Donald Trump is now going to be the Republican nominee and the next POTUS. HOW fucking stupid is this nation? Seriously.

I was just reading an article today about how the Republicans are trying to downplay and skirt around his attitude towards and treatment of women.

I would not be surprised if he chose a woman VP just for show. He is quite frankly unstoppable at this point.

What has happened to US? HOW did we become such a stupid country? I am asking that seriously.

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I think he appeals to a nascent fascism. And therefore his base is unflappable so much so that his base support is unconditional. And then there are the comparisons of Bernie and Donald as outliers who can make change. On top of that i see something that i cant explain. Trump is immune from the scrutiny any other politician faces. He survives again and again moves that should impugn his credibility and make him a non-mother fucking entity to steal a line. And i see so much spin about his motives and cleverness that it reminds me of a theist interpreting events consistent with  beliefs as opposed to evidence.Ya know, Trump works in mysterious ways.

It's "Oh, SHIT!!!" versus "Hell NO!!!" this year.  I find most people agree with that statement though they disagree on which is which--and that divide crosses party lines in a lot of places.  (I know people who have hated Hillary Clinton since forever, who will nevertheless vote for her over Trump.)

I wouldn't consider a Trump victory in November to be a foregone conclusion.  Last I saw most polls indicated he was the worst possible person the Rs could put up against her (from the standpoint of winning the election).

I know a lot of people would disagree with me (and I HONESTLY hope I am wrong about this.) but I have been saying for months: Do not underestimate him. I have said that if he gets the nomination he will get the presidency. Our only hope in stopping him has far past. At this point I DO believe he eill be our next president. I have been trying to ignore the headlines, but the truth is at this point he is unstoppable.

I will bet EVERYONE who thinks otherwise $5 so that come November I will have enough money to get the hell OUT of the US. I know my point of view is not widely held, but I stand by it nonetheless.
It's taken a lot of effort and work for the country to become this stupid. And money, lots of money.

I thought both Hillary and Sanders were beating Trump in polls? I'm not in the US so it takes a while for new information to reach me... has the polls changed? If not then there's still hope.

What has happened to US?

Your politicians are bought and payed for by corporate interests... Trump just cut out the middle man.

HOW did we become such a stupid country?

Continual dumbing down of primary and secondary schools. A culture of stupidity being acceptable and intelligence being not worth striving for.

Belle, I know your plan was to emigrate from the US if Trump becomes president. Is that still your plan? Have you considered Australia? It's not so bad here...

RE: Belle, I know your plan was to emigrate from the US if Trump becomes president. Is that still your plan? Have you considered Australia? It's not so bad here...

Ireland is my first choice :)

It started (for me) as a joke, but I am no longer kidding. If Trump wins I am OUT. I am going to start looking at my options. Ireland for me is seriously #1

What has happened to US? HOW did we become such a stupid country? I am asking that seriously.

Reality television. I really think Trump appeals to those who view reality TV as a legitimate form of entertainment; who see Trump as a celebrity who says what they are thinking. Kardashians and Duck Dynasty and all that crap, its made their brains so rotten that they confused by multi-syllable words and political terms, and all they understand is 'wall', 'Mexicans', and 4th grade name calling.

He's a car accident in motion, and his peons can't help but root him on all the way to see the big explosion. 

My 2¢

My $.0199

The so-called liberal media bias probably is to the left, but the righteous right TV and radio get an awful lot of earnest fans. Perhaps reality TV (or at least the "you're fired" one) is appealing to them as well, as Marc suggests.

Remember, Cruz was taking 2nd place. I've believed since 2000 that a high percentage of voters in conservative primaries vote for something they believe strongly in, rather than for a candidate they feel can compromise; compromise doesn't translate to them as a winning strategy. To me, a really big deal is the 2000 loss to Bush, seriously, because no one expected Nader to make the difference for Gore's loss. I.e., even liberals back then voted their conscience, and then all liberals lost to Bush's win in the swing state of Florida.

I'm actually optimistic that Trump won't continue his populist success. Even if liberals have taken "political correctness" too far left, I don't think they're stupid enough to accept that bullying blowhard's "I'm perfect and you're perfect" let's-just-feel-good and easily fix everything rhetoric.

Belle, you scared me, I thought something much worse might be happening to you! Really, even in the unlikely event Trump gets elected, I don't see much legislative support coming from incumbents in Congress. E.g., nobody's gonna build a wall, or keep Muslims out, etc.

My $.0199

Are we forex trading or are those 9s repeating?

I always tell myself that Republican primaries are just republicans voting their conscience.  

In order for Grumpf to win he'll need a shit load of dem's and independents to join in the insanity bandwagon. I tend to think that there are a lot of liberals and independents out there that will not vote for Heir Trump and his nazi crap.

The media, up to this point, has given this misogynistic asshole a free ride. That is coming to an end. After the convention all bets are off and all the shit he's spouted about woman, minorities, and others will come back to bite him in the ass. I think this thing aint over it's just getting started.

Hillary leads Trump in all polls except Quinnipiac, which comes in last, as far as reality, in a poll of all pollsters. 

I come from a long line of men that served this nation in the armed forces. We all swore to defend this country so leaving it to the likes of Trump is not an option. 

Thank you for your service Noel.

I am sure you would agree most vets hate Hillary and would soon endorse Trump than vote for her. (most vets are Republicans).

I will bet you $ with the "Belle Rose getting the hell out" fund, lol
I may not be most vets, but I served during the Vietnam era. I don't hate Clinton. I would not want her as a neighbor, or spend a holiday with her, or even have her over for coffee - she's too pompous and arrogant, too pushy and dishonest - like most politicians - but I don't hate her.

Trump is many things that I can't stand - jingoistic, racist, and in the elitist department, even more so than the Clintons. If I remember correctly, Trump had multiple Vietnam era deferments due to a trivial foot problem or something. Of course, Clinton did not serve, but Trump had the rich brat deferment and lied about it.


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