously not original.

For many others, read 

I don't think it's definitive proof Jesus didn't exist.  I'm agnostic on the historic Jesus question.  But people who claim "it's better documented than Caesar" are wishful thinking.

This Wiki on Tacitus is a poor source of info. Paragraph 3 …”Scholars generally consider Tacitus's reference to the execution of Jesus by Pontius Pilate to be both authentic, and of historical value as an independent Roman source…..” The reference for a Helen K. Bond points to a Christian theologian with a vested interest in saying such rubbish. These wikis are often taken as “gospel” by xtians who don’t usually check references.

i have a reference (not to hand) on Josephus. Not much more to add only that it concurs with what is already said above. I would ask for references for the "several others"

The url posted makes appeals that are not relevant to the premise of the argument. Appealing to other sources or authorities is not good enough.

Have you listened to debates with the late Christopher Hitchens?  Whether you have or not it is obvious that a "believer" is just that and will not listen to ANY facts with which they disagree; however, if you listen to 'The Hitch' (and Sam Harris) you will find that, even if the writings about Jesus and the rest of the bronze age 'miracles' are all true, religeous people still have everything to prove about the existence of a god.


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