Three years ago I was really religious and never thought that would change. I had decided that I would get a large cross tattoo to always remind me that my faith was important and that I should never forget about the importance of my faith. If I had only known then where I would be today, then I might have gotten it upside down... ha ha.

Seriously though, I was staring in the mirror today and realized how hypocritical it is to have this symbol forever etched onto my body when I now know I could never go back to believe such crazy things. I began to wonder if I should get it covered up as something else, have it altered in some way, or leave it as it is to remind me of who I once was and the crazy journey I have been on.

If I covered it up, I would want to cover it with something to show I am no longer a christian, but a man of logic and reason. I would want to show others I am an atheist, a sceptic, and a person who believes science is the best way to understand things.

If I altered it, I would either change the trinity symbol found in the center of the cross to an atheist symbol of some kind, or I would add something else to it.

Or should I just leave it as it is?

I am open to any good advice that anyone would be willing to provide. What advice would you give me and why? Thanks everyone.

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Put a zombie jesus in there for good measure. Write underneath it, "Zombie repellent."
I don't have any advice, but i have a comment about this entire thing.

If faith was so strong, why does man need constant reminders of this faith that is so present?

I am not really asking for a response, I just find it so contradictory to how people with faith need all these reminders!!!!!!

But i already know the answer.

Good luck on the tattoo!
I used to have a tattoo of the festive buddha on my right arm. It has since been covered and the remains are now part of my quarter sleeve of polynesian-style tribal. Covering the buddha did require a very large portion of my arm to be covered by black ink. So, a cover up is possible.

However, your cross is sweet. In my opinion you should keep it and then add symbols around it or even add stuff that merges with it that more accurately describes you personally. If someone asks what it all means then you'll have the fun of explaining it (and yourself in the process). If you're worried that other people will see the cross and immediately assume you're a christian, then that will be a problem, but honestly I think you should let people assume whatever they want. Those who matter will know.
I was also very religious at one point in my life. I have a celtic cross on my left forearm that I never thought I would regret. I have thought about covering it up or something to that effect but I came to the conclusion that it will serve as a reminder of what I used to be. Plus it still looks sweet.
Since Jesus is fairy tale perhaps add a fairy?

Mr. Apostate, that's witty and hillarious. I like it. I would only make one change though; the fairy would have to be bad ass looking.
Mr. Apostate, that's witty and hillarious. I like it. I would only make one change though; the fairy would have to be bad ass looking.
Mr. Apostate, that's witty and hillarious. I like it. I would only make one change though; the fairy would have to be bad ass looking.
I concur, here's some I just googled:
Sorry for the tripple post. I'm using my blackberry to post and it had a habbit of messing up.
I think you need a visual aid prior to proceeding with any modification : )

That's classic! I laughed so hard when I saw this! Mr. Good this indeed would be bad ass! Hahahahahaha..............



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