My Motives for Joining Think Atheist (Or, why I don't know if I'm a bad person or not)

Hi everyone! I, like some others I'm sure, stumbled across Think Atheist while bored one night in my apartment when I should have been sleeping. The article I ended up stumbling was one written by an abortion doctor, giving what I considered a rare insider's view of what the other side of that argument must be like. I then proceeded to read the comments and discussions within for the next two hours, constantly finding something in one post by one person, and then another, and then yet again another... This over and over for the better part of the time I'd spent surfing. There was not a single page that I didn't manage to find someone verbalizing something I felt better than I could ever hope to. A few days thought, and here I am, uploading my strange collection of music and being overly verbose about my small life. If any of you take the chance to read my profile and say hello, I welcome it. I welcome any questions, provided they aren't about my whereabouts and won't be used to rape/stalk/murder me. If that is your intention, please let me know beforehand, won't you?

Really, much of my motivation is stemming from the fact that I'm furious. I've always been a passionate person, and while it means little to some, I'm in fact a proud Leo, and while I do not think that my birthday is dictated by the stars, I have found that very few people that I've met live up to their sign like I do. So I'm well aware that I have my roaring fits and my kitten moments... But those come and go. What I feel recently, in the last six months is nothing like the lion I've always been. Instead, I feel this sick smoldering rage. Some days I wake up with it, other nights I lay awake with it. It's like a hot coal, that sometimes cools and seems to die, but there are certain things now that bring it back more powerfully than it ever was. I once would have considered myself a political person, in the way that I have beliefs about our government that I support strongly. I see the things that the other side of my debates do, and I suddenly can't breathe. I want to hurt them. I see those who cannot have civilized conversation, and inside my mind rages for hours. How stupid can some people be? How utterly foolish?

I've never been one to consider myself above those around me. After all, I'm about as simple a person as there can be. But there are other times where I drive to work, and I see the cars with Bush bumper stickers and fundie christian slogans, and I toy with the idea of running them off the road. Never too seriously mind you, but in a way, I've worked myself into quite the state of stress over it all.

Has anyone here dealt with these issues? Confronted them? Please, tell me what your take on the situation is.

Oh, and on a side note, wonderful to be here!


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Hello and welcome!
Maybe having a nice place to vent will help. We've also got a few projects that make a difference, so you can harness that energy into something productive!

I felt the same way for a long time.. to the point I had to leave the country or risk tearing a huge rift in my conservative family.

It doesn't make sense to me, either.

Thankfully most Bushies drive giant SUVs instead of bicycle to work. I'm sure there would be less of them if that were the case. I know I'd entertain the thought of driving them off the road way more seriously if their vehicles didn't outway my house, let alone my transport.

Please put my on the list of harassment and rape. I don't do murder. Too messy.
Duly noted. Thanks both for your welcomes. Granted i post late, so there may be many more hellos. With any luck I can find a little self control in the matter. ^^ And that's an excellent point about the SUVs, Misty. My sad little Stratus would be a wreck and then I'd be even more upset. Gotta think these things through, right? ;)

Damn I love waking up drunk!

Do I get points for horrible typing/writing first thing in the morning?
Not at all. Props for waking up to post. XD
I rarely write while sober.
Memory totally kills the excitement of the next morning read-through. There's just no mystery left when you 'know' what you did the night before.
~le sigh~

Hope you're settling in well!
Welcome to T|A Heather!

I can relate to that smoldering rage I think; although I'm far to logical to ever act on it, I still have felt it. Personally, I've found using the internet to vent has helped; but more importantly, finding like minded people (both online and in person) has quelled much of that rage. To me, being able to find people who are skeptical, freethinkers, and non-religious has helped me realize that we aren't doomed; and realizing you aren't the only 'smart' one is quite freeing. Now I usually just laugh at the fundie bumper stickers, cause I know they've labeled themselves with an 'idiot tag.'

Hope we can help provide some outlet for that pent-up rage.
With any luck at all. Thanks for the introduction, and I love your icon! <3
Welcome, Heather!

I can empathize with how you feel. There have been days when I've had to avoid the net in order to keep the anger and frustration at the rampaging idiocy in the world at bay. But places like T|A help, giving me a chance to vent and talk with other people who also see just how insanely stupid some of the things going on are.

You should hop onto our podcast/call-in program, chatting in real-time with people can be very therapeutic. (I won't be able to this weekend, as I'll be out of town)
Nice introduction! Welcome to the site and I hope to hear more from you soon.
You are not a bad person...just a thinking person! In my view, running from emotions is the mistake. If you feel pissed, be pissed!

By admitting what you are feeling--and thinking about those feelings--you can work through them. Express them somehow. Use friends, use this website, use a pillow and a fist, scream at the moon, listen to some music you love, read a book you like, go to a movie (maybe even a bad one to redirect your disgust), do something completely new, write a letter to a church (decide later whether to mail it and/or sign it), laugh on purpose, ask a close friend (if you're single) for a really long hug, do breathing exercises, take a walk/jog, play with a pet if you have one (if not, go to a friend's house who has one), do something silly and childish (like buying a coloring book and crayons and color outside the lines all you want to!), flirt, take a nice shower/bath, paint something, call someone from your childhood you haven't talked to in years (actually call, not text or email), tell someone you love them.

Well, that's what I have for now. I hope that helps.
Zombie movies always help me.
Something about bashing in the head of these things that 'look' like humans but are really mindless, consuming pieces of meat must relate to my psyche.


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