Hey guys! I got into a discussion with Matt last night, and I thought it would be a good idea to showcase what the FED really is.

If you have the time (I highly recommend you set time up at the very least) to watch this master piece about the FED. I highly recommend watching it all the way through.

Thoughts and opinions/questions about the FED can go here, or about this video.

This video really showcases what is exactly going on right now in our economy.

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Honestly, Jason I do not really think it is possible to switch to a gold standard at this time, or ever for that matter. Even if it was the gold and silver standard. (or any other material standard) I also do not think that the FED is a shadow government conspiracy but rather a small group of men that truly run the world (bankers). They literately can make or break the world (financially) with a few numbers and button presses. That to me is more powerful then having all of the nuclear weapons on the planet.

Honestly, I realistically do not see how we solve this problem. If you think last years crunch was bad just wait another two more years (or less) to see a super max volcano melt down. NOTHING fundamentally was changed this last go around! Bank's are still doing the same shenanigans they were doing 4 years ago.

What is worse is that Goldman Sachs made a 3billion profit? HOW??? Oh yeah off the taxpayers. Sorry haha ummm this is more or less legal robbery.

I also want to point out that there are plans to fix the situations that we are in, but I need to stress again that these plans or more or less impossible to put into action. It is truly disheartening to me that this is no real solution this problem. Even if we audit the FED to showcase how much of a sham they really are in my view will only make things worse for people because they (the American people) have so little knowledge what the FED actually does.

Okay okay... the only true way I can see fixing this is when the banks need another bailout (which they will) Will the people stand up to them? I am leaning to the YES point of view. Do you think people will take that bullshit that if the banks fail we are doomed? We can not be any more doomed then we are now.


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