I'll put the bottom line at the top: America's #1 violence problem isn't guns, it's Americans.
If guns were outlawed (no, I won't say "only outlaws will have guns"), someone wanting to kill large numbers of people could simply make a bomb out of materials easily available in their local hardware, feed & seed, and/or grocery store. It would be easy to poison people in large numbers, too. And if someone could get their hands on some anthrax, cholera, marburg, or any number of other biological weapons, they could do far more damage than a man with an assault rifle.
A few years ago, a bomb plot against the New Years celebration at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square was thwarted. Had it not been stopped, it could easily have killed far more than 50 people.
Right now, Americans create terrorists through their attitudes toward racial, sexual, and religious minorities. We create killers within these minorities and we create killers OF these minorities.
I have seen the enemy, and HE is US!

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"simply make a bomb out of materials easily available in their local hardware, feed & seed, and/or grocery store."  

- alternatively, they could just buy a high-velocity assault rifle from Walmart.  With bullets.  And corn flakes. 

They could, but they'd be leaving a much more obvious and flaggable "trail."

I will grant you that the fear americans have of..........well pretty much everything and everyone everywhere is a big driver behind the systemic violence of american society, your gun fetish just beggers belief. Ease of access to guns is the great enabler as well as the male's penis extender and massager to the egos of the emotionally immature, unstable and excessively medicated.

Judith, like most people who don't think very deeply about a topic, you're simply repeating a commonly-held falsehood, namely that almost everyone in the US has a gun and that most people love guns. 

That's simply false:

Most Americans don’t own a gun, and want more gun control

While there are a lot of guns in the US, most of them are owned by a few people who own multiple guns. The average American gun owner owns 8 guns. Most Americans don't own guns.

It seems that most mass shootings in the US are done by people who are technically suicidal and want to die in a "suicide by cop" blaze of glory. They are not average Americans in any way, shape, or form, so it's time for you to be honest and stop painting Americans with a broad, prejudicial brush.

Even the Americans I referred to in my "Editorial" above are not killers. They simply create an atmosphere that breeds killers. 

A part of the problem, of course, is that those who want guns have a constitutional right to to them. It was put into the Constitution in a far different atmosphere from today's, with the country under potential threat from the British.

The Constitution cannot easily be changed. In fact, it's nearly a practical impossibility, so some other approach to ending the violence is needed.

Did i say everyone there owned a gun - struggling to find where I said that? I am Dutch but do not own a pair of clogs, but many do. My comments are about the nation as a whole. My comments of america being afraid stand, you are, not always individually but certainly as a collective. Nationally you do have a gun fetish, the figures, the NRA, many politicians, your media show this. Figures also show a great many americans are overly medicated.

Your last point about constitutions being difficult to change does not stand up. Every European country with a constitution has had to change it to accommodate EU membership. Constitutions can be changed and i would have thought tens of thousands dead every year would not be worth a little effort to amend what is after all just an AMENDMENT ?

Am i wrong in thinking your constitution once said ownership of other human beings was a right or legal, in which case was that not changed ?
Hi Judith. I used to think the term 'Americans' was a reasonable collective, to which you could append traits. Now that I live in America, I have learned that there is very little you can apply to the collective 'Americans'.

The individual states are like mini countries in Europe. Are there traits you can apply to the collective 'Europeans'?

Hi Strega when did you move to the states. And how are you finding it.

5 years ago Stephen, and Vermont is great!

Strega, I imagine you fell pretty safe there.  Vermont has a low crime rate, lower than most European countries if I recall correctly.

And just to point out Vermont is the state that NEVER placed any restriction on the carry of firearms, either openly or concealed.  The guy next to you at the grocery store could be packing heat and you'd never know it.

A guy I know came up to me in the street, with a gun clearly showing as a bulge in his pocket. What a gift! I was able to ask, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

Yes, Steve, I feel very safe :)

LOL, yes, that was a gift.

The reason I asked is that the usual stance by folks who are anti gun is that the mere presence of a gun by itself is a hazard, it could even make a sane person "snap."  I'm not exaggerating, though of course there are plenty of exceptions.  Clearly, at some level you don't believe this or you'd be trying to move to New York City or New Jersey (where that happy-to-see-you man would be committing a felony).

I was when I saw the first gun - now I'm used to it. I'm not really shootworthy :)


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