1) quasi-crystals, that tile space with 5 fold symmetry in complete defiance to science.

 These crystals must know where they are going  a-priori, but how? There are theories about collapsing a quantum mechanical cloud residing in Hilbert space. Regardless, the implication is that there is a higher reality to what is immediately observable by the senses. 


2) Light beam that always find there original direction despite refracting down a course that allows 50%  of a the light to go the other direction. How do these quanta of energy remember their original direction down a maze?


3) Spooky action at a distance. Two particle the product of the two slit experiment are mechanistically connected despite being separated by breath of the known universe.  if one particle suddenly spins one way, the other instantaneously spins the other way.  There is a higher reality to what you perceive?. Is everything connected because everything originate from the same singularity at the Big Bang and spooky action a distance is a telltale sign?


4) The quantum mechanical gaps in the current theory of cosmology such that the current theory of cosmic inflation is incomplete or simply completely wrong.


5) Evolution addresses morphological changes.  However how on earth does the neuro-circuitry catch up up to make physical mutations functional. How is the new neuro- programming laid down.

Vertical take of aircrafts and swept wing aircrafts required years of engineering and deliberate programming to achieve what they barely do now. But how do neuro-nets mutate into far more sophisticate programming than we can ever accomplished?


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I really like the first explanatory pictrues.

It speaks to the human condition that even scientists, who spent years piling up evidence for it and who know better than anyone how weak and biased eyewitness testimony is, seem to breath out in relief when they can finally get it on picture, point to it, and say "There! See! Just like I told you!".

And I believe there was a monster ape in asia that was at least 9 feet tall: 

Gigantopithecus, a 9-foot ape that lived in China as recently as 300,000 years ago.


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