Yep. I sure know how to pick em!!! lol

Long story short - several months ago I started walking with this older gentleman. He's never done anything sexually suggestive and has always been completely respectful. We go walking together.

He doesn't know that I know he's a sex offender. I read up on him and I know exactly what he did and his motivations behind it and what not. He's not dangerous.

But one thing has recently changed. He is wanting my extra computer. He seems to be really bugging me about it. He hasn't had a computer in a number of years. I'm not sure if this is something where he's like relapsing or if he's just ready to have one again....I don't know.....

Should I....give it to him?

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It's not that he can't get online. But he wants a laptop and a better phone. I know what happened from reliable sources. But he doesn't know that I know lol.

Me and my biological sister were joking about the fact that we're both cut from the same cloth. We are not stupid. He has pulled nothing over my eyes. I'm several steps ahead of him, lol....
1st impression, no, but not enough info for us to make a decision. Is it possible if he got caught at the same offense he would claim it's not his computer? If it was child porn I'd say don't enable him, for his sake.
That is....something I had not even thought of!!

I used to know someone who stayed away from the internet for a good reason.  You wouldn't want to enable your friend to get himself in trouble. 

He clearly understood that the daughter was 13…..and.... his psychological evaluation said he did it because he was lonely.

He knew she was 13 and still went to meet her so he is a paedophile. It was not because he was lonely or experimenting. He was only interested in having sex with a minor.

He is not dangerous. He is unlikely to be dangerous to you but I would not leave him alone with children.

I would never allow him to meet my child(ren). I find it really ironic that I feel safer walking with a sex offender than walking alone, lol...what kind of twisted fucked up reality is that? lol....But yes I know he would not be dangerous to me. I'm not his cup of tea.

give it to him?

No. Consider selling it, but be aware that he may not legally be allowed to own/use a computer, depending on the nature of his past crimes. He's probably asking for your computer because it's "under the radar". If you do decide to give/sell the computer to him, be sure to remove all of your personal details from it (probably by reinstalling the OS, at a minimum).


"Should I....give it to him?"

Not if a computer had anything to do with him having been a Sex Offender.

Maybe you should consider being honest with him and let him know you are aware of his past and don't wish to enable that type of activity.

Or just ignore his past and give/sell him the computer.  Besides used computers are plentiful, if he wants one he can get one easily.

I wouldn't, because you don't know what his legal restrictions are..Say you gave it to one of your kids, or someone else you know. 


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