Three years ago I was really religious and never thought that would change. I had decided that I would get a large cross tattoo to always remind me that my faith was important and that I should never forget about the importance of my faith. If I had only known then where I would be today, then I might have gotten it upside down... ha ha.

Seriously though, I was staring in the mirror today and realized how hypocritical it is to have this symbol forever etched onto my body when I now know I could never go back to believe such crazy things. I began to wonder if I should get it covered up as something else, have it altered in some way, or leave it as it is to remind me of who I once was and the crazy journey I have been on.

If I covered it up, I would want to cover it with something to show I am no longer a christian, but a man of logic and reason. I would want to show others I am an atheist, a sceptic, and a person who believes science is the best way to understand things.

If I altered it, I would either change the trinity symbol found in the center of the cross to an atheist symbol of some kind, or I would add something else to it.

Or should I just leave it as it is?

I am open to any good advice that anyone would be willing to provide. What advice would you give me and why? Thanks everyone.

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Put it in a circle with a diagonal line across it. Like the Ghostbusters logo.
Turn it into a sword piercing the bible.
Yes, this is a great idea!
Neal and Janis,

Good ideas, only issue is to do either of them, it would take up most of my arm... I want to avoid that if possible.
You could put cracks through it like broken glass. Possibly with a sledge hammer next to it with a science or Atheist symbol on it.

I really like this idea... really creative.
I'd keep it, it's a friggin' sweet tat! Even as a die-hard atheists, I'd LOVE to get a Celtic cross covering my entire back, lol. I just like the look of it for the aesthetic qualities.

Or, well, y'know, you could always get the FSM crucified on it! :D
It is pretty cool..... I am just unsure of it because of its initial meaning and all. It is a constant reminder of how blind and crazy I really once was... while its good to remember to a point, it also can eat at you too. But thanks for the compliments and advice.
I'd leave it as it is for awhile. No use rushing into anything.

Don't worry, I'm not in a big hurry to go out and do something. I just was thinking about it for the future. I really couldn't afford it at the moment anyway. Besides, I have a few other tattoo's I would like before I would mess with this one. I just was looking for opinions and inspiration is all. Thanks for the advice though.
I think either decision can make sense. Some people have tattoos which are like a history of their life - different tattoos representing different important events or times in their life. I think the cross could help tell the story of your journey if you left it alone.
Exactly - tattoos are so personal, it's hard to give advice about them. I'm one of those 'tattoos that tell a story' people. I have a tattoo that symbolizes my now defunct marriage and I like having it. Though, my tattoos are not as literal as the cross tat. I imagine it's far easier for me to look at my tattoo of a panda family and appreciate it solely as a pivotal point in my life than it would be to look at a picture of my ex tattooed on my body.


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