A while ago my sister went on one of her rants about how she perceives the world. She calls things like fire, water, earth, air, light, and dark, "elements". We who are familiar with elements in fictional stories, games, movies, religion, etc.. don't literally believe that these natural phenomena have a supernatural aspect to it. My sister seems to believe that it is a combination of natural and supernatural. I suppose since we directly experience these so called "elements" that would make them natural, but her belief is that they are beyond our control meaning that it is being directed by the Almighty. She pulls examples from the Bible about how "God made the sky so dark that it's heaviness crumbled buildings". Seriously...? *rolls eyes* I know that light and darkness have effects on the living and non-living but not so dramatically.

I think these beliefs make my sister believe that we shouldn't tamper with nature and has much more fear and reverence because it's something we aren't "designed" to control. This kind of stuff makes me frustrated because as long as we are educated and safe, we don't have to worry much about harming or being harmed. Nobody is seriously going to try to directly challenge a hurricane because it's huge and harmful to our lives. While I'm talking about fear, I'll go on the subject of spirits.

If any of you are watching America's Got Talent, you'll know that there is a guy on there who is essentially a magician that calls himself a "mystifier". His spirit energy is called "Desmond". As soon as I saw him, I knew that superstitious America would be freaking out thinking that he summoned some demon or something. That is exactly what my sister thinks. She would not be quiet about saying "I don't like Desmond" and "They shouldn't let him go through because nu-uh...that's just bad vibes". I couldn't enjoy the show because she brought it up so much. Look, I used to be afraid of the dark but not too long ago, I finally came to reality and had no reason to fear when the lights were out. I could go to sleep peacefully without worrying about something while my sister is still fearing "spirits" in the next room. People talk about spirits as if they are as common as people.

My observation is that we over-estimate things a lot with out minds. We are hard-wired to expect the worst because that increases our chances of survival. In this case of spirits, this fear is unreasonable because it is seems to be mostly a formulation in the mind. I can't stand it when people talk about "spirits" and say "We can't know their real nature" yet they talk about them as if they are experts. I wish more people didn't believe half the fiction they read or hear about.

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Keep sharpening that good critical and analytical mind of yours and improving your already solid writing skills and you'll go far in academia Ari!!!

And what, may I ask, is reasonable about fearing spiders?


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