I just published my first book. The book just came out last week. I'm in the process of sending out copies for review. I won't discuss all the people I'm working with on reviewing and promoting the book, but its most of the big names in the field.

What sets my book apart is the research I put into identifying literary references within the Gospel of Mark and how those references relate to the other Gospels. I identified dozens of new literary references within the Gospel of Mark that had not been recognized by prior biblical scholars.

The basic thesis of the book is that the idea that Jesus was a real person originated from the writing that is now called the Gospel of Mark, but the Gospel of Mark was written as a fictional political allegory in response to the First Jewish-Roman War of 70 CE. The author of that work was not trying to convince people that Jesus was real, in fact the work has many signs of blatant fictionality that the author clearly made quite conspicuous. That the work is entirely fictional is proven by the fact that virtually every scene is a literary allusion to the Jewish scriptures. 

These literary allusions were misinterpreted by Greeks and Romans as evidence of prophecy fulfillment. All of the other Gospels, and indeed every single narrative about the life of Jesus, descends from this one original story. The early Christians, however, thought that each of the Gospels were independently written works that corroborated each other. What this analysis shows is that all narratives about Jesus descend from a single original narrative. 

Furthermore, whoever wrote the Gospel of Mark had read the letters of Paul, and in fact the "teachings of Jesus" presented in the Gospel of Mark are all actually copies of the teachings of Paul. Paul's teachings aren't similar to Jesus's teachings because Paul learned about his teachings from the community, Jesus's teachings ARE Paul's teachings.

The idea that the ancient Jewish scriptures were divinely true comes from the fact that the Greeks and Romans believed that the life and deeds of Jesus had been perfectly predicted by the ancient Jewish scriptures. Of course, what really happened was that the author of the original story just made many literary references to the scriptures, which they interpreted as prophecy fulfillment.

Anyway, it's a lot to try and sum up in a few paragraphs. 

A preview of the book is here: 


It's available on Amazon and from other stores:


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Also available from Amazon is Kistemaker's The Chinese Sky During the Han, which shows in the B.C. star charts at the back of the book, in the constellation Lupus, the asterism Jizu che ___qi___ 'a group of soldiers.' This reveals that the idea of christ is Chinese and came up to a quarter millenium before the avatar from Nazareth, Jesus. The island of Hokkaido (Yezo) also supports the fact (not fairy tale) that at one time when the Sea of Japan was shallow enough, it indeed would seem that people were walking on the water when they migrated from the Chinese mainland.

'It's just that I've got a "hangup" about the Chinese christ, Ti Tsang, who saved little children from the underworld.'

(Taoist scholar, Livia Kohn)


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