"Luz Asombrosa" means Astonishing Light in Spanish. It is from the poem, "I heard God laughting." It says:

"I wish I could show you when you are alone or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

A little over a year ago I joined TA as a Christian. I had absolutely NO intentions of coming here to change my own views on anything, it was for PURE curiosity's sake after hearing that a childhood friend of mine had become an atheist. I wanted to understand WHY.

I was simultaneously trying to figure out what to do in my own life. I was married to an abusive man, with a son. I didn't believe in divorce (due to my faith at the time) and I didn't want to break up our family.

And so this past year I have been escaping. Escaping everything and everyone that kept me down. When I was a Christian I went on a mission trip to Latin America. One of my dear friends wrote me a poem about redemption. The last line of the poem reads, "At once burst forth whole and new, a rose now thriving amongst the few." He wrote it out of pure love, sincerity and wanting the best for me. It is something that meant the WORLD to me at the time because I was still grappling with my addictions...

And so now this is a new beginning for me. I am on the road to REAL healing. And it is because of the Astonishing Light in my OWN being, that now I realize I have the power to forge my destiny and be a warrior to protect my son. The journey and the fight are far from over. It won't ever be over, but the inner strength I have gained from becoming an Atheist, and from learning a new way to look at the world, has given me the insight needed to become that Rose that thrives amongst the few.

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That's beautiful Rose, congratulations!

That's really nice. 

Beautiful text ! And your story is really inspiring !

Is the placement your lower back or shoulder? And how did you arrive at that particular spot on your body?

I have always toyed with the thought of a tatt but could never decide where I wanted it.

 And also Brósa means "smiling") in old Norse

How much does something like that cost? How long does it take to get? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is mild annoyance, 5 is where are the pain meds, and 10 is please end it now, where does the pain of getting a tattoo lie? Will it fade or blur?

It's pretty sweet!

What a beautiful poem and a beautiful story. Congrats, Luz. I mean, Rose. :)

Excellent Choice!!

That is so beautiful!

I love it Belle. I love the fact that the art has true meaning behind it. That there is a story, and a good one at that. A beautiful prologue.

Very Nice


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