We can agree that natural selection, adaptations, mutations, gene flow, gene variance, ect all exist.

But why do we all lump them together under the name of evolution? If you ask me it causes confusion....

Darwin did natural selection we have mapped the genome ect ect 

Yet why not just go

Natural selection

Gene flow

why do we lump them under Evolution?

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But would it not get confusing if I said "automobile" which one? What make? Model?

It is semi confusing to me because you go "evolution" when talking about natural selection

"Evolution" when talking about gene flow and "Evolution" when talking about micro and macro evolution. 

Hmm I guess good points so we should then go

Evolution: Via natural selection

? Is that what you are getting at?

Haugurma...we do this all the time in the sciences, social sciences, the arts etc. I think if we dropped evolution for the reasons you gave we would have to drop terms like Christianity, consciousness, human rights, the Indo-European language family, the Baroque period, secular-humanism, "the left-handed", telecommunications. Could you imagine if we had to refer to each individual element of which we focus on under all of these terms we lump things into when really using a general term would do?

This would also be problematic if we went the other way. Natural selection is...after all variations in the phenomena of protein string replication. Natural selection is really a bit of an umbrella term for discussion protein replication, species differentiation, change over time, competition for resources, gene mutation etc. Why couldn't we just call it protein-string-replication-macro-dynamics?

Hmm good points...I was meerly asking cause I had this thought last night and literally had no answers for it that I could come up with....

Of course Hagurma. Ask away!

Haugurma - 

Evolution is an umbrella term that describes what happens because of all those many processes; they cause change. That's all evolution is: change, over time. 

If that concept causes confusion in the uneducated (or the willfully ignorant), then the answer is to educate, not to try to dumb-down the concept to accommodate their ignorance.

BTW - it's "et cetera" that we shorten to "etc.," not "ect."

I am trying to educate myself in evolution thus where this bit of confusion came from as we kinda lump them together...in bad ways

I bet if we un lumped them Christians wouldnt attack it so much...but i might be wrong on that

also noted on the etc :P

As theists in the west like to quietly get away with passing out bibles to school children, I wish Darwin's 'Origin of Species' could be considered standard lab equipment to be freely distributed to those in attendance.

This is precisely one of the reasons I had to pull my daughter out of public schools in the south; bible distribution among other attempts at Christian indoctrination on school grounds. The Origin of Species, I agree, should be required reading for all. 

What about Satanic coloring books?? :-) The case was won and they stopped issuing Bibles!!

A video might help......


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