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Just wanted to see what were some of the thought processes regarding the eugenics movement that took place with the Nazi Regime in the 1930s.  Not going to have a stance on either side of the movement.  Just going to say that I feel that human evolution will come to a halt, being that medicine has advanced tremendously, and will continue this way.  With the advancements being made, natural selection will not be able to occur, as it does in evolution, and the “weak” will not be weeded out, and will be able to reproduce, and continue their genetic lineage.  Therefore, would the eugenics movement, the one for the genetic advancement for the human population, be a good idea? It could possibly advance our species to levels not previously assumed.  With the feeble not being able to reproduce, our society would seem to take a leap to possible stronger, smarter beings.  Would this be a great outlook, or what would be your take on this entire situation or idea? 


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So which groups of "weak" people would you weed out?  The Jews?  The Roma?  The gay men?  The political dissenters?  or are would you be more equinanimous and just go for the ill among all ethnicities?  Perhaps those with low IQs?  Why don't we throw in those who aren't "fit" enough to compete economically? 

No, I don't think this would be a "great outlook."  I think it would be horrific.  Explain to me how allowing access to medicine prevents selection for intelligence?  And why do we need to be "stronger" if we have evolved to compensate culturally through technology and medicine?  Do humans not already dominate the earth? 

Evolution continues, regardless of what man does!


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