Her house burned down last night and she could not stop thanking the lord for saving her life. I was thinking the whole time perhaps the "lord" was trying to kill you.


Anyways, my question is what would you try to save from your burning house? Are personal possessions worth the risk of a horrible death? 


I would say nothing is more important than your life! Even animals. 


What are your thoughts and or reactions if your house was burning down? Would you become more prepared to have a grab and go bag? I am thinking of doing just that. 

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I guess it depends on how fast it was burning.  I would obviously get my husband and son the heck outta Dodge, but I'm pretty sure we'd try to get the dogs and cats out if there were enough time.  If not, I'd leave a door or window open and hope for the best there.  That's it.  Maybe a bin full of Legos for my kiddo, maybe my cell phone.  Oh, and the Maker's Mark.  If my house burns down I'm gonna want to drown my sorrows in booze.
I was thinking the whole time perhaps the "lord" was trying to kill you.

Couldn't help but lol at that!


I would grab my kids and my ipad.

Yes above all else my family would out first. Then the lock box with with important documents, cell phone and car keys. If time permits pictures, guns and ammo (the ammo due to the danger of exposure to heat).

Yes it is a good idea to have a bag(s) just in case. I am fortunate to be living in a solid concrete block house where the only thing that can burn is the ceiling/roof. This would give a person more time than most. I have a fire extinguisher in the house and two outside in the garage.

The trick is to keep certain things in an easily place to get to. 

For a side note preparation: Scan important documents and save on flash drive that you can keep on or near your house and car keys.

I would grab my kid and husband and run! I have a fire/water proof safe with all my important documents, heirlooms, ect.. Hopefully, that will be able to withstand a fire if one occurs. I don't think I would worry too much about my dogs. We have a doggie-door so hopefully they would be able to make it out. My turtles, however, wouldn't stand a chance :(


If I had time though, I would grab some of my decorations, pictures, and random what nots around the house. If I had a lot of time, you would see me pushing my brand new leather couches out the front door! LOL (this is the first time I've had NEW couch and not hand-me-downs :)

Only thing i would grab is my dog, just hope my wife makes it out in time too... lol j/k my dog and my wife... and my laptop...
Maybe laptop.
Everything else is very, very insured.
Horrible thing that happened to your friend. To be honest I never think about it. But I don't really have any stuff I can't miss. Only my westone guitar perhaps. But Walter mentioned having a fire extinguisher around. It's a good idea. I'm going to get a pair tomorrow.

It always seems that people will immediately find someone to thank or give praise to other than themselves.

Wether it be a positive, like grading from university, or negative like waht happen to your friend, people will give credit to an imaginary figure rather than themselves.

Your friend saved her own life, god didn't walk into said burning house and carry her out; she did. Just like the person who graduated from university, god didn't write their finals, so why should they give him credit. People gotta start thanking themselves for certain things rather than giving credit to where it is not due. 

I love the warm glovv of a digital cloud <3

i'd grab my wife and run!


everything else can be replaced...  I mean, I guess my wife could be replaced, but she gives amazing head, so she is a keeper..




Very fortunate


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