Our cluster of galaxies, the milky way, our solar system, the earth, our hemisphere, our country, our state, our county/parish/region/city/town/village...etc. and timeline we witness in the average human lifespan is so insignificantly miniscule. Throughout the course of human history there have been many upon many gods. What would make one group (religion) today think they are so right? By the books they read? The preachers who preach a history that might or might not be true? 

If one man is willing to blow himself up for the dedication to his god, should I not believe him more than you who has to muster the motivation to go to church once a week, month or even year? 

Could you be like that child who plugs his ears making la la la sounds while saying "I can't hear you I can't hear you." To be so blinded by the fact that your particular religious group is claiming no different than any other religious group speaking in the same manner, claiming the same evidence?

But yet most humans countinue to do just that; hiding away in their own private corner of their world, with their eyes and minds shut off from anything outside of their own little security blanket.

Are you praying to the god you KNOW FOR 100% FACT EXISTS????? Or are you just praying that you might have the right answer?  Because let's face it.  If you are claiming 1 religion, 1 god, out of the whole big picture is the CORRECT one, the chances of you, a human being, being right are very, very small indeed.

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Dan says: Just the creation account is enough to believe in a Creator. Joyce, there is a reason the devil went to the woman.


My son replied:  Yes, but what creator?  Who created the creator?  And yes, mom, that seems to be the case with every religion I've come across.  but let's keep this civil :)  And what is the reason the devil went to the women Dan?  Just curious...



My Response:


The "creation account" is pretty much a result of the God of The Gaps. They didn't have a clue how things started, so made up a story that might fit or explain things that were unexplainable at the time. We know through thousands of years of learning, discovering, and evolving that there are distinct clues to the origin of the universe. 

The devil made me do it... ;-D

Then my son (age 30 by the way) says:

The question that even scientists working on these issues admit is not answerable is; where did the singularity before the big bang come from IF the big bang theory is correct. Which there is tons of evidence to support as being correct. There is also M-Theory as well. Something involving strings and 11 dimensions or something like that. Too complicated for my simple mind to understand. Yet, I have fun pondering such things and hope that someone smarter than me can find the answers and provide proof in a way that such a simple mind can understand.
theoretical physics is quite odd.
I love this.  Does he mind if I use it?
You can use anything you like!
Thanks :)
Wow, your son sounds like me....He is my age.  Sounds like my kind of people.  :)
Very nice! Your son is doing quite well. And is it just me or is Dan having trouble even with the concept that people actually do believe in gods other than his own? Not just other versions of his god (as evidenced by his railing about Muslims, Mormons and Catholics), but entire different pantheons?
A kid to be proud of.


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