this was my response:  Atheism has nothing to do with being a father.  I dont preach Atheism to my kids, like you preach god to them all the sudden.  When they are old enough they can make up their own minds of what to believe.  That is what is wrong with christians  they think they are right about everything.  Have you ever read genesis in the bible? the talking snake and all that.  I dont believe in talking snakes.  And if you believe in creationism and think the world is only 6000 years old, that is crazy.  Evolution has been proven over and over.  I have never seen any evidence of a god.


Let me know if any of you are in the same position.  I dont tell her not to take the kids to church.



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To be perfectly honest, if children are going to get any religious education (if at all) then it should be a blanket education rather than just a closed christian one. And if it's going to be done then let it happen at an age where they can actually understand what you are trying to teach them. Otherwise it is like teaching nuclear physics to a five year old. Teach them about every religion, get multiple view points, educate them in holy texts, and at the same time teach them science!

I'm in the same position with my daughter's dad.  Before I got pregnant, neither one of us had declared any sort of religion at all (neither of us really cared).  But now that our daughter is almost 5, he has gone all fire and brimstone Baptist and I've gone polar opposite Atheist.  I let him take her to church two times a month, but he gets mad when I even mention teaching her anything about what I believe.  F*cking hypocrite.  I don't want to force my daughter to choose Atheism, but I do want her to be able to make an informed choice.  And I will teach her, whether her dad likes it or not. 

Good luck to you & your daughter.

Your daughter is lucky she has a strong, principled mom.  Good luck! 

Maybe.  But shouldn't the principles that she adheres to be part of the picture? 

What if her principles included the belief that her children should never be taken to a qualified medical practioner until they had been dealt with according to the biblical prescription for the sick? 

And I will teach her, whether her dad likes it or not.

Good! Don't back down on this. Never let the church's hypocrisy stop you from educating your child.

I dont tell her not to take the kids to church.

Maybe you should.

Also, good luck with the situation.



If it before they understand what it even is that they are talking about. Its not worth it they don't get anything from it. The fucked up thing about it is Atheists are usually nicer people. We aren't the ones killing people because they believe in a "different God". We just don't give a F***.

Thanks everyone, I guess I really should let my voice be heard a bit more.  My ex is a follower and cannot think for herself.  My daughter that we are talking about is 13, so I guess it is time for me to speak with her about my beliefs, to make sure she knows, I am not going to a HELL :)


That's a good age to talk to her...she'll be questioning her values in a few years and forming her own world view.  It's only fair that she get the other side of the story from her dad.  This could be a very good thing for her, you, and your relationship. 

Generally in situations like this, I think the best thing to do (and just in general) is to not preach atheism to children. At a young age, we are set up to absorb information like sponges. Take advantage of that, and take your child to church. Not just anyone - all of them! When they start thinking seriously about things they will have a much better reference frame after seeing how so many people believe completely different things with comparable zeal. Atheism isn't really taught, its discovered. Its your job to set your child up to discover it. Make critical thinking fun and build on it as they understand things more.


I hope your ex is a poor brainwasher :)


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