Her house burned down last night and she could not stop thanking the lord for saving her life. I was thinking the whole time perhaps the "lord" was trying to kill you.


Anyways, my question is what would you try to save from your burning house? Are personal possessions worth the risk of a horrible death? 


I would say nothing is more important than your life! Even animals. 


What are your thoughts and or reactions if your house was burning down? Would you become more prepared to have a grab and go bag? I am thinking of doing just that. 

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Gave me a chuckle
Kids, hubby, dog, important documents, and photographs (if time).  My husband would be diving in for guns and ammunition, and probably his snowmobiling gear.  Priorities, you know.  :o)

I'd call my ex wife and invite her to dinner but only if she be there immediately and promise to rush in blindfolded.

Blame Yahweh

Blame the flatulent dog

Grab some hot dogs from the fridge before it burned

Sit on the lawn listening to Buckethead, toast weenies and watch the show with clenched fist and streaming eyes, curse the heavens for having not allowed the production of more episodes of Korgoth the barbarian.


I have insurance on my rental property so everything but my family can be replaced. I would wake my wife up and get her out her window (she sleeps closest anyway) and I would get my 18 month old daughter and I out a window. Like I said, TVs, computers, and electronics can be replaced. Most of the pictures I would want to keep are online anyway.

I do like the "I was thinking the whole time perhaps the "lord" was trying to kill you" line too. I think that ALL the time when people say something like this. But, people will believe whatever they want regardless of how hard I make fun of them...

I have seen more than one preventable fire consume a house or a car (and I actually prevented total engulfment of a car by spraying the contents of several fire extinguishers through the grill into the engine compartment ).  So, make sure you have adequate fire extinguishers on hand in your house (and I keep a small one in my car as well).

If it's going down, I'd probably just get what I could out - of course, after I've made sure everyone was safe.

A decent link:



Let's see. My house caught on fire twice.   


At the time, my grandmother was living with my mother and I. During the fires, I had the job of getting my legally blind, walker assisted, deaf, grandmother out of the house and calling the fire department while my fearless mother put out the flames.


If my mother would not have been home, both times, I would have gotten grandma and left the house to burn, because I would have been too afraid to fight the fires because of there size.


One was a grease fire that had spread to the cabinets, curtains and various items on the kitchen counter. The other was the dryer catching on fire, which ultimately was mostly smoke damage and a loss of a  load of clothes and some melted items in the room.


I can't remember what the situation was with the cats at the time. I think I was too busy trying to get grandma out and panicked about my mom getting burned, to think about the cats and ultimately, my mom did manage to put out the fires pretty quickly (within a few minutes).


Even though I believed in some sort of God or Supreme Being or whatever, at the time, I did not feel thankful to it. I felt very frightened. Oh and both times we made sure to get our purses out lol.

Insurance would take care of possessions. Pictures, laptop, data that cannot be recreated.


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