I am wondering - because I'm trying to understand it - what exactly is a narcissist? I've read so many things about it until my head spins. It's a term that gets misused and over used I think...

I just need to understand it. Thanks....

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How about anti-social personality disorder (online test)?

Borderline personality disorder?

Simon, I recently dealt with a narcissist who'd been elected to chair a small town council. As its parliamentarian I advised its members on how to remove him from office, and in doing so I consulted the DSM. I came to know him rather well and I'm unable to visualize narcissists asking others for help.
Superior people don't do that.

Often, in practice, their unending requests for practical help constitute an unquenchable demand for narcissistic supply. 

Anyone see where I left my hairbrush?

Reg, thank you for helping me illustrate.

If you will retrace your steps since you last used your hairbrush, you'll prolly find it. Unless I stole it.

I would never do anything to help anyone else Tom. That would be wasting precious time on others that I could spend on myself because I too am precious. Anyway I always buy my hairbrushes in bulk from Costco in case of emergencies. I have at least one in every room beside the mirrors. They more I look the them the more beautiful they appear to be. Ok, I better go and check they are still working properly. Nothing else really matter does it? Oh If I was an ice cream I would lick myself to death!

Reg, I might borrow from that for a humorous speech contest. It's good! Thanks.

Sorry Tom, I don't do humor in case I might get laughter lines. Can't you tell from my avatar?

I thought I saw a hairbrush in the hand of that orange mannequin over there...


I used to sing that song "you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don't you..."

Because my youngest brother used to preen a lot, and, the part that cracked me up was that every time I'd sing it within his ear shot (As in, he's in the bathroom, and I'm on the other side of the house...), I'd hear him yelling,

"I AM NOT!!!"


It is always in the last place you look, guaranteed.


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