I issue a challenge.

Can anybody find a more honest christian?

Thought you guys would enjoy this... I have a friend who lives close to me, lovely old guy, who used to be a minister at a local church. We get on well, share gardening tips, small talk, the odd cup of coffee. I have been fascinated for a long time with finding out his story - as the reasons why he left the church seem shrouded in mystery.
Well one day, I was feeling a little mischevious and steered the conversation subtley on to religious belief, we quickly began debating the usual parry and repostes we have come to expect i.e. evolution, lack of evidence, biblical floods, big bang etc etc. Getting tired of going nowhere fast I decided to go in for the kill...asking him how he justified his belief (as he did) in the old testament namely Duter. and Levit. (I quoted chapter and verse from my "ready to hand - in case a christian comes a-callin" worse aspects of these wretched books.
He answered me as plainly as I tell you now...

" I just ignore them"

Thats it, folks.... by far the most honest answer yet provided by a christian defending the bible!

Anybody have a similar experience?

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Making the choice to not be convinced by religion does not therefore mean you are following a religion. Thoughts on the subject of god(s) do not immediate make them a religion. Atheism does not meet any of the necessary specifications to be considered a religion. To use your analogy, Nation X deciding it feels Nation Q is right and Nation Y is wrong does not make Nation X an aggressor.

Atheism deals with religion. It is not a religion.
Making a choice to believe in a said, belief becomes part of each individuals larger picture, or beliefs which make up the individuals religion being that each of the beliefs are unique to the person.

Atheism deals with a belief, in which it becomes a smaller part of the person beliefs which make up what guide their lives, their religion.
Guardian, it sounds like you are equating 'religion' with 'worldview'.
I used the comma's to separate the lines, which has become more of a habit.
It just supposed to pause, and then not even seconds later continue reading. It also, helps in revealing where the beginning and the end of each line is.
Some people don't stop even at a period... it just gets messy.
Sometimes you do not need, a period to stop them, just a confusing word. :P
I don't think we're talking about the same period lol
Wow, I am drawing a blank on another word for that....

You're referring to a female period, lol
Menstruation, bingo!
One's friend?
I guess that refers to when you thought she might be pregnant lol
Just like, "The curse" all a point of view.


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