I've been an atheist since my pre teens, and feel more comforted by my way of life every day, but today I am having a hard time. I have been out of work for a year now, and while my wife makes good money, we have a mind boggling amount of credit card/loan debt, and it's very quickly getting the best of us. So much so that we are seriously considering bankruptcy, and find that very scary. I've been applying for jobs for a long time, and today I pounded the pavement all day without a glimmer of hope.

I have a Christian radio station on one of my car stereo settings, that I listen to for a laugh once in a while, and put it on today. My moment of weakness came when they were talking the usual 'God-is-listening-and-has-a-plan-and-ask-for-help' mumbo jumbo, and I almost asked for assistance. I didn't of course, but I got a good understanding of why people talk to God, as pointless as it is. My problem is I am finding myself a little depressed and needing someone to boost my spirit. I am always optimistic, but I think you can be TOO optimistic, and now it's just gotten to the point where I think I'm just wishfully thinking. My wife is there, but I tend to be the supportive one in our relationship, and now it feels like my world is caving in. 

I don't remember if I have a point, but I just had to get it off my chest

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Yep. At the time I had $30,000 in CC debt, 2 new car payments and a mortgage.

My bankruptcy attorney charged me $1400, but it was well worth it. The first thing he told me was to stop paying all unsecured debts and refer all collection calls that would inevitably result, to him. That alone was worth his fee.

It really is more of a moral/mental issue in your head than it is a legal issue. I had to appear before a judge twice for about 10 minutes each. Your creditors get 30 days to contest your filing, but they usually don't especially the credit card companies. At the end of 30 days if no one has contested your filing, the judge issues a discharge order and your done.

You will have to reestablish credit worthiness in the years after, but I didn't find that task all that difficult.

Thanks for the info, very reassuring. We would be going through a trustee, but I'm assuming they charge as well.

I have moderate to high sleep apnea as well, and like you hate wearing the gear. I did switch to the nasal mask early on, but have never had it on for more than 3 hours a night, and gave up a while ago. I should really try it again but it's such a pain in the ass. ;)

I dealt with the same thing about a year ago. After Jesus undeniably failed this test, I switched up to the Greco-Roman pantheon and that's actually working out way better. To quote some of my less educated religious friends, how could you believe in such a random system?
Uh, moment of weakness, not bankruptcy.

I am super poor though and it's fairly depressing sometimes, the suggestions here are really kinda motivating!

Why do you call it a moment of weakness and not simply, "I had a thought?" Just curious.

Because it felt like I was about to give up and start talking to myself. ;)

Research as much as you can about Scientology! I know it sounds daft but the whole subject is fascinating. You'll soon realize that your power of free thought is a gift that no one can take away from you.

You'll also realize that Tom Cruise is a massive cock!

Why isn't their God already helping?  That is the question I always ask myself.

Sorry to hear about your troubles Marc, while my problems are not employment or financial at this time we have plenty in my house.  We are offered prayers all the time to deal with the fact that my wife has stage 4 cancer and we started round two of radiation therapy and starting another round of chemo in a couple of weeks.  Whenever we are offered prayers from the xians I want to ask them what their God's ransom is?  How much groveling and obeisance is required before he deigns to help?  Why hasn't he helped already.

Sometimes I wish I could pull faith out of my ass and believe.  It would make it easier to deal with this crap.  It does sound comforting their promises of help from their God.  But if their God is all that they say why isn't he helping already?

I agree with you Mike. My troubles sound petty compared to yours. I've lost my favorite aunt, who was the most religious person I knew, to brain cancer and it was the worst thing to see. God works in mysterious ways my ass.

I guess my big issue is that even if I could make myself believe in this God of theirs, how could you think well of it?  If you acknowledge that there is an omnipotent being out there who is suppose to love us all how can it let the crap go on that does happen.  If it can help and solve all your problems why doesn't it?

As a parent I know that I have to let my kid learn the hard way some times.  You have to let him deal with the bully at school.  You have to let him fall off the bike.  You have to let him learn to deal with hardship and work out problems.  We call it preparing for the real world.  That is because there are things in this world we can't control and we have to teach our children to deal with those things so they can cope and persevere.  But, if you are an omnipotent being and there is nothing out there you cannot control why would you then let your loved ones suffer?  Just out of spite or pure meanness?  A sadistic pleasure in basking in the suffering of others?  If their God is real, and what they say is true, and he is putting us through the crap that we go through in this world, the illness, the suffering, the crime, etc  what do you think he would be preparing US for, doesn't sound like a heaven!

I have thought some of the very same things.  You articulated it so well.  

What are we to expect from this deity in which we do not believe, even if we wanted to?  I'm afraid I might start to believe in God because of the trials I have had to go through.  It seems sometimes as if I am actively being punished for not believing.  I have heard that God allegedly lets these things happen because he loves us.  

He loves us?  I can't reconcile that with my lived experience.  I don't feel like there is an all-loving God watching over me.  It is so sad to me when people say there is, and that I should believe this with no evidence, and in fact feeling that the contrary is true.  

It is adding insult to injury, and I just don't get it.


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